Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 9 - Another overdue haul . . . FuturePrimitive, again

This is another overdue, combined haul and this time it is from FuturePrimitive, a UK shop.  I've ordered from Tiggy before and obviously enjoyed the products.  Coming all the way from England, things are pricier but there is just something about this shop that makes it worth it.  A while ago when Tiggy first started mentioning her fall scents, I got really excited and anxious for her fall release.  At some point before that happened she had some scents that were kinda calling to me, and then one day she mentioned on Facebook or YouTube that she had some unscented bars that she would be throwing into orders, and that she was testing a new scrub or something and some lucky people would be getting samples of that in their orders.  I couldn't wait for the fall release, and had to order early.

The scent that spoke to me the loudest at that time was Malt 'n Milk, described as 'Toasted Malt drizzled with Madagascan Vanilla bean puree with a dash of sweetened Almond milk and a sprinkle of dark muscovado sugar.'  I've mentioned in an earlier post about FuturePrimitive, this shop's scents are like Haus of Gloi in that you're not quite sure what it's going to be and you kinda take a gamble when ordering a scent for the first time.  LOL  But they also have the most unique scents, not the normal scents that every shop has in different names.  While I absolutely love the common fragrances, where I know what I'll be getting, I applaud those who do custom blends.

Anyway, bars from FuturePrimitive are rock hard solid.  They have a sort of rustic . . . primitive, duh . . . look of their own.  Not quite sure what I was expecting of this scent but I was a bit surprised.  It's very sweet but there is a sort of sourness to it.  Must be the 'malt' part of it.  Not a favorite.   Bummer, because it looks and sounds so good.  The soap itself will be just as great as always though.

I also ordered the Malt 'n Milk scent body whip (lotion).  I'd heard people rave about Tiggy's body whip as being the one of the best around, so I had to try it even though I knew it would most likely never be my regular lotion because of the cost from England.  Well, the people were right . . . this lotion, body butter, whatever you want to call it, is awesome.  It's thick and fluffy.  It absorbs quickly, works great, and lasts a long time.

I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get the scrub sample but I did receive a free bar of the unscented soap in that order.  Yay!  I was expecting just a plain bar.  It was cool to see it was prettied up anyway.  Not sure what the coloring is but looks nice, one of those elegant in its simplicity looks.  And 'unscented' means there was no added fragrance or essential oils.  There is still a mild 'soap' scent which is kinda cool.  Tiggy talked in one of her videos about how different makers' soaps still seem to have a certain scent that is unique to them.  This unscented bar has that scent that is unique to FuturePrimitive soap.  I quite like this one.

Then came the fall release.  I'd almost decided not to buy anything else because I'd already been buying from the other soap makers.  She didn't release everything at once, which was probably a good thing because just seeing this first wave had me drooling.  Still I was trying to talk myself out of it when Tiggy made an announcement that she'd reopened her Etsy shop and had slightly lower prices for non-UK customers as a way to ease the high cost of shipping.  Yessss!  Barely any hesitation, and I had my order placed.

From watching her YouTube videos, I learned that the theme of her Halloween soaps is the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes.  The names and connections mean nothing to me because I haven't seen that movie (it's on my Netflix list now though, hehe) but dang they look freakin' awesome, both the packaging and the bars themselves!

Described as 'Crushed incense, resinous Vanilla, sweet Orange oil & Oakmoss absolute with a pungent heart of stewed Rhubarb stalk,' I was unsure about this one.  With the lower cost, however, I decided to grab all three of the first released scents and this was one of them.  I didn't think I knew what rhubarb smelled like but upon sniffing this my mind tells me 'Ah yes, there's the rhubarb.'  Dork, I know.  It's very interesting, as all of Tiggy's scents are.  I don't love it but I am intrigued by it.  I don't even know what category to put it in . . . herbal, maybe?  Hippy cool?  It is not sweet like I thought the vanilla and orange might make it, although there are traces of vanilla to soften it.  Very interesting is all I can come up with.  lol

Described as 'Coconut husks & Toffee Apples tumbled with Blackened Cardamom pods with just a dribble of dark, aged Vetiver oil. The result is a well-rounded, nutty scent with a waft of long gone fairgrounds,' this one looks SO freakin' cool, even the label.  Doesn't it look like a dark, spooky sky?   Again, I thought this would be sweeter and something more familiar but it's another of those hard to describe complex scents.  I guess there is a slight hint of apple sweetness way down in there but you wouldn't recognize it as that if you didn't know it was there.  This one is definitely more on the sweet side than the sort of herbalness of the Dust Witch scent, but still . . . don't think of bakery sweet or fruity/candy sweet.

Described as 'Blackened Pomegranate juice & Plum compote spiked with Pink Pepper, Clove & Cinnamon with base notes of Frankincense, Patchouli, Amber, Moss & caramelised sugar,' it doesn't really LOOK Halloweeny (label makes up for that!) and I really wasn't sure what to expect.  This is probably the sweetest of the bunch, the least complex, and yet I still can't describe it.  Definitely a patchouli scent, and hints of the spices, but softened and sweetened by the dark fruits.  This might be my favorite of the bunch.

I also received a tiny sample vial of perfume oil in this order.  I wasn't expecting that and almost missed it in the package.  Doh!  Described as 'Bladderwrack Seaweed, West Indian Lime, Aged Dark Rum, pummelled Mandarin, split Oak Barrels & a hint of Quill ink.  Mary Rose 1545 is further infused with a single nugget of Oak Bark,' you guessed it, a complex and hard to describe scent.  LOL Since there are pictures of an old ship on the label I asked hubby what an old ship would smell like.  "Musty?"  This scent is not musty, not by a longshot.  I easily get the lime and mandarin, with the other notes swirling to make it more intriguing than just a fresh citrus scent.  I quite like this one!  I wonder if it will be available in soap form?  I'd probably buy it.

And that is my latest from FuturePrimitive.  Have YOU tried them yet??


  1. Nice review :) And I completely agree with Tig's fall scents. Very complex and it's difficult to classify them under a single category. But hey, that's the best thing I love about Future Primitive :D Shadow show is also my favourite out of the Fall Collection!

  2. Hello, Snowblume! Her video for Midnight Marauder soap has me already making my Christmas shopping list. LOL