Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 22 - Haus of Gloi Yule Haul

Every time I think I'm done ordering bath and body products, something sucks me back into it for 'just one more order.'  I hadn't really planned on making that last FuturePrimitive order, had been telling myself I have plenty, and my interest has swung over to tarts and candles anyway . . . but then I decided to just go for it in one big last hurrah.

That's kinda what happened this time too.  I knew the Haus of Gloi Yule release had gone live but I hadn't even bothered to look at it because I just. have. so. much. already.  Then someone was talking about it (*ahem* Lynda) and I thought 'Oh what the heck.  Just a small order then I'm DONE.'  I couldn't decide what to get.  I felt like just one bar of soap was a waste of an order.  And it makes for a boring blog post, hehe.  So once again, I purchased more than I'd ever intended.  And once again I'm telling myself 'That's IT.  Done!'  Ha, you're laughing, I know.  I know, I know, I know.

This package arrived while I was gone for the weekend.  One of the first things I did when I got home was rip the box open to have a peek, but then left it until today when I would finally have time to thoroughly go through it.  It was quite festive even just seeing these bits of red and green and gold papers!

Glorious ginger cakes celebrating Guy Fawkes Day! Brown sugar, black treacle, oats, a peculiar blend of white spices tossed with chopped roasted chestnuts and coated with the lightest of icings.
When I read the description for Parkin, I knew this was the one I needed to get.  Sugar, oats, sweet and warm . . . right up my alley.  It's  a simple two-toned brown bar with a lightly textured top and some silver shimmery dust on top.  The label reminds me of New Year's more than Christmas, with it's gold colorings and fireworks in the background.  And the scent, impossible to describe as always.  You know how I've said in previous posts that certain soap makers' soaps have a sort of signature smell along with whatever scent it's supposed to be?  That rule applies once again.  You KNOW this is Haus of Gloi, and then you start to pick out just what that scent is.  In this case it is indeed a sweet scent, but not as 'warm' as I had imagined it would be.  I don't know what treacle or chestnuts smell like but I guess you could say you smell the sugars and the icings, but it's not sickly bakery sweet.  The mention of 'white spices' in the description is adding just a hint of zip to this.  It's a much more sophisticated sweet scent, not at all like the common scents you might think of like Oatmeal, Milk & Honey or cupcakes or buttercream.  No, nothing like those.  It's nice.  I quite like it.

The warm glowing center of any home. Autumns last apple pickings, warm bread, orange rind, various fire roasted nuts, cracked black pepper all nailed down by an oozing sticky benzoin.
Reading the description for Hearth, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this Yule order at just one bar of soap.  Another warm foodie scent?  I'm there!  And when I pulled this out of tissue wrapper I was first hit with a sense of old-time Christmas.  The reds and golds on the label, with the designs and the old fashioned picture, and even the red sprinkles in and on the bar itself . . . I loved it the moment I saw it.  There are some little brown seeds on the lightly textured top, along with some red confetti type sprinklesThere is a layer inside the soap with little shreds and some bigger bits of gold shimmer coated pieces that at first look like bits of peppermint candy.  Looking closer, I wonder if these are bits of Snow Wolf soap?  Whatever they are, they add such a nice festive touch to this tan colored bar.  And the scent is much more of a warm cozy type, like I thought the previous bar would have been.  Again, I don't know what benzoin smells like but looking at the rest of the description I do detect just the faintest traces of fruit, although you'd probably never be able to identify them for what they are.  There is indeed the warmth of the bread and nuts, and it all comes together to become just like you'd imagine a warm hearth, busy with holiday baking in days of old.  Very nice!

