Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sept. 17 - Surprise Goodies

When I gave up soap making a month or so ago, I sold all of my silicone molds and things by posting a clearance sale on Facebook.  Response was immediate!  I knew my prices were low and I was ok with that because I just wanted to clear everything out and be done with it. 

One of the ladies who bought some of my things was Misty, and she was so friendly and easy to work with.  I wasn't too familiar with her before the sale but have since been watching her videos on YouTube.  I think she's a newer soap maker, working with melt-n-pour first and just starting to get into cold process.  Not long after receiving the things she bought from me, she told me she'd already used one of the molds and it worked great, and she wanted to send me some soap as thanks.  Well how sweet is that?

The package arrived yesterday and I was so excited to see she'd included samples from other soap makers.  But first off, right away, I grabbed the one that was made in my mold.

So cute!  And so clean and crisp, the details all well defined . . . a far cry from my attempts were everything came out smooshed and smeary.  Now, this IS a melt-n-pour soap and I've always shied away from them because they seemed cheap and fake, but the bases that are available now have so many varieties and some are even natural.  Like this one she sent me, I'm pretty sure she said it's a yogurt based soap.  I am intrigued!!  And the scent, I think she said is Pumpkin Lager.  It smells pumpkiny and sort of oatmealy, very warm and cozy.  I'm quite excited to give this little guy a try!

And I got such a kick out of the fact that the soap was made in my silicone mold, and was packaged in my Halloween treat bag, with my Halloween sticker on it.  So sweet.

This is another melt-n-pour soap, soy milk base this time.  It's pretty with its white bottom and pinkish purplish top.  Only problem is . . . it was supposed to be a tri-color Candy Corn soap.  Misty was so excited to try making Candy Corn (watch the videos HERE and HERE) and then so bummed with the results (HERE).  And then other soap makers reported having problems trying to do Candy Corn cold process soap, longtime soap makers, so I think the general consensus was that the fragrance oil itself was the problem.  I don't know if they were all from the same supplier but it seems likely they were if everyone was having problems.

Anyway, enough sidetracking.  Misty included a bar of her Candy Corn attempt.  I emailed her and told her to just name it something pretty and no one would ever know what it *should* have been.  It is still a nice looking soap with that pink blending into white, and the smell is awesome.  If you know it's Candy Corn it does smell like it, but if you didn't know you'd think it was just a really nice sweet vanilla scent.  Looking forward to trying this one too.

She also included four samples from other soap makers.  I've bought from three of these four before so I'm familiar with them.

Left to right . . .
A Life Deliberate - Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream goat milk soap.  This is the shop I have not tried.  I did receive a couple samples in a giveaway that I won a while ago from someone else, but I had passed them along to other people.  It's only been recently that I've become more aware of this shop and added it to my list of ones to try.  The scent is minty but light, and I don't pick up any chocolate or ice cream sweetness.

Beacon Creations - Snowcakes.  The sticker on the package says it's a bubble bar but it looks like regular soap.  I'll have to find out for sure what it is.  The scent is a Lush dupe of Snow Cake, an almond-marzipan fragrance.  It smells soooo yummy.  I'll have to add this scent to my Next Time I Order list.

Nature's Essence - Green Apple Explosion.  It's called the ' "spunkiest" green apple fragrance on earth' on the website, and yeah, it's a green apple scent.  Nice and summery.

Nature's Art - Pink Sugar.  'A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks. A wonderful dupe of Aquolina`s Pink Sugar.'  I'm familiar with this scent from my own soap making, and I really do like it.  I should put the actual perfume on my birthday/Christmas list this year!

It was so much fun to get these little goodies.  Thank you, Misty!!


  1. Aw, it's so cool that that one was made with your stuff and arrived *in* your stuff. Yeah, looks like it came out really nice! And yogurt-based soap sounds intriguing to me, too. And the scent sounds really nice.

    Very cool of her to send you that (and the other stuff)!

  2. I don't think I shoved these in your face when you were here. Now I wish I would have. I also think I will pop that jack-o-lantern soap into the shower for tomorrow because I finished up my current soap this morning and wasn't sure what to use next.