Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept. 27 - Some Older Goodies

I was sorting through photos, cleaning up my memory cards, and came across some old pics of soap orders that I don't know if I ever posted about. 

This is the order that got me hooked . . . or should we say obsessed.  That's an Oatmeal, Milk & Honey bar, and it's still my sentimental favorite scent.  I was so excited and fascinated by this newly discovered world of goat milk (and handcrafted) soap that I placed several more orders from Goat Milk Stuff early on.

I know there was one more order later on because they sent a 'We miss you!' email with a discount code after I hadn't ordered for something like six months.  I must not have taken a pic of that one though.  They are kinda pricey, especially now that their business is growing like crazy, and I always thought their shipping was high, but I do love their soap. 

Katie MacKay's Bathworks 
This is one I came across during my brief time on an absolutely horrible bully infested soapers forum.  Her site (not the forum) is gone now and I wonder if she quit or just has a new one.  Now that I think about, I'm pretty sure I did post about this one.  At the time, I ordered these because she had a renaissance line and I thought that was the coolest thing.  I was a bit shocked by the scents once I received them because they were not the sweet and pretty types I was used to at that point.  Thinking about it now, these were more along the lines of what FuturePrimitive, Haus of Gloi, and Valhalla do.  If anyone knows what happened to this shop, please let me know!

I think I got to know this shop through comments on my soap blog.  Becky is so friendly and supportive, she was my soapy shoulder to cry more than once when I was frustrated.  She was having a blog contest where we had to comment what we 'saw' in the 'ink spot' soap she had made.  I was one of the winners.  The 'ink spot' soap is the brown one on the left but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the actual bar we were commenting on.  I don't remember if I ordered the other bars or if they were freebies, and I don't even remember anymore what kind they were.

Becky/Heirloom Soapworks had another blog contest when she started exploring the world of hot process soap.  I don't remember what the contest details were but I was a winner again and received this bar of Catmint hot process soap.  This bar was AWESOME!!! 

I know I said in a recent post that melt-n-pour shops would not get my business, and I've felt that way all along but last fall when I saw these on Etsy I could not resist.  That was my first soap cupcake, and it was so freakin' Halloween-gorgeous.  The cupcakes are available again this fall . . . HERE  . . . and are in Candy Corn scent.  The other was a French Macaron soap in a vanilla or caramel or something scent.  I see those are now available in Halloween colors too . . . HERE.  Oh, they look so cool!  

I know there was at least one more shop I had tried but I didn't see the pics from it when I was sorting, and I'm not even sure what the name was.  I know she's still around but I'm not sure what she's called now.  I remember the names Pure Simplicity, and something like Hil's Heavenly Scents.  I don't know if they are the same shop, or why they both stick in my head.  If anyone can clarify this in my head, thank you!!

I think I am now pretty much complete on every handcrafted soap I have every tried . . . LOL  I'll have to move on to talking about books and movies and general life rants.  How boring is THAT?


  1. Those are some amazing soaps. Do you think you will ever run out of soap in your lifetime? LOL!!
    Have a great day!

  2. HilsHeavenScents and Pure Simplicity Soaps are owned by the same lady Hilary :)

  3. Mary ~ Doubtful! And yet I still keep buying. LOL!

    Gen ~ Aha! I thought so, but does she have two shops or did she change names from one to the other? Have you tried her?


  4. Not that I know of... Her shop on Etsy is Pure Simplicity Soaps but her YT channel name is HilsHeavenScents. Have not bought from Hilary yet though. Too many soapers out there, too little time and money ;)

  5. I remember pics of those first soaps you got from Goat Milk Stuff :) I thought that one bar looked like it was the size of a brick. It still looks like that to me.

    I think I remember you posting about the Catmint one before.

    I clicked on the link to the Halloween-colored cookie soap, and those are awesome-looking! Like the Halloween Oreos.

  6. *I meant they look like the Oreos that come out at Halloween.

  7. Gen ~ Thanks, now I am no longer confused. (Well, at least not about that...)

    Sheri ~ I still get excited about soap but I wish I could recapture the absolute thrill of that first order.

    And yeah, that do look the Halloween Oreos! We've already inhaled one pack here this year, and it's not even October yet.

    (Pack of cookies, not soaps. Duh.)