Friday, November 25, 2011

Nov. 25 - Giveaway #2 !!

GIVEAWAY #2 !!!!!

Yep, another giveaway and the first one isn't even done yet.  WOOT!  This time I'm giving away six scent shots (tarts) from Candles By Victoria.  These are approximately 2oz each, and I usually cut them and just melt half at a time.  I've heard other people just use 1/4 size pieces, but as you know my rooms are large and I like my scents strong.

If you're interested in Candles By Victoria but haven't ordered yet . . . the amount of scents and candle styles available is overwhelming! . . . scent shots are the way to go.  Pick some scents you want to try, and if you like them you can go back and order it again candle form.  It's a good way to test the waters.  And I'm giving someone SIX of them!  The winner will pick three from the list I will provide at the time, and I will pick the other three for a bit of fun surprise.

Keeping it simple again, because I don't like those contests where you have to complete several steps just to enter.  Just leave a comment below about . . . hmm, your favorite scent.  Do you love the scent of lilac because it reminds you of the huge lilac bush in the backyard of your childhood home?  Do you love coconut scents because you dream of a tropical getaway?  Ooooh, or comment about your least favorite scent!  That could be fun too!

This contest will run from now (7:15am/central, Nov. 25) to sometime in the morning of Dec. 2.  I will choose one winner from all the qualifying comments using  Please leave an email address if I have no way to contact you through your profile.  Thanks!



  1. My favorite scent would be anything bakery/food like. It reminds me of baking with my Grandma while she was still alive. Yum!

  2. Yay!!! another giveaway!
    or as Deb says, *WOOT* lol

    Oh gosh,, narrowing it down to just one scent is hard, but I'll go with Hazelnut-Vanilla.

  3. My fav. scent is Bakery scents.

    I love me some warm cinnamon scents, reminds me of the prim shops in OH.

  4. Obviously not entering, but one of my least favorite scents: HOT DOG WATER. The pot needs to be dumped immediately upon hot dog removal.

    I think that comes from the years of pans being left on the stove by the boys back home ...

  5. LOL . . . we don't eat them enough these days for me to recall just what that would be like. It's a funny choice though!