Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept. 13 - Beacon Creations fall haul

This is another overdue haul, and another combined haul.  I have ordered from this shop before and pretty much loved everything about it.  When fall scents started rolling out I'd already ordered so many items from so many other shops that I almost passed on ordering more from here.  There was one soap that changed my mind though . . . 

'A warm blend of pumpkin puree, fresh ginger, crushed nutmeg, cinnamon and sparkling rum.'
Look how beautifully packaged this arrived!!  When I pulled that out of the box I was amazed, like 'Omg, Kia, you've outdone yourself!'  I don't know if you can tell but the ribbon has a pumpkin design on it.

Ok, so moving past the fabulous packaging, the bar itself is gorgeous too.  I just love the look of Kia's soaps.  The bars are a perfect size.  The textured tops are so cool, sort of elegant looking . . . and create a good gripping spot for your fingers when you're handling it in the shower, hehe.  Her bars always look so natural, even when she is using color.  And the scents are strong enough to easily know they're there, but not knocking you over in perfumey potency.

This particular one is a dark brown with a dark orange top.  The scent is awesome, very pumpkiny, with the spice coming through but softened a bit, perhaps by the rum.  I don't really pick up the rum specifically, not like the sweet buttery rum I've had in other soaps, but you can detect something besides the pumpkin and spice.  Excellent fall scent.

The label is cute too because on the back she has the name in the same Charlie Brown font that everyone would recognize, and a little pumpkin by the description.  I should have taken a pic of that too.  Oh well.

Because I've been trying different sugar scrubs to find one for my sister, and because she is a Charlie Brown holiday junkie, I decided to go ahead and order Kia's 'Sugar Polish' in The Great Pumpkin scent as well.  I mentioned in another post that if you order the the same scent in different products that scent will sometimes seem different.  The scent in the scrub is quite different than the scent in the soap, at least sniffing them 'cold.'  The rum in this one comes out strong.  I'm assuming it's the rum anyway.  There is an almost coffee smell to it.  I haven't actually used the scrub yet though so I don't know if it will change when it's actually in use.  It's still not a bad scent, regardless.  

This is a thicker consistency than what I'm used to.  Not sure how I feel about it yet, and won't know until I use it.  And I realized after the fact that I don't think this is a foaming scrub, which is what I like.  Hmm. 

There was another soap I'd been considering and since I knew she includes samples in orders I sent Kia a message and asked if it could be a sample of that particular scent.  There was a mix up and I got samples of Cluricaun and Duchess instead.  
Cluricaun is a 'blend with creamy oatmeal, orange peel, butterscotch, farm-fresh milk, nutty almond and rich vanilla,'  and I actually have a bar of it already.  It's a very nice, warm and cozy scent, like a nutty oatmeal, and this particular soap is made with oatmeal stout beer. 

Duchess is 'almond rum cake accented with fresh coconut milk, cardamom & blue agave nectar.'  The name Duchess makes me think of Keira Knightley, who I can't stand, and her movie The Duchess, which I hated and couldn't even finish . . . but wow, I really like this scent!  You get the almondy rum right off the bat with a warm sweetness chaser.  I will buy a full bar of this next time if it's still around when I order again.

Kia sent that missing sample separately and I was so smitten with it that I immediately went back to her shop to order a full bar.  And that brings us to the second part of this haul . . . 

After being amazed by the packaging and the color theme (you'll see . . . ) in this order, I had to laugh at how she stocked me up on samples.  LOL!  We'll come back to that.

'An effervescent blend of juicy Cherry and berries highlighted with fresh citrus notes and vanilla.' 
This smells so good!  It's cherry, for sure, and hints of vanilla, but the cool part is that it's almost like you are smelling the bubbles of a fizzy soda or something.  There's just something so fun about this one!  And look at that bar.  How perfect for the name, perfect for Halloween.  Deep full black and blood red, with that signature type swirl and top, and some red sparkles on top.  Awesome.  
And once again, look at that packaging!  I used to think that fancy packaging was a pointless waste that just drives the cost up in the end but daaaaaang, when you get things so pretty and fun, I'm all for it!!  And if you're buying it as a gift to pass on, well heck, it's already wrapped and presentable.  I don't know if it's just the fall/Halloween soaps that get the special treatment though, because I ordered another bar in this second part and it was just the usual shrink wrap and cigar band.

