Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oct. 12 - Zum (Indigo Wild) Bath & Body Products

I'm all kinds of giddy about this latest haul.  My sister first brought Zum to my attention, oh geez, well over a year ago.  Heck, maybe two years ago??  She'd seen some Zum bars in a shop and sent me one of their brochures.  I think I dismissed them as too commercial or something.  Then I came across Zum products myself somewhere, I'm thinking possibly last November when we were in Minneapolis, possibly when we were looking for Lush in the Macy's store near the hotel . . . ?  Not sure.  Again, I was like 'Oh, Zum, yeah, not interested.'  Well lately, now that I'm not making soap and now that I'm trying to narrow down and control my soap shopping frenzies (ha, yeah right, I know) I've been Googling and searching for goat milk soap shops.  And Zum popped up.

They're goat milk?  Really?  They're all natural?  Really?  What the heck did I have stuck in my head then about them not being worth my time??

I went to their site and looked around.  They remind me of Lush.  Bright and fun and kinda crazy.  I was surprised how many products they have!  Soaps, lotions, lip balms, candles . . . even cleaning products!  There is a 'request catalog' option on their site so I did that, and in the email confirmation they sent a sort of 'thank you' code for a free Zum Bundle with my first order.  When I got my catalog a few days later I wanted to order pretty much everything.  Since I'm not yet familiar with their scents, and since I would be getting the Zum Bundle (which is a pack of sample soaps) I decided to try some other products in this order.

(Oh yeah, and because I have ten bajillion bars of soap here already . . . )

I posted recently about going back to a commercial face cleanser for the time being, so when I saw Zum face products I was excited.  Since I'd just recently bought that other cleanser I decided I'd try a toner from here.  This one has lemon and geranium essential oils, among a ton of other natural ingredients and has a very interesting smell.  It's sort of sweet and sort of herbal with just a wee hint of medicinal in the background. 

They have lotions too!  While not in the form I would prefer, I had to give it a try.  This one is lavender-lemon scent and although there is no goat milk in it, there is once again a ton of other natural goodies.  The scent seems to be light but I only tried a small dab when I pulled it out of the box.  The consistency is what I like, light and fluffy, not thin and runny, so I just wish it would come in jars instead.  I don't like tubes.

There was a little goodie bag inside my order . . .
 Lip Balm (and free samples)
At first I was super excited, thinking they'd sent me a free lip balm but then I remembered I had indeed ordered it myself.  Doh!  Oh well, they still sent samples!  I love love love it when shops send samples!  The lip balm I ordered is Vanilla and according to the ingredients is a 'vanilla infusion' and also contains honey.  Yummy.  The samples were not labeled at all but from what I can tell by comparing to the catalog, I think the green one is Rosemary-Mint and the speckled one is either Lavender or Patchouli.  (It smells like the Rosemary-Mint one at the moment from being packed together with it.)

I did order one little bar of soap.  This is a mini bar, just 1.5oz, and oh so cute.  I had been looking at their holiday items and this one caught my eye.  It is Spiced Almond scent.  I can't find a scent description on the site but it's an awesome blend of slightly sweet spice and almond, maybe some mint in there . . . ?  I think it's perfect for Christmas.

As mentioned, I received a 'thank you' code in my confirmation email when I requested the catalog.  On the site it says the Zum Bundle is 6oz of sample pieces.  The picture on the site shows four pieces.  My bundle had five pieces.  I guess it just depends how heavy the pieces are.  The scents were random . . . I saw no option to choose for myself, and it doesn't look like mine are the same scents as in their site pic.  They come with a cool purple rubber band around the bunch.  The band can probably then be worn as one of those bracelets.  The pieces are not labeled at all so I did some visual comparisons to the catalog and think I know what they are.

The top left speckled one is either Lavender or Patchouli.  I can't tell from the pics and the scent is sort of blended with everything else in the bundle.  The top center with green chunks in it is Lime-Basil.  The top right purple swirl is probably Frankincense-Lavender.  Lower left green swirl is Lemongrass.  And the lower right red speckled one is Patchouli-Orange.