The Haus 'nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg.
I ordered another small jar of their lotion (pumpkin butter, as they call it) because I do enjoy the product and because I wanted to try this scent but it's not offered in bar soap form.  I had read on the Haus of Gloi Facebook page or somewhere that this scent didn't come through the soap making process close enough to what it should be.  Too bad it didn't work in soap because I *LOVE* this scent!!  It's definitely eggnog-y, and definitely rum-y, and just ohhhh soooo good.  I'm tempted to go back and get more of this in whatever product I can!  It's sweet and warm and festive and yummy.  What more can I say??
For me, this is the epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows.
I think it was in my very first Haus of Gloi order that I first tried whipped soap.  At that time I had a scent called Cocoa Mint or something along those lines.  Since I was ordering things I did not need anyway, I went ahead and ordered a jar of the whipped soap, this time in Sweet Potato Treat scent.  Might as well keep the foodie theme going, right?  The first thing you notice about this stuff is how light the jar is.  You'd swear it was empty.  That's because the soap inside is whipped so light and fluffy.  It looks like a Cool Whip consistency but it's wee bit more solid than that.  You just scoop a bit out and it lathers up easily, and works great.  This particular one has a pale orange color (sweet potato, ya know) and smells divine.  The butter comes through with the sugar for another warm sweetness, and then you get the hint of spices and the marshmallow-y potatoes.  This would actually be and awesome tart scent!  Love it!
Going into this order I thought for sure I would have to get a bar of Snow Wolf soap just because I've heard so many people rave about it.  I loved the look of it (sort of like peppermint candy) but when I read the description I was a bit turned off . . . 'Bristling and prowling, lonesome and haunting. Three howling firs, white frankincense, vanilla bean husk, tainted by droplets of blood cedar.'  I kept looking at a couple other scents too but was so unsure of them that I decided not to order them.  Then I had an idea.  I know a free perfume oil sample is included in every order, and I'd heard that they used to (or still do sometimes?) give soap sample if you asked, so I left a comment during the checkout process, asking if they do small sniffer samples of soap and if not could I at least get the perfume sample in one of the three scents I was debating.  My questions were not acknowledged in any way (my one pet peeve about this company) but I did get one of the scents in question.  Whether that was because I asked or not, I'll never know.  And it's the one I actually *least* wanted, ha.
Oatey porridge, stove smoke, kindling wood, a hint of gunpowder and pinch of sweet pipe tobacco.
The description sounds soooo, I don't know, odd . . . like why would anyone want that scent in body products? So ick, that I was intrigued. And yeah, it's an odd one. LOL It reminds me of a garage that has an old wood stove burning as its heat source. Kinda takes me back to my childhood, being raised with four brothers and a dad who were all mechanical and there was always something being worked on in the garage, even in subzero Wisconsin winter weather. Fond memories but I wouldn't want to smell like that by choice. So I'm still intrigued by this one and would love to hear what others who have smelled it think of it.

And that is my Haus of Gloi Yule haul. Did you order any goodies?


  1. You can send me your Plotters Breakfast :) I like the scent of wood burning, tobacco, and porridge. Smokey scents intrigue me.

    I agree with you.. wouldn't it be AWESOME if tarts were avail in some of the scents offered!!! Oye

    I also like the HoG whipped soaps. I actually prefer to use them as a hand soap and discovered they do not dry out if you keep the lid removed. It's a luxurious treat to use it as a hand soap :)

    I tried Snow Wolf last year. I believe it was the only scent created by Haus of Gloi that I could not stand. At all. I ended up tossing the sample jar of pumpkin butter.

    "I had read on the Haus of Gloi Facebook page or somewhere that this scent didn't come through the soap"... that was me, inquiring about the eggnoggin soap. I was looking for it since it was listed in the Yule announcement, but as you read their reply, the scent didn't take well.

    So glad you liked the bar of Hearth!! Isn't it warm and yum?

  2. When I said "I believe Snow Wolf was the only scent created by Haus of Gloi that I could not stand" I was wrong. I knew there was something else but my mind was blank. (sometimes I need to give my old mind time to retrieve information!)

    Even worse than Snow Wolf was Samhain (autumn scent). UGH!!! it was like a jar of fresh, wet, nasty dirt (actually smelled worse than that). That went straight to the trash. Ploughman (spring scent) is a little like Samhain, with some dirt in it, but I was able to tolerate it; a little.