'Sweet, ripened bananas, caramel sauce, butter, brown sugar, banana liquor, vanilla ice cream, and just a touch of aged dark rum and cinnamon.' 
This one is interesting.  There is banana scent but there is so much more.  It's a complex, sort of dark scent . . . not fruity, not spicy.  I'm really not sure how to describe it.  And it looks so cool, reminds me of pudding.  LOL

Kia and I were messaging back and forth on Etsy about the missing Bitten sample, and I had asked if she had any other scents coming up that weren't in the shop yet.  We talked about those a bit and that's when I decided to get the Hatter bar.  So when I got the second order and pulled out the samples, I just had to laugh.

She loaded me up this time!  And not only with soap, but with a couple perfume samples too!  I'll just run through them quickly, left to right in the pictures.

Malzbier - 'A refreshing scent that smells just like a frosty cold mug of root beer soda.'  It does smell just like root beer!  Or black jelly beans.  Hmmm, never thought they smelled the same before.  Interesting.
Lucid - I don't see this in her shop at the moment but in our messaging she described it to me as 'star anise, fennel, cinnamon cassia & nutmeg with base notes of amber, madagasgar vanilla and woods. sweet, spicy, unisex.'  I'm not fond of this one.  The woody note hits you first, like a woody blends of spices.  I'm seeing that wood notes are just not my thing.

Rock Star - 'Funky and fun with sweet candy & fruity notes that are sure to leave a fizzy taste in your imagination!'  This is a Lush dupe and I think I've seen/heard others describe it as a bubble gum scent.  It does have a sweet candy smell but bubble gum is not what comes to mind for me.

Cider Barrel - 'A delicious plethora of juicy autumn apples simmered to perfection with spicy notes of cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar and the tiniest dallop of buttery caramel.'  This is probably her most well known soap.  I was so happy to get a sample of it way back in my first order and now I have another.  Maybe someday I'll actually order a full bar!  Anyway, it smells like apple cider with a bit of sweetness from the caramel and sugar.  Very nice.

Stay Puft - 'The classic sweet aroma of fluffy white marshmallows fresh from the bag. YUM!'  Yep, pretty much straight up marshmallow.  An old fashioned fun scent.

And the perfume oil samples . . . 
Pishsalver Potion - 'A sparkling blend of juicy summer berries & sun ripened grapes with sugar crystals on a green citrus bottom.'  I only see it in bath bomb form in her shop at the moment.  An interesting fruity scent, probably fun for summer.  I pick up hints of the grape, but it's an overall mixed berry type scent.

And then Stay Puft again.
These perfume samples are huge compared to what I've been getting from other shops.  They're probably double the size.  That's cool.

I still have several bars left from my original purchase way back in the spring.  I've been pushing them farther and farther aside as I play around with soap from everyone else but with these new fall soaps reminding why this is one of my favorite shops, I think I will be hauling them out and bumping them up towards the front of the usage line!

I love Kia's consistency.  She's definitely branded herself with her beautiful labels and her signature swirl/top work.  She has a good selection of scents to choose from but not so many that it's overwhelming, and there are some scents that are mainstays while new ones pop up here and there, and come and go.  There are other products in her shop too . . . bath bombs, bubble bars, and I think she might have had lip balms back when I first ordered.  (Absolutely not sure on that though, just seems familiar.)  I don't know if she's done lotions or not, but that would be an awesome addition.  She's generous with samples, quick on shipping, and customer service is great.

One thing I'm confused about is the actual name of the company.  We all know her as Beacon Creations, but on her actual labels it says Petals Secret Garden.  One name phasing out the other?  Name change that never took off?  Was never supposed to be known as Beacon Creations?  I really couldn't tell you.  

But go check her out anyway!


  1. Kinda fun reading these after I've seen and smelled them all in person--heehee.

  2. Too bad that visit was so rushed and it was sniff sniff sniff with people hovering, and no time to discuss.


  3. I love those fizzy kind of scents!! I got them from Bitten too. I am using a sample of a margarita soap that has sort of morphed into a champagne scent, loving that too.

    I like the Petal's name and logo better, although that might be because I don't know the story behind the old name.

  4. I never even got to use Bitten! LOL! I think you got the sample piece and my sister took the bar in one of my recent stash reducing clear outs. Oh well, just one more reason I've been controlling my shopping urges more.

    I don't know anything about the Beacon Creations name. Even with my very first order she had the Petals name and labeling, but on YouTube she was known as Beacon Creations . . . so I don't know if that was what she originally started with? It seems it's only been more recently that she's officially pushed the Petals name. Or maybe I'm just totally clueless. Doh!