They also sent another catalog, and a handy fold out quick reference poster of all 31 of the bar soaps in their regular line.  Very cool.  Shipping was quick . . . ordered Friday afternoon, had a holiday/no mail on Monday, and received my order today/Wednesday.  

Indigo Wild is located in Missouri, and they support several cancer and dog related causes.  There is a Betsy bar soap and lotion in honor of one of their staff who has battled cancer, with a portion of proceeds donated to Turning Point.  They have doggie products, with part of the bar soap proceeds going to a Sheltie rescue program.  They have baby products, a sports line, products for men, gift packs, and other fun things.

I did notice, as I was writing this post, that it says on their label 'goat milk base' and I thought 'Aha!  That's why I shunned them!  It's freakin' melt-n-pour!'  But when I went to the site to check on this I found that they do indeed make cold process soap.  I'm really excited now!  Even though the things are a bit pricier than I'd prefer, I read something about it being cheaper if you can find them in a shop near you.  I just need to find them locally now . . . lol  (I didn't see a store locator on their site so I emailed them just before writing this post, but haven't heard back yet.)  I'm hoping I like all these products because I'm happy that I can get the products I've been looking for all in one shop.

Like I said, these guys remind me of Lush.  I can't believe there are barely any videos on YouTube or blog posts about their products.  Am I just not finding them?  If you've tried Zum products, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. That's funny--I had the impression they were quite commercial, not natural, and not goat milk soap, too! Maybe because their packaging is slick and the fact that they're in shops, widespread, etc.? Lush comes to mind for me, too--I think for me it's the look of their packaging, the lettering or something.

    Still haven't tried them yet, but I'm excited to have found this stuff out about them.

    That Spiced Almond bar sounds and looks nice.

    Excited that you may have found your multiple-product, goat milk, cold-process, has-a-line-of-regularly-offered-varieties go-to shop!

  2. Did more Googling and found that GNC stores carry Zum products, but I don't know if that's all GNCs. There is one in the mall though so that will be handy if they do have it! But they might not have all the products available.

    Zum is also in Whole Foods stores but there are none around here.


  3. so cool Deb!! Have never heard of this company before but Zum sounds like a fun company :D

  4. I've never heard about this before either, and nothing on Youtube yet? Maybe u should do a little video on youtube about it?

    I forgot to send you my address? I'll do that this morning as I'm still very interested in a Swap!!

  5. I'm going to have to try a bar of the Zum Lemon-Geranium soap! Lemon-Geranium is one of my favorite scent combinations.

    If you haven't heard of Rainwater Botanicals, be sure check them out! I've been using their Nourishing facial soap, cream and serum for a couple years. Best stuff EVER!!!

  6. Snowblume ~ It is fun! Hope I can find a store near me that carries Zum products.

    Heather ~ I would love to make videos but I'm just not brave enough. People have told me once I start I'll get over that fear but I just get past that fear to even start! LOL

    Lynda ~ I have not heard of that shop and will check it out. Thanks! :)


  7. Have never tried Zum they have been around for a long time and produce a lot of soap, way beyond hobbyist level. I have tried many of the other big handmade soapers products in the US but not Zum. It would be interesting to know what you thought of the soap in the shower and how the bars look etc in 12mths time.

  8. Hello, Sharon. I did a little update in another post and said my excitement had already died for various reasons. The soap itself was great, lathered easily and abundantly, but the scent was SO strong and stuck with me pretty much all day. I guess that would be fine if it was a scent I loved but that sample piece I tried was not a favored scent. LOL

    And with as much soap as I have stockpiled, I might very well have some of these still sitting in 12 months so I could indeed report back on that.

    Ok, I was just looking at your blog and ooooooooooh my gosh, those Christmas Pudding soaps are GORGEOUS!! You are an Australian shop? I might need to place another down under order . . .