Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct. 7 - The Secrect Circle (TV, book)

The Secret Circle
CW channel, Thursdays, 8pm/central

Several weeks ago at work a coworker noticed an article in the newspaper about a new show that would be starting soon.  She told me about it and we agreed it sounded like it was worth checking out.  Basically, girl moves to a new town, starts at a new school, and has no idea she's a witch until a group of kids at this school (who are also witches) figure it out and try to get her to join them.  It reminded both of us of The Craft, a movie I love, and Sweep, a book series that I love.   

The following week was the show's premiere but by the time I got home from work that night I was tired and hungry and didn't bother watching.  My coworker recorded it but hadn't watched it that night.  I wasn't upset that I'd missed it and apparently she'd gotten over the excitement before it started too . . . lol

The second week, I made a point of at least watching the start of the episode, to see what I thought.  I made it through maybe ten minutes and gave up, and decided I'd wait for the season to be finished and then Netflix the whole set.  The show seemed kinda cheesy to me.  I was quickly put off by the fact all the girls are prancing around school like half dressed hookers.  And then there was a scene where HotGuy is trying to teach/explain the powers to NewGirl, and he's being all over-dramatic and, as I said before, cheesy and they try to light a light bulb using her power.  That's where I gave up.  One thing I had noticed in the little bit I watched was 'Ha, dude wearing makeup.  Sheri would love that.'  But then I never mentioned it to her (my sister).

Somewhere between the first and second weeks my coworker had finally watched the first episode and raved to me "OMG!  I *LOVE* this show!  It's my absolute new favorite!"  I had chuckled at her enthusiasm, but it hadn't really encouraged me in wanting to see it myself.  After seeing that small amount of the second episode, I happened to come across The Secret Circle book in Walmart.  I laughed and at first passed it by, then reconsidered and went back to have a better look.  Read the back, flipped through and read a few bits here and there, noticed the cover art was the cast of the show . . . and decided to get it.  I thought I'd read it quickly and quietly and then show my coworker, and get a little giggle out of it.  (That reading plan hasn't worked out so well because I've been busy and barely able to read anything lately.  *sigh*)

The third week of the show I didn't even bother with it because A) I now had the book to read and B) I was content to wait for the full set from Netflix down the road.  One funny thing I noticed about the book is that it originally came out in 1992.  1992?!  That is like, ancient.  Heck, Sweep started in 2001 and Twilight started in 2005!  So while a lot of people are rolling their eyes with thoughts of "Wonderful, another magic craze," this one actually came way before.  Huh, interesting.  So anyway, as I was reading the book I couldn't believe it was anything like the little bit I knew about the show.  I wondered if they'd changed so much for TV that it wasn't really like this book anymore, and that was starting to bum me out.

So last night was the fourth episode and I hadn't planned on watching it but for once I was vegging on the couch without tons of other things calling to me and distracting me.  Hubby went to bed early and I wasn't tired yet so I decided to give the show another shot.  I wanted to at least see if the names were the same as in the book, heh.  Once again I was totally put off by the way these high school girls are presented as half dressed whores.  Do schools even allow that?  Are there no shows any more that present teenage girls as . . . teenage girls?  I understand shows need to be all about the pretty people, and glitz and glam and drama, but wow.  I guess I've been away from TV too long and/or I've finally become old in my views.

Anyway, even though the manner of dress (or lack there of) bothered me, and the way teen sex is flaunted bothered me, I let it go.  I even managed to let some of the other cheesy factors go and actually found myself getting into the show.  And HotGuyWearingMakeup . . . wow, really digging him.  I found myself thinking 'Damn, HE should have been Edward Cullen,' because he's much closer to my vision of Edward from reading the book than Rob Pattinson ever could be.  Actually, I debated between him being Edward in Twilight or Cal in Sweep, but I think I started reading Twilight with my vision of Cal still lingering in my head, thus making Edward similar in my mind.  lol

I've tried to find a good enough picture of HotGuyWearingMakeup but nothing I've found does him justice.  You have to see him in the show for the full effect.  But here's a pic anyway . . . 

I'm kinda kicking myself now for not seeing the first three episodes.  I think I might be able to get into this now that I've sort of lowered my expectations a bit.  And I think I might even try to find those episodes online and get caught up that way, even though I don't like watching shows on a computer screen.

Now I'm curious . . . anyone else out there watching this show?


  1. From that picture, I don't mind his existence. Lol :)

    I've seen commercials for this show and wondered if you would be watching it or be interested because it made me think of how you liked The Craft. I haven't watched it. Doubt I will. (Which isn't to say I bet it sucks--I just doubt I will.)

  2. I read the books in high school...watched the first episode but like you I simply cannot get past how they dress and act . I might wait till it comes out on netflicks then watch on a rainy day.

    I've worked some more on my blog, peek over and see if its easier to read Please.

  3. Sheri ~ Check it out sometime just to see if you find them scantily clad whores. lol

    Heather ~ How many books were there? I think in the re-released versions they might be combining original shorter books into longer books now, like what they did with Sweep.

    I'm quite anxious now for this week's episode. I just have to remember to lower my expectations. LOL


  4. I think there were 3 or 4 books, fairly thick. I liked the books as a teenager..not sure about hte show..they may have changed so much.

  5. Ok, yeah, looks like they combined four books into two. The one I have says it's part one and contains Initiation and something else, and then in the back it says to look for part two and lists two titles.

    I need to find that second one because I'm almost done with the first.