    1. Oh man, I love Samhain! It does smell quite like dirt, but it also has an herbal incense head shop smell to me.

  3. I'm still curious about Snow Wolf. Wish they would have sent that one as my sample.

    I like woody, tobacco smells but it just seems an odd choice for a bath and body product scent. My naughty baby kitty was drawn to it though. He kept climbing on my and searching out that one little spot on my hand that I had dabbed some on. LOL

    Do you really want my Plotters? It's just the tiny sample vial. I'm not against sending it to you. :)


  4. You're too sweet to offer to send me the vial of Plotters Breakfast :) Hang on to it and if I ever happen to win one of your giveaways you can include it then.

    You should buy a sample size body butter of Snow Wolf to see what you think of it. That's what I do to try out their scents.

    That's funny your kitty was drawn to it. I wonder if it was the scent or the body butter she liked. My oldest cat (who is almost 16) loves HoG body butter!! Every time I have it on she tries to lick it off me.

  5. I don't know why I was thinking your kitty was drawn to pumpkin butter (maybe because I'm senile?? lol)

  6. Hehe, I was going to point that out, that it was only perfume oil.

    16 year old kitty! Is she still doing ok? My older cat turned 10 this summer and was still doing great until we got Minion. Now he's a cranky old man that doesn't play much because Minion always tries to join and plays too rough.


  7. I'm a huge Gloi fan, when they first came out with pumpkin butters I bought 5 jars out of fear it wouldn't go general catalog. One of them was Snow Wolf, which I still have. I would pass on this one based on your reaction to Ploughman's, it's another one of those "why would anyone wear this" scents for me! You're not missing out.

  8. err, that was supposed to be Plotter's.

  9. Thanks, JB. :)

    Maybe if I go back and order more Eggnoggin I'll request a Snow Wolf oil sample. I'm getting more and more curious about it!


  10. Deb, the Snow Wolf has a strong Fir scent. I don't care for Fir (but I love Cedar), so if you like it then go for the sample size!

  11. I don't pick up the fir in Snow Wolf unfortunately, I really wanted it to smell like a Christmas tree or a forest. I'm getting all frankincense and bean husk. Deb, I'm willing to bet it's not for you, find a new scent to look forward to trying! :)

  12. hi JB :)

    do you have Snow Wolf in the pumpkin butter or bar soap?

    I wonder if they changed the formulation? I tried it last year (in pumpkin butter). It was way too strong.

    Have you tried Three Treasures?
    I love it!

    ps.. if you like Lassi, jump over to my blog to enter the giveaway :)

  13. I had in butter form, maybe that is why. You're right, the soaps are not as strong. I haven't made a Yule order yet this year, I may hold off until next year.

    Eventually I'd like to try Sweet Potato Treat and Haus Amber. I really like Solstice Scents amber scents though, like Spirit Tree and Spellbound Woods, not sure if they can be topped... :)

    ps. Thanks for the note about your giveaway!! I love Haunt too and would enter but just happen to have both of those.

  14. You're most welcome. It sounds like you have a good collection going, like myself :)

    I agree.. I don't think anyone can top Solstice Scents, but I'm also curious about HoG's Amber.

  15. All of that stuff sounds reeaally good (and the bars look awesome). Though yeah, Plotter's Breakfast sounds like a good scent but not something I'd want to smell like.

  16. I'm using the Eggnoggin lotion now and quite liking it, although Casey says it smells gross. I used the Sweet Potato whipped soap but found the scent to be a bit too much.

    That sample of Plotter's went to Lynda in her winning package of tarts from the giveaway. At least it went to a good home instead of the garbage. lol


  17. Almost a year later and I am reading this post! Great scent descriptions!

  18. Haus of Gloi is a vendor I love but just never seem to order from. Like today, I was looking for a Christmas-y scented lotion and never even thought to check there. Doh!