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(Import Post) May 15, 2011 - Kaya Journey

(This is an imported older post from my soap blog.)

Kaya Journey

Another shop I found through YouTube, I had just recently started watching Nardia's videos when she opened her Etsy shop.  I'm willing to support new shops and fellow soap makers, but her videos and her personality are so uplifting, happy, positive.  It's such a nice change to watch something like that when there is so much negative all around.  So yeah, I had no problem deciding to order from that newly opened shop.

I love the packaging!  The bar I ordered as well as the samples that were included are wrapped in cello that is printed with subtle designs.  The samples have 'thank you' printed on the wrap.  Very cute, and I wonder where people get all their fancy packaging materials!  There is a ribbon on each item, and either a sticker label or a card with handwritten ingredients.  Very nice.  Everything has a very clean look and feel.

The one bar I ordered was Morning Burst.  Described as 'scents of grapefruit, lemon, lime, jasmine, cucumber, pineapple and blackberry,' it really is an awesome morning pick-me-upper.  With white swirls in a yellowy orange base, and glitter on top, the scent is a really nice bright and sweet blend.  I always think there is orange in the mix but looking at the description, I see that isn't so.  Ooops.  The scent is not overpowering.  In fact, sniffing the bar right now as I work on this post I can barely smell anything.  But trust me, the scent comes alive in the shower.  And the lather is fabulous.

The samples I received include a very cute little elephant soap called Papa Mango.  I wonder if that is supposed to be Papaya?  I don't see it in her shop.  It's really cute!  It almost looks like there might be little bits of scrubbies in there....?  I haven't opened this so I can't really tell you about the scent.  There is also a sample of Line Dry, 'light notes of jasmine, lilac, powder and musk.'   And a really nice looking sample of Brown Sugar & Fig, which I'm guessing is the Bath & Body Works dupe.

That's my little haul from Kaya Journey.  Beautiful soaps, cute packaging, fast shipping, and a soap maker who will put a smile on your face.  Go check out her new shop!

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