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(Import Post) May 2, 2011 - Wicked Scentuals

(This is an imported older post from my soap blog.)

Wicked Scentuals

I may have mentally noted this shop on Etsy first but it was once again through YouTube that I really got to know about these soaps.  It had been one of my 'Gotta try that one!' shops for a while, and now I've finally tried it.  They have several bath and body products, including bar soaps, bubble bars, lotions, lip balms, among others.  Because I've been ordering so much soap lately, I kept this order to only one bar.  Shipping was prompt, and I received one sample along with my bar.  Janine's packaging is interesting.  The clear cello (plastic?) bags are heat sealed...I've not seen that from anyone else.  Her labels have an aged look and are hand torn along the edges.  An interesting look for sure.  She includes a note and thank you stamp on the invoice.

The bar I ordered was the Lemon Sorbet coconut milk soap.  It's a nice sized bar, big but still easy to handle.  The crinkle cut is a nice feel, sort of a massage bar until it wears away with use.  The scent is very lemony....VERY lemony.  It's described as 'a nice Bright Lemon, with just a hint of sweetness.'  It has nice and easy, abundant lather and the scent really blooms in the shower.  This is a very nice 'pick me up' or spring/summer soap.

The sample I received is Orange Sherbet.  I don't see one by that name in her shop but I do see Orange Dream and I wonder if it's the same.  Orange Dream is described as 'a nice Orange scent with just a slight touch of Vanilla and Cream.'  This sample I have could match that description.  It is definitely an orangey scent but it's softened a bit.  I have not used this one yet.

And there you have it, my mini haul/review of Wicked Scentuals.  If you're looking for a new shop to try, head on over and check this one out.

Wicked Scentuals on . . . ETSY.

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