Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct. 26 - FuturePrimitive Christmas Haul

Yep, I'm aware that it's not even Halloween yet and I've labeled this a Christmas haul.  I was hoping this line from FuturePrimitive wouldn't have been released until later, and even then I'd only really planned on getting one soap.  When the line went live recently . . . way sooner than I'd expected . . . at first I decided to just forget about it.  I have enough soap already, didn't need anymore so why bother for just one bar, yadda yadda.  I thought I'd just wait till around Thanksgiving and order one or two Christmas soaps locally.  I went back to the FuturePrimitive site repeatedly, put things in my cart repeatedly, changed my mind and emptied that cart repeatedly.

And then decided ah screw it, just get a bunch and be done with it.  So I did.  And regretted it.  But it was done, and today that package arrived.

The first thing you might notice is that this is not the typical FuturePrimitive look, and not what I would normally buy.  There are cupcakes in there!  And a slice of pie!

There was a card included, with a nice little note written inside.  I thought this was cool because the picture is of an old tall ship at Portsmouth.  This is cool to Lost geeks like myself because the Black Rock sailed from Portsmouth, hehe.  But really, Tiggy of FuturePrimitive had gone on vacation not long ago to Portsmouth and had hoped to find soapy inspiration there.  She posted on Facebook about wanting some Christmas inspiration too and I mentioned that Charles Dickens was born there, and what was more Christmas-y than A Christmas Carol?  I was tickled to see she'd used that idea and based the holiday line on Dickens, and even more tickled to get a mention about this in her video for it!

This is the main soap I'd been waiting to order.  It's actually a Harry Potter inspired soap, and named after the Marauder's Map.  Look closely and you'll even see the little footprints on the soap!  Described as 'Dark wood, forest bracken, pine & spruce with the musky sweetness of an Elder wand. Orange peel, sugar scatterings and a tumbling of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans,' and I absolutely LOVE this one.  This might be my favorite ever from Tiggy!  You definitely get the orange peel right off the bat but then the musk and sugar sweetness and the pine come charging up behind in a beautiful blend.  If you didn't know pine was in it I don't think you'd ever guess but it still does remind me a bit of Christmas.  Love LOVE this one!  So glad I went ahead with this order!

Once I'd decided to go ahead and order a few more things, this was what caught my eye next.  It's a beautiful white bar called Snowdrift and is described as 'A warming blend of Hot Milk, Honey & Oatmeal with a sugary lick of pure white marzipan. Like a cup of hot milk that Grandma used to make...with an additional 'there there'. Cosy!'   I also love this one!  It is so close to the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent that I adore, something I never thought I'd see from FuturePrimitive.  I'm tempted to say it IS good ol' OMH, but the description mentions marzipan.  Ohhh, I could sniff this all night.  Um, well, when I'm not sniffing Midnight Marauder.  (It's a sweet, comforting scent for those of you who are unfamiliar with Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.)

Tiggy had decided to try her hand at making cupcake soaps and I decided since I was going gung-ho on the Christmas soaps I'd buy some.  This one is Old Curiosity, described as 'Cobbled streets of Charles Dickens's Portsmouth. Wafts of Vanilla pods, Cold Icy mornings, the glow of lamplight through old leaded windows and the frosty snap of fresh Peppermint Creams.'  Vanilla mint . . . yummy!  And a perfect winter scent.  This little guy looks a bit rough after the long trip from England but he's still cute and smells so sooo yummy.  A no frills vanilla mint scent, reminds me of wintergreen chewing gum.

I kept coming back to this one, Cratchit's Lemon Tea, because it looked so pretty and the lemon was calling to me.  Described as 'Tangy lemons steeped in lightly spiced wine with unrefined sugar chunks and a little honey,' it's very lemony, almost like a Pledge lemon . . . but still nice.  

Pickwick's Pear is described as 'Ripe Williams Pears, thick glass jars of Devil’s Bit Scabious honey, a scattering of Evesham Walnuts and a sprinkle of sugar.'  I don't get any pear from this scent.  It's a heavier, sort of warm scent that must be from the sugar and walnut.  There is something almost perfumey about it at the same time, but in a dark way.  I don't know how to describe it.  This is probably my least favorite of the bunch.  It's not a bad scent, just nothing like I was expecting.

Since I'd ordered way more than ever expected, and because I don't have nearly enough pumpkin scents already, I decided on one last bit of careless spending.  Tiggy hadn't only been playing with cupcakes, but soap cakes (or pies) too!  Spiced Pumpkin Cider is described as 'Hot Bubbling Cider spiced with Clove buds & Cinnamon sticks with a smoky base of Tahitian vanilla bean.'  I've smelled so many variations of pumpkin scents recently . . . in soaps, candles, and tarts . . . that I can't even say for sure anymore if this smells pumpkiny or not.  I would like to say it smells closer to true pumpkin than anything but it might just be the clove that's telling me that.  It's not like the sweet pumpkin pie scents you'd most likely think of.  There is a bit of oddness, probably the cider factor.  It's an interesting, spicy scent and a darn cute piece of pie.

I was a bit saddened to see there were no samples in this order, especially for being a pretty good sized order.  I've always gotten something before, even if just a tiny vial of perfume oil.  Perhaps the card was in place of that.  Ah well, my order got here crazy fast this time and it's always a pleasure shopping at FuturePrimitive.

Will you be trying Tiggy's holiday line?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Hey, that's cool that you provided the idea! (And got a mention!)

    Those sound really yummy. Love the look of the pie :)

  2. I was totally shocked to hear it in the video. I mean, I watch all her videos anyway so watching that one was just routine and then heard my name . . . LOL

    I'm considering giving some of my soapie purchases as Christmas gifts but, except for you, I don't know who in the family really appreciates handcrafted soap and who just smiles and humors me.


  3. Marauders soap <3 no samples in my order. Me thinks she no longer needs to do that. Reading all your soapy posts.

    1. Sucky thing about this haul is I gave most, if not all of it away because I got to an overwhelmed status in regards to my soap stash back then.

      Hope you comment on the old posts! They're such a trip to revisit. I don't think I used tags all the time back then though, so you might not find them all.