Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept. 1 - Moeggenborg Sugar Bush haul

You know by now that I love Moeggenborg Sugar Bush.  I've posted about them before . . . HERE and HERE and HERE.  Located in smalltown Michigan, they are a family business with a wide variety of items on their website.  Mary Moeggenborg and I have become friends online, chatting through email and following each others blogs, etc.  She is so nice and helpful, and will answer your questions quickly.

I really . . . really . . . don't need any more soap at the moment.  If you hadn't noticed though, fall is just around the corner and that means the soap makers are coming out with their fall scents.  Like I don't already have a soap addiction?!  Add fall scents to the mix and forget it, I'm there.  So while I was itching to get some of Moeggenborg's yummy fall things, they also have a few new things I've been wanting to get my hands on.

So let me show you what I got this time . . . 
 First there were these paper tidbits in my package.  On the left is a paper tag that I guess could be used as a gift tag, or could probably even be used as an added decoration to an old fashioned item or something.  The card in the center has a handwritten thank you note on the back.  And the card on the right is some brief history and information about the company.  Nice little extra touches that are just one reason I love this company.

"A very complex fragrance! Our chai tea fragrance begins with top notes of spicy cinnamon bark and nutmeg; followed with a body of fresh green tea; finished off with the aroma of creamy soy milk.  We add a swirl of cocoa which makes this very special, indeed."
One of the new items I've been so anxious to try is their Itty Bitty Bars.  These are SO cute!  They are mini bars of the same scents as their regular sized bars.  These are maybe a quarter of a bar, about 2" wide by 1" thick.  Perfect for someone like me who loves to buy soaps and try different scents!!  They'd also be perfect for small gifts or party/wedding favors.  They each come in their own little cello bag with a pretty decoration, and an ingredients label on back.  This particular one is in Chai Tea scent and yeah, it's a very nice spicy tea-y scent.

"Our Pumpkin Spice is enhanced by swirls of cocoa powder for a rich pumpkiny fragrance. I love this scent for fall! Guys love it too. These little bars are the perfect trial or guess soap size."
This is a much spicier pumpkin than the ones I'm used to.  Definitely not the Sweet Pumpkin Spice that I used to make.  I get more spice than pumpkin but it's still an awesome scent for fall.  There is a nice swirl, and it's topped with pretty orange or copper glitter.  So stinkin' cute!!

"This is our special fragrance blend developed especially for one of the biggest events in our small town - The Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival.  It is an exciting blend of maple syrup scents  and a hint pecans and cinnamon.  Men and women both love this scent."
I guess I should read the descriptions better before I order, because I was surprised that this was spicy.  I've had their maple soap before and have had oodles of their maple tarts.  I also knew that they used to have two different maple scents and one was being discontinued, but I must have assumed they were more similar.  Oh well, wherever my brain was, after my initial shock I've decided I do quite like this one.  You still get the hints of soft maple but it's balanced with that spicy bit of cinnamon.  Nice, nice, nice and I think I need to get some tarts in this scent if there are any.  lol
I have not actually used these mini bars yet but since I have used Moeggenborg soap before I know they will be great.

Something new (I think?) that Mary has been making for her granddaughters is this Bubble Cuppie.  The bottom white part is actually a bath fizzie, and the dollop on top is soap.  It's child sized (think mini muffin size) and it's so cute!  The only ones I see on the website are vanilla scented.  I don't know if there will eventually be other scents or not.  When my newest grandnephew was born recently I knew I wanted  to get his big brother and big sister a small treat, you know, so they're not lost in the shower of attention on the new baby.  BigBrother got a little toy, but BigSister got started down the road of handmade soap appreciation.  I had seen these before and thought they were such a cute idea.  So I also got her the following . . . 

This is another mini size, but this one is all soap.  No fizzie in this one.  It's a perfect little girl look, all pink and white and sparkly, and perfect size for small hands.  This one is Fairy Tales scent, described as 'a light, fresh fruity yet floral blend with notes of night blooming jasmine, musk, and a touch of vanilla.'  I would put this scent in the perfumey category, not a favorite for me, but very girlie and fits with the look of this one.  My grandniece is too small to understand the coolness of the gift but hey, the family is probably not going to be surprised that the crazy soap lady is giving soap as gifts.  LOL

"Carrot Cake: A buttery spice blend with hints of peach, coconut, carrots, cinnamon and warm vanilla."
I also ordered a candle this time.  Just before I quit making my own soap hubby had been browsing a supplier site with me, looking for fall scents, and suggested carrot cake.  While browsing the Moeggenborg site the night I was ordering soap I noticed they had carrot cake scented candles, and since hubby loves candles like I love my tarts, I decided to give it a try.  It is a 1/2 pint mason jar, and mine came in the red box you see in this picture.  We haven't burned it yet because I wanted to get the pic and blog about it.  Now that I'm reclaiming my kitchen table back from the over cluttered soap making monster, I think this would be super cute sitting in the center, burning while we play Yahtzee or something.

