Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept. 28 - Skateland (movie)

Director Anthony Burns and screenwriter brothers Heath and Brandon Freeman tell the story of 19-year-old Ritchie Wheeler (Shiloh Fernandez), who finds his life at a crossroads when the Texas roller rink where he works is forced to shut its doors. Set in the early 1980s, this is a coming-of-age tale in which the hapless but hopeful protagonist must contend with his parents' divorce, shifting friendships and making choices on the path to adulthood.

I never would have heard of this movie if not for seeing it on a Twilight site I go to.  Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) is in it.  What made me add it to my Netflix list though is that it's set in the '80s and I'm all about that.  So we watched it last night and it was . . . ok.  I think this would make a really good book but as a movie it just wasn't exciting enough, or strong enough.  I don't mean exciting like car chases (there was one) or gun fights or robots or spy action.  No, I mean it was just sort of a blah blah look at the lives of these people.  It was a pretty good story though, so I think *reading* it and letting yourself sink into it would be better.

And there really wasn't much skating in it.  LOL

Richie is the main guy and he's content with life at the moment, going to his job at Skateland where he's been for four years, hanging out with his friends and partying whenever they can, liking one girl (Ashley Greene) but still hoping to get back with ex.  But he's graduated high school now and people are pushing him to decide what he wants to do with his life.  His sister is pushing him to apply to colleges.  His friend (Ashley) is pushing him to grow up and not be like her slacker brother, who Richie worships.  Then things start changing . . . Skateland is sold and closing down, Richie's parents are divorcing, his idol friend admits his life is going nowhere, and then they are all struck by tragedy.  It takes that tragedy to start opening Richie's eyes, and the movie does end on a few encouraging notes.

There are some characters that had my blood boiling, and they're meant to.  Richie's mom . . . wow, ok.  A total hooker and then trying to come across as all injured and doing everything for her kids.  Yet when she moved out and Richie vaguely asked if he could stay there, she pretty much said no, this was her time and her place.  Biatch!  And then there are the three dumbass guys who keep bullying everyone.  Later in the movie when Richie snaps and goes after them I was totally cheering him on.  I was wishing he'd done more damage (killing them all would have been ok at that moment, lol) but at least it was something.

So while it was not a fabulous movie, it was good if you've got a boring evening or if you don't want anything too involved. 

Oh, and I spent the entire movie trying to figure what I knew the main guy from and never did come up with it.
In Skateland (above) . . .
And where I know him from (below) . . . 
He was in Red Riding Hood!

Have you seen Skateland?  Or Red Riding Hood?  What have YOU seen lately?  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Sounds like an interesting movie. Maybe I'll check it out. I think I saw it in the Redbox.

    I haven't seen Red Riding Hood.

    I haven't really seen anything lately. *wracks brain* Watched the new True Grit and liked it.

    Want to see Bridesmaids.

  2. We saw the new True Grit too. Liked it.

    Bridesmaids is coming up on our list. 'Coworker' said there is a major porn scene right at the beginning and she was horrified to be watching it with her mom. LOL

    I liked Red Riding Hood but didn't love it. Bella's dad is in it, hehe.


  3. Ha! ;D

    I remember seeing "Charlie" in a commercial for a movie recently--don't know what it was.

  4. I know you mean Twilight Charlie and not Lost Charlie, but did you see that Lost Kate is in that new Hugh Jackman Transformer-looking movie? Weird to see her off the island finally.

    She had a baby too. Did you know that?


  5. The lead character was also in Deadgirl, which is probably the most twisted zombie film ever made.