Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept. 14 - September Birchbox

Yep, it's that time of the month again . . . time for Birchbox!

  I mentioned in my Birchbox post last month that I'd lost that urge to get into makeup and be all girlie.  Well this month I'd sort of lost my excitement about Birchbox.  When it arrived yesterday I was curious about what was in it, yeah, but it wasn't that super giddy tear it open like a child on Christmas feeling anymore.

Pangea Organics - Facial cream 'Nigerian Ginger With Lavender & Thyme' . . . I've heard of Pangea Organics before but can't think of where.  Must have been in guru videos on YouTube.  When I pulled this out of the box I was a bit excited, thinking ok maybe the box will still be fun after all.  Face cream is something I will use.  It has a nice, sort of herbal smell.

Inococo - nail polish applique . . . These are those nail stickers.  Polish challenged people like myself should be thrilled but I was just like 'Hmm, ok, never gonna use that,' because it's super sparkly and in a light, bright blue color.  I should try them just to see how crazy they look.

LIV GRN - Eau de Parfum . . .  I don't know if the scent is 'earth,' or what.  When I pulled this out I was surprisingly bummed.  There was a perfume sample in last month's box, and I've been getting so many perfume samples from all my soap buying lately.  I don't wear perfume all that much, and I'm really hating these impossible to open vials.  The information card says it is a jasmine/sandalwood scent but I can't tell you anything more than that because I seriously can NOT get this thing open.

Jouer - Lip enhancer . . . A tiny tube, apparently it hydrates, plumps, and conditions all in one.  Another thing I won't use because I have no interest in poofy lips.  Ha, maybe I should try it for fun along with my crazy nails.

And then there is this friendship bracelet.  The string is the same maroonish color that the tissue paper in the box usually is.  Apparently this is the one year anniversary of Birchbox.  I didn't realize it was so young.  Wow.

So yeah, with my interest already fading, the things in this month's box made me decide to cancel my subscription.  I know there are other sample box programs out there, have seen one mentioned a few times on YouTube, but couldn't think of the name.  I did some Googling and found a few different ones but they're not run the same as Birchbox.  Seems like Birchbox might be the biggest 'best' one out there.  But I know there is something else that YouTubers talk about . . . *wracks brain*

Anyone know of any similar programs?  I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I still need to try the lip stuff sample. I was going to put it on Monday and I forgot. Maybe I will tomorrow--I don't think I need to leave the house, so I can look like a clown at home. LOL!

  2. LOL! I forgot you took that. I want full details after you use it.