Like those things weren't awesome enough . . . Mary sent some freebies once again.  Gotta love her!!

This bar of laundry soap was a freebie in my package.  (Click the name/link under the picture and read the nice little story about this soap's inspiration.)  You're supposed to grate this soap and mix it with some Borax and some washing powder.  I've tried two homemade laundry soaps before this and wasn't impressed, but it could have had something to do with our incredibly hard and cruddy water here, and the fact that hubby and Ty get REALLY greasy and filthy clothes at work.  Anyway, I don't have any Borax or washing powder here anymore and was wondering what to do with this free bar when I noticed on the website you can also use it as a stain stick.  Woohoo!  I'm definitely going to try that this weekend.

And then there was this.  Oh. My. Gosh.  How cute is that?!  And it was an extra little goodie she'd sent along for me.  It's a little nightlight all decorated up in country charm.  I haven't used it yet because I'm not sure where to put it.  Any outlets that are low, I'm afraid the cats . . . especially baby kitty Minion . . . will chew the decorations off.  I do have one outlet above the kitchen counter that this might look good in.  Hmmm.  My mom is afraid the decorations will get hot and start on fire.  *sigh*  (I don't know, is that something I should worry about, Mary?  lol)  But anyway, I couldn't believe it when I pulled this out of the box.  I don't see this style on their website but they do have other types of decorative lighting such as THIS/click.

Thank you soooo much for the extras, Mary!!

So yeah, another order from Moeggenborg Sugar Bush Primitives that I'm thrilled with.  They have so much more than soap on their site.  And they'll be adding hot cocoa mixes in the coming weeks too.  Yessss!  I will absolutely be ordering from them again when we get closer to winter, and grab me some Christmas scented itty bitty bars!


  1. I love the look and feel of everything I've seen you post about their stuff.

    Love the thank-you card & tag & company background insert thingy.

    Those itty bitty soaps look and sound awesome. I desire them. Lol!

    That's so cool that you got Addie that bubble cuppie! (And I think it's cool in the first place that you got them not-to-be-left-out-sibling stuff. I guess it shows that I'm not a mom that that never occurred to me. And/or it shows that I'm a youngest sibling. Doh.)

    You'll have to report on how the soap works as a stain stick.

    The nightlight thing is very cool! She sent you nice freebies/gifts!

    I clicked on the link to the other "candle," and that's similar to something Brenda gave me years ago. It's a plug-in "candle" and has a cool country-looking frayed-edge gray-tan & blue checked ribbon tied in a bow around it, and the stick of the "candle" has fake wax drips on it. Cool to have plugged in during the fall.

    As far as the nightlight, I'm no expert but I personally doubt the fire hazard concerns, especially if the bulb has the thick sort of waxy plastic outer covering that the original bulb the light from Brenda had.

  2. Just looked at your picture again, and it looks like yours is just frosted glass? I remove myself from the fire hazard discussion. Lol!

  3. If you do decide to order your goat soapies online, you totally should try their stuff.

    The nightlight bulb does have a coating, like waxy plastic or something. The tip of the 'flame' is flexible.

    Giving new baby siblings a small gift is something I didn't really know about when Casey was born. I'd heard that the older sibling should be allowed to pick out and present a gift to the new baby, but hadn't really thought of gifting the sibling. Makes sense though because everyone is all oooh and aaaah over the new baby and the old baby is like 'Hey, I'm still here!'

    I worry that Addie's gift was met with 'Whatever' type snorts though.


  4. Okay yeah, that's the same kind of bulb that was originally on my "candle." Bulb burned out and now I have a red & yellow (flame look) glass bulb on it (doesn't have any squishy coating).

    Seems like a smart/nice idea (giving a gift to the siblings).

    Who knows re: reaction to the Addie gift. But I think it's cool :D

  5. Forgot to say: I gave Mandy the popsicle-shaped neopolitan-colored soap and another soap sample with her bday present. She thought it was cool.

  6. Der, meant to say "from Moeggenborg" (and another soap sample from another place ... that I can't remember. But the soap's name had "witch" in it and it was brown).

  7. Omigosh, Deb, I never saw this post! Thank you so much for the wonderful review. You must have thought I was snubbing you. I wasn't, I swear. We got hit with a slew of stocking orders and haven't really had time to come up for air yet, plus two of our Sugar Bush gals are pregnant and one has been on complete bedrest until just recently. The fun just never ends. LOL! But thank you again for the wonderful posting about us!!

  8. You're very welcome, Mary. :)

    Take care of those baby-mamas!