Friday, November 4, 2011

Nov. 4 - Candles By Victoria Browser

If you're a fan of Candles By Victoria you really have to check out the new CBV Browser that was rolled out a few days ago.  (Go HERE . . . now!)  I had heard mentions of it at the messageboard and kinda thought 'Yeah yeah, whatever,' but wow this thing is fun!  And so helpful!!

You do have to register but it's quick and painless.  I think you just pick a user name and give your email address and that's it.  There is a little bit more you can add to your profile if you want, but the fun stuff is that you can go through ALL of the CBV scents and add them to your wish list, or mark them as ones you've tried, or rate them, comment on them, etc.  You can go through the scents alphabetically or by category, and it looks like the categories might be broken down a bit more specifically than on the main CBV site.  There is a section showing new scents.  There are charts that keep up with statistics such top rated, most tried, etc.  It will also keep track of those types of things in your own profile, the ones you have marked yourself.  You can make lists for yourself such as what you've tried, what you want to try, what your favorites are.  You can even plot an order . . . pick what you want and it will keep track, total it up, factor in discount codes.  FUN!

And one of the coolest things is that you can see other users 'Want To Try' lists which makes shopping for scent lovers super easy!

I've found this browser much less intimidating than trying to browse scents on the main CBV site.  In the browser you can scroll the list and click which scent you want, and it will take you to a description page that shows ratings and comments.  You can add it to your lists from there, and then right from there you can click 'previous scent' or 'next scent' which makes it sooooo handy. 

Since there are about a bajillion scents, it will take you a while to get through them all if you go alphabetically but that's what I did this morning.  And it's really cool for me now to be able to click on my profile and see what I want to try next, or how I felt about those I've already had. 

I know there are several other scent lovers out there, and I know several of you have considered trying Candles By Victoria.  Even if you haven't taken the leap and placed your first order, I still highly recommend this browser . . . or shall was say, this new toy . . . because it might help you organize your thoughts enough to go ahead and MAKE that first order!  So go check it out.  Doooooo it.  It's fun!

That link again . . . CBV Browser


  1. I registered. I didn't do much looking around on there yet, but it does seem like a handy dandy site.

  2. They're going to be adding some other features as they go along. When you look at the CBV site and try to organize your thoughts to place an order, you can really see how handy the new browser is.


  3. This will be so helpful. I have been wanting to place an order but the sheer amount of scents she offers is mind-numbing. Going to order soon :)

  4. Ellie ~ Did you get my messages on Facebook? I missed you when you were actually on. Wasn't ignoring you!

    The browser seemed A LOT easier to go through the scents than the actual website. I think because the browser can pop up each on individually and it's clean and clear to read, not so cluttered like the site.

    And you can mark them as 'Want To Try' or 'Favorite' and then go back and browse your lists so you can narrow down your choices. So handy!

    Yeah, I get overwhelmed too, which is why I haven't ordered much. Same with Kim's tarts . . . insanely affordable but sooooo many scents.