Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nov. 23 - GIVEAWAY!!!


Everybody loves a giveaway, right?  I've been delaying this for some time now, waiting to hit 25 followers, but since I seem to be stuck at 20 I figured I'd go ahead and do it as a holiday event instead.  Yay!

The winner of this first giveaway (and there will be more) will receive three packs of the Better Homes & Gardens wax cube tarts that can be found at Walmart, and that I've been raving about lately.  The winner will choose one scent from a list I will provide at that time, and I will choose two others.

This contest will from now (12:30pm/central Nov. 23) through sometime in the morning of Thursday, Dec. 1.  I will use to pick one winner from the qualifying entries.

How do you enter?  I'll keep it simple.  Just leave a comment below about anything holiday related, whatever winter holiday it is that you celebrate.  It can be a favorite memory, family tradition, anything!  Please enter only once.  And please leave an email addy for me to contact you if you don't have one connected to your account.  'Enter Me' comments will not be counted.  Open internationally.

So that's it!  Just leave a holiday themed comment below and you might win three packs of tarts.



  1. We have this Christmas candle holder which we always get out in Dec. You put a tea light in the back and then from the front it has two cats sat infront of a fireplace with the tea light being the flame. It looks way better than I have explained!

    I follow as Nicole top to toe and my email is

    Thankyou for hosting a lovely giveaway, x

  2. How fun!!!

    My favorite Christmas memories are from when my boys were young. Those were such special times.

    (I wanted to tell you that I haven't become a follower under this account (soap obsessions) since I'm already following you under two accounts. I've tried and tried to remove one, but I'm having a heck of a time.)

  3. After buying our Christmas tree we always stop every year at a European deli on the way home to get marzipan, stollen, lebkuchen, and other sweets to snack on while we trim the tree. I also love the smells of Christmas: balsam fir trees and wreaths, the scents of cookies, breads, and pies baking.

  4. My birthday is two days after Christmas, so when I was a kid I came up with "The 4-Day Holiday Stretch", Christmas Eve, Christmas, Ellie's Eve, Ellie's Birthday". Haha..I also love spending Christmas in Minneapolis.

  5. My fondest holiday memory was when I saw snow for the first time at 5 in US. I was so excited and I jumped straight into a pile of snow and proceeded to start eating it because I wanted to know how it tasted in comparison to ice LOL It was clean, good snow! :D

    After eating like 2 scoops of snow, I built my first snowman and wanted to pack him home with me. Parents were both amused and worried hahahaha

    Thanks for holding this contest Deb, it's fun to read all the comments :D

  6. I watch Love Actually every Christmas Eve, I still enjoy it every time :) I also have a tradition of saying I'll wait until November 25th to put up my Christmas tree and then getting too excited to wait and putting it up early. :P

    I'm your 21st follower!

    kate1485 at

  7. My fondest Holiday memory is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with hot chocolate with marshmellows every year while growing up, I have started this tradition with our 3 kids and they remind me every year to buy the fixings!

  8. Cool reading people's traditions.

  9. Yeah, and I didn't want to reply to annoying during the contest time because I didn't want to mess up the comments count. Guess it was rude of me to not come back after the contest and reply.

    Apologies, people!