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(Import Post) May 16, 2011 - FuturePrimitive Soap

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FuturePrimitive Soap

Yes, another shop I found through YouTube, hehe.  This is a UK shop and that's a big part of why I love watching Tiggy's videos.  I love the accent, the terms.  Love looking at her cozy little house in the background because there is just something about small English spaces . . . makes me think of hobbit houses, and other silly things that only my mind would relate.  I love Tiggy's manner, like she's always on the go, very to the point and when she cuts her soap it's chop chop chop, done.  I like that.  Some videos have the cutting as a long drawn out process, delicate like they're handling fine china.

FuturePrimitive is one of those shops I find slightly intimidating, much like Haus of Gloi.  FuturePrim uses essential oils, custom blends in scents that aren't the usual simple and popular.  The names are creative and not at all a help in trying to figure out what the scent is.  And I love that.  Ok wait, I'm all for simple and popular but FuturePrimitive's (and Haus of Gloi's) stuff makes you feel like you're in an exclusive, high end shop. Hehe!  FuturePrim also has bubble bars, scrubs, creams, and perfume oils.

Since it was coming all the way from the UK I went ahead and ordered a few bars to make it all worth it.  There was a delay in shipping because some of the things I wanted had just been made and needed to cure a bit first.  Tiggy was clear about this and I was ok with it, since I knew about it going into it.  When the package finally got here I was so excited to open it.  I'd seen the way the bars are wrapped in other videos and, you'll think I'm weird but I was really anxious to see the paper they come in.  I don't know what you'd call this paper but it's so cool.  At first you want to call it wax paper but it's not really, at least not like the wax paper I know.  It's sort of thick and sturdy, whitish but slightly see-through.  And the coolest thing is that it has the FuturePrimitive logo, name, and website printed all over it.  Very cool!  I need to find a place in the US that I can get this

Anyway, the bars and the samples came wrapped in that cool paper.  The bars each had cardstock cigar band around the outside, with plenty of information on them.  Each one is differnt, to reflect the soap within.  Even the business card is cool.  You can see it to the left in front in the picture above.  It's a tiny card, not at all like the usual business cards you're probably all used to.  Another bit of uniqueness that I love about this shop.

As I said, this is one of those intimidating shops because you don't really know what the scents are like even if you're reading the description.  I had watched a few haul videos that gave me a bit of idea about some of them but really, when I was trying to order for myself, it kinda came down to 'Oh I don't know! I'll just try this!'

I knew I had to have the 7 Sins bar because it seems to be everyone's favorite, and because it had a lot of foodie things in the description.  LOL  '7 sins...of naughtiness. Banana cake infused with Ginger, topped with Vanilla Frosting and drizzled with melted Dark Chocolate, Toasted Almonds and finished with a scattering of Hot Buttered Popcorn.'  This one uses fragrance oils instead of essential oils.  It looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?!  This baby smells amazing, like a sort of spicy chocolatey gooey bakery treat.  I do not get banana at all.  To me it's like a deep dark unsweetened chocolate with something else rolling around, maybe the ginger.  Another interesting thing about this bar is that it contains a piece (the white stick imbed that you see in the picture) of her best selling bar, White Witch.  I have not used this bar yet because it had to cure more.  I'm thinking this will be the next one in my shower though!

I ordered the Rook & Raven bar because it has orange and vanilla in the description and I know what those smell like . . . LOL . . . and it seems to be a popular bar.  Described as 'A dark, deeply mystifying blend of Sweet Sicilian Orange with a drydown of aged Patchouli, Sandalwood & Blackened Vanilla.'  The colors and swirls of this are meant to resemble the look of raven feathers, you know when the sun hits and you see the colors sort of like oil on water.  It looks really neat, and the bar in general has a cool primitive look.  Although it was the orange and vanilla that made me pick this, you don't get a distinct hint of either one.  You mainly get the patchoulit and sandalwood but the orange and vanilla soften it, sweeten it a bit.  I really like this scent, even though the 'hippy' scents had me leery.  I have not used this one yet either.

Temple Ball is another that seemed to pop up a lot in the haul videos I watched.  Described as 'The rind of the Petitgrain fruit enhanced with Sweet Sicilian Orange sits inside a warm, nuzzly, sticky benzoin resin tempered with Nutmeg husk.'  I have no idea what Petitgrain fruit is, and no clue what benzoin is, but hey there is orange and nutmeg and I'm ok with those!  I thought there would be a ball imbed on top (as you can see in the picture on the FuturePrim website) but mine didn't have it.  I suspected there might be a ball inside the bar . . . that dark spot on the lower right . . . and as I've used this bar, wore it down, I've come across two such 'balls.'  Small things for small minds, they say, but this excited me.  LOL!  I absolutely can not think of how to describe this scent.  It must be that mysterious petitgrain and benzoin.  It's like an earthy, grainy scent.  There is a twinge of something that might be the orange.  It's unique, unisex, clean.  Wow, I really don't know how to describe it in a way to get the point across.  This is the only one of my order that I have used (it's almost gone now, actually) and it's fabulous.  It lathers easily and abundantly, and that lather lasts the whole shower.  The scent is strong but not overpowering.  When I get out of the shower I don't really smell it on my skin but later I'll detect hints of it, so I think it's neat that it's there on a sort of subconscious level, hehe.

The samples I received are 7 Sins bubble bar, Pirates soap, and Herbaceous soap.  As you know, I'm not a bath lounger but Tiggy's bubble bars look so dang great that I'm always wanting to order some, and now I have a sample to try.  I've heard talk about the Pirates soap but can't find it on her site.  I found an old 'sold' listing on Etsy that has a description of  'Gusts of Oceanic winds billowing across High Seas. Dark Cedarwood, Sandalwood & rare Musk smuggled amongst Marram grass fresh from the dunes.
An ozonic scent amplified with a grassy freshness and a lingering antiqued wood the heart of an old tall ship.' 
This is a cool looking piece, and I really like this scent.  You definitely pick up the musk but whatever that main scent is, I like it!  I just saw a video from Kia/Beacon Creations saying that she is going to try making this scent because Tiggy gets migraines from it, or something like that.  That's very cool, because I like this scent and I love Beacon Creations so I know I can still get this in the future.  And my third sample had me really excited.  It's the famous Herbaceous, 'A blend for the weary gardener. Uplifting essential oils of herbaceous Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender & Marjoram with a splash of lemon-scented Litsea cubeba. A summer herb garden in full flight.'  It's not that I was dying for this scent (although it is very nice, now that I've smelled it) but look at that soap . . . it's a freakin' piece of art!  The dark bottom is the dirt, the dark round spots are pebbles, the green is grass, and the rest is 'sky.'  You can't see it in my picture but there are red bits on top to resemble petals or flower bits or something.  The picture on her site shows it better.

I think I will be ordering from FuturePrimitive again now that I'm somewhat familiar with the scents.  I also want to try her creams because I'm told she is one of only a few who actually make theirs from scratch instead of a pre-made base.  And dangit, those bubble bars are just calling to me!

I highly suggest you check out Tiggy's shop.  Don't let the fact that she's in the UK scare you off.  The shipping is not any more outrageous than you've probably paid for things right here in the US.  And these are all handmade, high end soaps and products.  If nothing else, check out her videos and you'll be hooked.

Although FuturePrimitive does have an Etsy shop, Tiggy would like to shift her business to her main website.

FuturePrimitive Soap on . . . WEBSITE.
FuturePrimitive Soap on . . . YOUTUBE.
FuturePrimitive Soap on . . . FACEBOOK.

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