Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nov. 3 - Walmart/BH&G Christmas Tarts

A quickie post . . .

I was at Walmart bright and early this morning and wasn't at all surprised to see the Christmas aisles being set up in full force.  I noticed a huge section of candles and home fragrance items so of course I was drawn to that.  They have several of the 'Slatkin copy' candles in holiday scents but what I was most excited about was the Better Homes & Gardens tarts in Christmas/winter scents!  YAY!!!

- Sparkling Berry Garland
- Velvet Poinsettia Blossom
- Frosty Peppermint Snow
- Fresh Frasier Fir
- Iced Winter Cranberry
- Holiday Sleigh Ride
- Candied Caramel Pecan
- Vanilla Sugar Cookie
- Snowy Evergreen Forest
- Ginger Spice Cake (already out in fall scents)
- Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar
- Frankincense & Myrrh
- Classic Frosted Gingerbread
- Warm Apple Cider (I think already out in fall scents)
- Chocolate Peppermint Truffle
- Spiced Apple Wreath
- Creamy Eggnog
- Spiced Sugar Plum
- Spicy Cinnamon Stick (already out in fall scents)
- Maple Candied Almond
- Orange Clove Pomander

I gave each one a quick sniff but did not buy any because I just got that big order from Candles By Victoria.  They also have a bunch of Christmas/winter design tart warmers out now.  Some of them are SO darn cute that I wanted to buy them even though I don't need them.  They are electric, the light bulb kind, and $15.00 each.  The tarts are $2.00 a pack and come in the clamshell container with six little cubes.  A lot of people disregard these tarts because they are inexpensive and they come from Walmart.  I've found them to be amazing for the price.  The scent is strong, the throw is amazing, and I get several good melts out of them before the scent starts to fade.  I've been so happy to see some other people, including scent gurus, give credit to these tarts. 

Anyway, just wanted to post that list because I know several people have been curious about these Walmart/BH&G tarts.  I will probably buy some of them closer to Christmas, but if anyone would like a full review (or shall we say 'my opinion') on any in particular from the list I will be happy to have an excuse to go buy and try it.

And of course, I couldn't find any pics of these items on the Walmart website.  *grrrr*


  1. Ooh, those sound lovely!

    I stand by this! I'm no tart expert, but Better Homes & Gardens tarts rock!

  2. There was a matching banner to go with the background but I just could not get it to work right so I gave up.

    I love these tarts. It goes against my Support Small Business, Buy Handmade ways but sometimes convenience overrules the moment. Or I can consider it doing a service, like research, for those more casual shoppers out there. Hehe!


  3. Oh, and I wanted to buy everyone a tart warmer for Christmas! They're so freakin' cute! But then I thought how buy Christmas, when everyone gets theirs, it'll be time to pack the Christmas-y warmer away. And Vickie already has a warmer or two. And I didn't know if you melt them enough. And Mom is so sensitive to smells. And and and...


  4. when the fresh frazier fir wax melts appear at wal mart again please let me know thanks a million pat & sandy

  5. Will do! I've been keeping my eye on them, hoping the fall ones come back soon, but so far it's just the same ol' ones.


  6. I also want to buy the FRESH FRASIER FIR... Wax Cubes... I can't find them.... I went to under the Holiday.. And I wonder if this was renamed O' Christmas Tree..
    That one is supposed to smell like a pine tree also?? Let me know when Walmart gets them in....

  7. Yep, Fresh Frasier Fir is indeed back in stores. The Christmas scents have been available for over a month now. Hope you find some! :)


  8. Not in the Walmart near my home or my Mothers.. They are not available there Deb E....

    1. Razzle Dazzle/Dixie Rose,

      Maybe they are already sold out from the stores near you. Maybe your stores don't carry a large selection.

      There are usually two sections in the store that have seasonal scented tarts. In *MY* local store they are in the regular candles aisle AND over in the Christmas/seasonal aisle. I bought a pack a month ago and I still see them in the store near me. There are tons of people online who have also bought it so yes, it IS available. Maybe your local store doesn't have it, but that doesn't mean it's not out there.