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(Import Post) May 16, 2011 - Valhalla Soaps

(This is an imported older post from my soap blog.)

Valhalla Soaps
This shop first caught my eye in my earliest days on Etsy, but it is through YouTube that I've really become a fan of Donna and her company.  Just the name alone . . . Valhalla . . . immediately drew me in because it is Norse mythology and with hubby's Scandinavian ancestry that stuff always interests me.  (Ok, and the great movie Erik the Viking, from which I remember them talking about Valhalla.  lol)  Donna herself is quite fascinating to me.  I was told "that woman knows her chemistry! she has studied and been certified in so many things its"  Even her intro on her YouTube channel is so interesting, 'Merry Meet, I'm a Green/Hedge/Alchemist Witch . . . '   Roll all that up and add handcrafted soap to it and I'm there!

Valhalla Soaps has a large variety of bath and body products such as bar soaps, whipped soaps, scrubs, salts, lotions, perfumes.  They also have candles and tarts, room sprays, and even some homeopathic items.  There was a small problem when I ordered because the bar I wanted had just sold out on a differnt site.  Donna contacted me right away and I chose another bar.  There was quite a delay in shipping after that and I'm not sure why but I quickly got over that when I received the package and found all sorts of goodies in there.  (I see now on the Etsy shop announcement they have a turn around time of 5-9 days.  Aha, I had not seen that because I ordered from the main site,) The one bar I ordered came in a paper cigar band that looks soooo cool.  I love that aged, stained look.  The fact that it wasn't in shrink wrap or a cello bag with ribbon made me feel a little better about my own very plain packaging.  The samples and extra goodies did come in fun bags of various design.

I ordered the Gwendolyn's Light bar.  Described as 'White floral top notes of honeysuckle and jasmine enfolding sweet notes of coconut and cinnamon on a warm bed of musk and vanilla,'  this is a dupe of Lush's Alkmaar scent.  I've never smelled the Lush version.  Actually I didn't even notice this was a dupe when I ordered, didn't see that tidbit until just now when I copied the description from the site.  Anyway, it's a big bar, almost too big to hang onto in the shower but that little dollop of white makes an excellent gripper stopper thinger that keeps your fingers from slipping all over.  I'm  The scent is almost too perfumey and floral for me.  This is not knocking the soap, I'm just not a floral fan.  I was hoping there would be more coconut, cinnamon, vanilla.  I do get the musk, but the rest is floral to me.  It's still nice, just not the type I would normally go for.  The soap itself is divine.  Excellent, luxurious, long lasting lather and it makes you feel oh so nice.  And it just LOOKS so cool.

This was a freebie bar called Hedge Witch.  I don't see it on the website but there is a perfume oil in this scent, described as 'The cedarwood guardians beckon her into the coolness of it sunlight dappled grove. Violets nod in reverent respect as she passes by, leaving the faintest hint of orange in her wake. She gathers wild clary sage in her basket, its soothing scent inviting her to sit and rest a while upon the musky, earthy forest floor. '  It has sort of that same floral perfume hint about it but in a slightly more earthy way.  It says 'sample' on the tag but heck, this is about as big as my full size bars that I sell!  The VSC stamp is really neat looking.  I have not used this one yet.

I was loaded up with various other goodies.  Yay!!  There is a big chunk of Apples & Oak glycerin soap, described as 'a fresh rustic blend of apples with a woodsy oak background; a clean green top note; with soft lavender hints and mild floral middle notes; and a soft musky, woody base note.'  Now this one I like!  There is a distinct apple scent, but that woodsy and soft musky background keep it from being straight up fruity.  I also got a Sugar Scrub Gem in Almond, Milk & Honey scent, and a small bit of Candy Girl scented soap . . . but I don't see either on her site.  And then there were cards and goodies from other companies too!  These are friends or other shops that Donna works with, just sorta spreading the love, and I like that idea.  From Red Raven's Cauldron I got an incense cone in Moon scent, and a really cool glass pendant piece (lower picture).  I'm not sure what I'll do with that piece but I really do like it.  I even checked out the Red Raven's Cauldron shop and messaged the owner to ask about the items.  An interesting shop.  There were some cards from other businesses, a thank you coupon code for Valhalla, and a note from Donna suggesting we do a swap.  That was very nice, especially since so few other soapers have expressed any interest in my soaps.  When I read that I went from being very excited to very 'I'm not worthy!'  I just can't get over that insecurity.  But yeah, I've contacted her and said I'm willing to do a trade.  We'll work out some details and I will definitely be posting about Valhalla again afterwards.

So I'm glad I finally ordered from Valhalla Soaps.  Like so many others I'd been anxious to try, I'm not sure why I waited so long.  When I order again I will try some of her lotions because I'm told she is one of those few that make hers from scratch instead of pre-made bases.  I strongly suggest you check out her website, and her YouTube channel.  I've learned things about plants and mythology and other interesting tidbits from watching her videos.  

Valhalla Soaps can be found on both Artfire and Etsy but Donna would like to swing business over to the main website.  There are items on that site that you won't find in the other shops.  Go check it out!

Valhalla Soaps on . . . WEBSITE.
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