Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept. 8 - Haus of Gloi haul

Got a small package in the mail today.  Can you guess who it's from?
(Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's in the post title . . . )

I've posted before about Haus of Gloi ( HERE ) and I'm loving them more each time I order.  This package I received today is my third order, another small one.  Their autumn release is what prompted this order.  I already know I want more from them and can't wait for the Yuletide stuff!

(blurry pic, sorry)
As always, you get a tiny sample vial of a random perfume oil.  I'm not really into the perfumes but it's a fun way to see what other scents are like.  This one is called Apothecary and is described as 'Old books, bubbling concoctions, herbs and creaking floor boards! A pure essential oil blend of: Lemongrass, rosemary, blood cedar, sweet basil, lavender and the tiniest drop of vetiver.'  While not a scent I would ever order or wear, it is kinda nice in a unique way.  It's woody, and lemony, almost like Pledge but in a darker more primitive way.  It really does bring to mind an old cramped shop with creaky wooden floors.  The shops in the Harry Potter movies are what I think of!  I watched a haul video on YouTube today and that girl also got this as her sample, and her reaction is just too funny.  If you're interested, the video can be seen . . . HERE .

I don't know if lip balms have always been available at Haus of Gloi or if I was just skipping over them, but I saw them this time and decided to give one a try.  I chose Cocoa Mint.  Oh, ha, when I went to their site just now to get the description I saw that the lip balms are sold out.  Maybe that's why I never ordered before?  Anyway, they're sold out so I can't get the description of this one but I suspect it might be the same blend as the Peppermint Cocoa scent I had in whipped cream soap way back in my first order.  This will be an awesome winter/Christmas scent.  I'll probably set this aside for later.  It's not just a straight up chocolate mint like you'd expect, not like ice cream or the Bath & Body Works Chocolate Mint candle that I raved about recently.  There is something more like hot cocoa or cocoa powder.  I have used it a couple times today just to get an idea about how it feels and works, and I have no complaints so far.  It glides on easily but is not soft or oily or sticky.  I'll have to use it more to see how it really works but so far I think it's good enough to order again.

I got another small jar of their pumpkin butter (lotion).  In my last post I mentioned it seemed to absorb too quickly and that I felt I had to use so much to combat that, but after I'd used it more I didn't have that problem.  It was a really nice product, and I still love that they make it from scratch.  Since I'm still not familiar with their scents I only got a small jar again.  This one is the Pumpkin Eater scent and it is to die for.  Seriously awesome scent here.  Described as 'Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter,' this might be THE BEST pumpkin/fall scent I've found so far in this latest shopping frenzy.  It is definitely pumpkin but it's not a sweet pie scent.  It's like the gooey pie filling, warm from the oven.  It's so darn yummy.  Wishing now I'd have gotten the larger jar!

And of course I had to get a bar of soap because I am, after all, a soap addict.  Hehe!  Another pumpkin scent, Pumpkin Queen is described as 'Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a lovely crown of amber.'  The picture in the link looks like a bluish bar but mine is all shades of brown.  It's a beautiful, hard bar, with a 'pumpkin' ball inside and sparkly gold on top.  I don't detect much pumpkin in this scent.  You definitely get the hay and dry herbs that are mentioned.  There is also the hint of pumpkin, the hint of peach sweetness, and then it's all wrapped up in something a bit spicy, perhaps the amber.  A nice scent but does not speak of fall to me.  

And that is my latest little Haus of Gloi haul.  Now that I've had a chance to try a fair number of other vendors I'm starting to narrow down what I like or dislike about things.  I think Haus of Gloi is going to be one of my regular favorites.  Even though I had a couple iffy moments with them early on, I've been quite satisfied since then, and have been so drawn to them from the start anyway.  I like their style, like that they are consistent in that style, and like that they are unique . . . not just catering to latest hot thing.  While frustrating that things are often sold out, it kinda makes it that much more fun when you are able to snag those products.  Now that I've seen the lip balms are sold out I'm really wanting to get more, and will have to keep an eye on it to grab some when they're back.  One thing I do wish is that the free sample wasn't always a perfume oil vial.  I would love to get soap bits instead.  How awesome would that be? 


  1. I read on FB that they will be bringing out seasonal lip balms when they release the whipped soaps. That sounds awesome! I've also seen reviews where free samples were pieces of soap, but maybe they don't do that anymore. I'm not a huge bar soap person though so I'm fine with perfumes...though sample scrubs or lotions would rock :)

  2. You almost sound ready to eat pumpkin pie this holiday season and LIKE IT.

  3. Liber Vix ~ I wasn't a bar soap fan either until I stumbled upon handcrafted goat milk soap a few years ago. I know there are homemade liquid soaps out there but the only I've tried was less than stellar and I'm not anxious to try others.

    I'm going to have to keep a closer watch on the HoG site and grab lip balms . . . and Troika . . . when they pop up again.

    pants ~ Nope, won't eat it but I'll sit really close to you and smell yours while YOU eat. :P


  4. Thank you for the lovely review. I heart HoG also. The whipped soaps and new lip balms were released yesterday (Sept 24). I order Pumpkin Eater in Whipped and can't wait! Also ordered 3 lip balms. Keep those reviews going.


  5. Really?! I have to get some!! Thanks for the heads up!

    *flies out of this blog*