Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 9 - Overdue, combined Nature's Art haul

I've ordered from Nature's Art before and enjoyed Kimberly's products, and love that her lotions are made from scratch instead of pre-made bases you can buy and just dump some fragrance oil in.  The first part of this haul was actually from a while ago, and I just never got around to posting.  I think it might have been even before I decided to give up my own soap making.  Actually it was probably part of the reason I *did* go out of business!  Seriously, as she was rolling out her new collections and getting ready for the fall release, it all made me realize how much I wanted to buy from others instead of make my own.

So anyway, I've chatted with Kimberly many times now online.  She's one of the first people I told about my decision to give up soap making.  She wasn't having that and wanted to call me on the spot so we could actually talk it out.  Anyone who knows me though, knows I *HATE* the phone, so we chatted on Facebook about it.  I offered my soap cutter to her, and we worked out a deal, and everyone was happy.

Bleah, anyway!  The first part of this order came before all that, back when she was first rolling out her new collections . . . Harry Potter, True Blood, Dark Dreams.

Wishing For Fall
This is the bar that started it all, my latest shopping frenzy.  I saw pics of this on Facebook and had to have it.  It's no longer available and I can't even find it to get the scent description but since it's the one in my shower right now I can tell you that it smells sort of chocolate-orange-vanilla-y.  It's a softer sweet scent that I can't quite decide if I like or not.  It was such a cute bar though, all fall-like and hinting at Halloween with that spider on it.

Butter Beer 
When I saw she was coming out with a Harry Potter line I knew I had to order more than just that previous bar.  Looks like this one is sold out now too, so no scent description here either.  This was the first one from my order that I used and it is long gone.  LOL  I've heard other people reviewing it mention all different scents like butterscotch and vanilla and things I don't remember at the moment.  I wondered if the scent had changed with different batches because mine smelled mainly like Buttered Rum.  Maybe there were other scents mixed in, I'm not sure, but my first impression was Buttered Rum and that's totally fine by me because I love that scent.

Another from the Harry Potter line, this is Pumpkin Juice.  The one on the site (linked above) looks different than from early on when I ordered mine.  The one I got was a big square chunky bar, really cute.  I'm not usually one to cut my bars of soap but I've cut this one in half to keep it more manageable.  I haven't used this one yet.  Described as 'Warm and sweet filled with pumpkin & spices and butter and caramel its the yummiest part of the holiday,' this one is spicy.  I might be picking up hints of the pumpkin but it's definitely a spicy scent.  Can't wait to get going on this one!

Black Magic 
I'm pretty sure I bought this one more for the look at the time.  Looks like it's sold out but I found the scent description elsewhere on the site . . .  'Seductive and sweet, apples, candied yams, marshmallows,  sweet cream butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, crushed cinnamon bark and fresh cloves enshroud you in a mist and your will is given over to it.'  When I received my order and was sniffing everything, I was totally blown away by this one.  I *LOVE* this scent!  It's hard to describe but, WOW.  It's spicy but there is an underlying sweetness.  It's almost like a sophisticated perfume, but not in a perfume-y way.  Even though those are all foodie scents in the description it is not a sweet, foodie, bakery scent.  This is awesome.  And it was so funny because shortly before getting this, shortly before giving up soap making, hubby and I had been browsing fragrance oil supplier sites looking for a scent that would symbolize Halloween.  This would be it.  It's like sticking your nose in those plastic pumpkins after trick-or-treating and smelling all the different candies in there.  I don't know if this is a custom blend on Kimberly's part, but if it is . . . WELL DONE, Kimberly!

Chai Tea Goat Milk Body Whip 
I knew I wanted more of her yummy lotion so I ordered a small jar in Chai Tea scent.  (Her fall scents were not available in anything but soap at that time.)  I love this stuff.  It's light and creamy and works great.  I keep forgetting that a little goes a long way with this lotion.  The scent is strong but it's also sort of light, sort of a cleansing type, like it's crisp and almost clears your senses.  lol  Weird, I know.  Very very nice product.

My sample in that order was Berry Bewitching Brew from the original batch, so it will look different in the link above.  It's described as 'Our Berry Bewitching Brew begins with top notes of peach, apricot, and blackberries; middle notes of mandarin, cinnamon, and rose; and nicely balanced with just a hint of woodsy musk.'  A lot of people are absolutely nuts for this one but it's not one I'm fond of.  There are fruity/berry hints and something slightly woodsy but it leans towards a floral or perfume style, and I don't prefer those types.

So because of the surprise hit in that Black Magic bar and because I knew I'd be wanting more lotion, I was waiting for the fall release to place another order.  I'd also been thinking about trying her sugar scrubs, and sending a sample to my sister to see if she'd like them.  Oooh, get them in Black Magic scent!  And what the heck, grab another bar of soap before they're gone!
As you can see, she's changed her labeling and packaging since that previous order.  But yeah, the other day I received my Black Magic trio.  I haven't opened the bar because I know what it's like.  

The lotion is a very light pinkish color.  I've heard people say that if you order the same scent in different products they might smell slightly different because the soap process alters it slightly.  This lotion smells pretty darn true to that first bar that I loved instantly, perhaps a microbit sweeter. 

The sugar scrub is a pink and purple swirl with some sparklies on top.  I forgot when I ordered that you can request how thick or liquidy you'd like your scrub.  (At least that's what I've heard.)  I haven't used it yet but it looks like a good consistency, on the thicker side so it's not oozing everywhere.  And I do believe this is the kind that lathers up, not just an oily scrub.  Scentwise, if the lotion was a smidge sweeter, this is a smidge spicier.  But they're all close enough to each other that you'd probably not know the difference.  Now that I have the set, I can't wait to try them all out and be consistent in my scent!  Wheee!

And ya know what?  She's adding tarts and candles to her shop now too.  Ohhhhh, boy.


  1. Those are some yummy looking soaps. I love that black and pink one - it reminds me of good and plenty candy. LOL! Kimberly is a hoot and a talented soapmaker!!!


  2. Oh yeah, Good & Plenty! Are those still around? Hubby mentioned Slo Pokes the other night and the kids had no clue what he was referring to. LOL


  3. The scent description of Black Magic makes it sound super awesome.

    Why yes! I would indeed accept a sample from the sugar scrub! :D