Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 22 - My First Eco-Emi Box!!

Earlier this year I signed up for Birchbox, which is a monthly subscription box of beauty and skin care products samples.  I'd seen several YouTubers having so much fun with it and even though I'm not a girlie girl who gets into makeup and all that stuff, I thought it would be a fun way to just play around with some things.  I cancelled my subscription after only a few boxes because I was finding most of the stuff I was receiving was just not stuff I would ever even try.  It was disappointing, yeah, but I liked the idea of getting a box of goodies every month so I went on the hunt for similar programs and found Eco-Emi.

Eco-Emi is similar in that you get a box of random samples each month but Eco-Emi is an eco-friendly program.  The products they send are all earth friendly or organic or fair trade, etc.  The monthly fee is a bit more than Birchbox, but you get more products and it is not all beauty and skin care products.  I watched some YouTube videos and saw everything from bath and body products to food, tea, snacks to makeup to candles.  I decided to give it a try.  When I signed up there was a waiting list, but a couple weeks later they were able to expand things enough to get rid of the waiting list and my first box was the November box.

So let's see what I got!

It arrives in a typical small flat rate box.  I had seen some reviews of the October box and info in that one had said the November and December boxes would be holiday themed, so I was super excited to see this!

Inside the box I saw lot of greens and reds and most of the items appeared to have come in a handy zipper pouch.

There is an info card, just like Birchbox has.  It tells a bit about the theme of the month's box, and then has info about the products, including the prices of the full sized items.

You also get extra cards or pamphlets from the companies themselves.  Most, if not all, have coupon codes for their products if you should choose to order more. 

As mentioned, this month everything came in this handy zipper pouch.  This would have been great over the weekend for our trip to Minneapolis.  It's travel sized, good for putting your makeup or whatnot in.  Looking through the info cards and things, it looks like this is a product from Hugo Naturals.

And these are the things out of the pouch.  Most of the items are wrapped up like fun little gifts.  I couldn't wait to tear into them!

First up is a 2oz bottle of 'essential mist' from Hugo Naturals, in Vanilla & Sweet Orange scent.  The info card says you can use this anywhere you want to freshen things up . . . on your body, in your hair, as a room spray, anywhere.  I haven't actually used it yet but I did open the bottle to sniff it and OMG, love love love it!  It's like a creamsicle, with the light sweet orange and the creamy warm vanilla.  I love this Eco-Emi box just for this!!

Keeki Pure & Simple lip shimmer in 'Ooh La La' is another item in this box.  I'm all about lip balms but I've never really worn any color on my lips.  This is a reddish brown, and the info card says it adds both color and shimmer, and is infused with vanilla and peppermint oils.  Awesome!  I'm not sure if I will try this or pass it on to someone who already appreciates lip color.  I do have some holiday swaps coming up, hehe.

Samples of shampoo and conditioner from Organic Excellence, in Wild Mint scent were also included.  I'm so low maintenance that I usually use whatever 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner I can find.  Actually, I would be more likely to use separate shampoo and conditioner but the menfolk would only use the shampoo because two steps is beyond them.  *snort*  These will be a nice little treat for me to try.  They smell so nice, a sweet minty smell.

Left to right: Planet Botanicals hand cream, Earth's Beauty eye shadow, Blissoma clarifying face mask.

The hand cream is Ugandan shea butter in a lavender scent.  I'm not usually a fan of lavender scents but this one is sort of sweet and more 'pretty' than those I usually come across.  It's a thick cream, but I haven't actually tried it yet.  It's just a tiny little sample.

The eye shadow is a loose powder in 'Sunlight' color, which the website describes as a 'pearlized gold.'  It has more gold shimmer than the pictures are showing.  This will probably also be passed on to someone else.

The face mask is a 'Clay Renewal Treatment' made with clays from Morroco, and a bunch of other interesting goodies.  It looks rather oily and slimy but it has a very pleasant smell. 

The green and white card is from Soul Flower and includes the little blue pin in the upper left corner.  The red and white packet is a peppermint foot cream from Deep Steep.

And finally . . . chocolate!!  It is a dark chocolate Yumbar from Sweet Riot, and I can't wait to dive into this one!  Ohhhhh wait, I just noticed on the package that it also has raisins.  Bleah, not fond of raisins in my chocolate.  But yay for including chocolate!

Not bad for my first Eco-Emi box.  I like that there is a mix of products in here, and they are products I will actually use.  Well, most of them . . . hehe.

What do you think about Eco-Emi?


  1. This sounds amazing, yum dark chocolate!

  2. Ellie ~ Sign up soon! I heard the waiting list might be returning. :\

    Nicole ~ I've been so anxious since I first found out about this program, and this first box was pretty darn good. :)


  3. Very cool! I love the fact that everything is organic.

    It would be fun to receive a surprise package every month... but... I'd rather use the $15 towards my soap addiction :) lol

  4. I kinda have mixed feelings about it. While it is fun to receive random samples of things I've probably never heard of, it's also sort of a 'Why bother?' because I'll probably never use them even after that random sample is gone.

    I'll see how I feel after a couple more boxes.


  5. Nice box! (Ha, that sounded funny ...) The stuff sounds very cool- I'd like everything that was in there. (But wtf on the raisins? I'd still eat it, but come on, people ... :D) I love the whole idea of this, getting a box of surprises each month, but at this juncture I can't afford it. I hope you like your future boxes too! (However long you do it.)

  6. Do you remember Chunky candy bars? They were just a thick square of chocolate and there were a few varieties. No one seems to remember them!? Anyway, there was one variety that had raisins in it and that's what the chocolate bar in this box instantly reminded me of.

    Wish I'd known you would eat it. I would have given it to you! No one wanted it so I tossed it. :(


  7. Totally remember those and I'm surprised other peeps don't! I think that's what Mom used to like, right?

  8. Really?? I don't remember that.


  9. I just ordered the orange vanilla spray you got from Hugo Naturals. I like their seasonal soap wheels but wonder how many 10 lb soap easter eggs they sell, LOL.

    I'm tempted by their little V-Day items, with 20% off and free shipping, not a bad deal.

    1. Didn't you sign up for a monthly box of some sort? How was it? Did you ever blog about it?

      Ten pounds of Easter egg soap ... hehe.


    2. Yeah, it had makeup, eye cream, and cleansers, I started taking photos but didn't do a review. About half of the things I liked, and half I didn't or weren't things I would use, about normal for these things.