Monday, December 26, 2011

Haul - Creamery Creek

Last week I posted, wondering if I should order from Creamery Creek or not.  I am trying not to buy any soaps for a while but they were having a holiday special and they're top on my list of shops to try next.  All of my Evil Enabler Blog Friends felt I should go for it, and I had said I'd think about it.  Well, obviously I went for it.  LOL

Since I first stumbled across handcrafted goat milk soap from Goat Milk Stuff, the other big one I kept hearing about was Creamery Creek.  And what I always heard was nothing but good.  So why had I never ordered from them?  I don't know.  When I was still a soap maker I was so into the whole YouTube soap community . . . which is quite cliquish . . . that I think I sort of had blinders on.  Once I gave up soap making, and started phasing out of that YouTube crowd, I started revisiting shops that had been pushed aside.  This is what brought Creamery Creek up to the top of my list for when I wanted to start buying again.

I ordered on Tuesday morning and got my package in Saturday's mail.  Pretty darn good considering it was during the Christmas rush!  I had tried to keep my order to one bar because the holiday special was a free shaped soap with any purchase, so I knew I'd be getting a second bar.  But I just couldn't decide on ONE!  One thing I like about this company is that their scent list remains consistent, with enough variety to let you have some fun but not so many choices that you get overwhelmed.  And if you find one you like, you know it will most likely still be there when you go back for more.  Funny then, that I ordered two of their brand new scents.

Oats 'N Marmalade is described as 'This scent is nostalgic, tart, and spicy, not sweet like a regular orange. It is rich without being to heavy just like traditional orange marmalade. We have added ground oats for a gentle scrub. We think this scent is just dreamy!'  One thing I have heard about Creamery Creek soaps is that the scents are on the lighter side.  I don't know how it will be in the shower but sniffing it out of the box the scent is plenty strong.  I don't mean it's overpowering, not at all.  I'm just saying that I'm having no problem smelling it.  This one is very nice, a spicy but sweet unisex scent that will be a refreshing change after all the heavy fall and winter scents we've been working our way through lately.

Lemon Drop is described as 'Lemon Drop is a happy fragrance that combines zesty citrus notes of Italian lemon, yuzu, mandarin with lychee, orange blossom and ginger flower, then adds sensual undertones of oak moss, caramel, and white santal.'  You would think this would be pretty much a straight up lemony scent, right?  So when I read that there was oak moss, and caramel, and other things in there, I was intrigued and had to have it.  This is a two tone bar and I don't know if both sides are scented the same but I am picking up way more scent from the tan side and almost nothing on the white side.  And I think this would fall into that lightly scented category that people talk about.  I do detect traces of lemon, but the overall scent is just a light, bright mix of nothing specific.  It could be a unisex scent, and would be a great scent for morning.

The bars from Creamery Creek thick and chunky but fit the hand nicely.  The website states they are between 6-6.5oz, and they are only $5.00 each.  That is a great price for the size you are getting!  They come with a paper cigar band style label and no other wrap, which I like.  (Ok, I admit I adore a pretty package but in the end the less waste we have the better.)  If you look closely at the pics above you might be able to see the bars are stamped.  One has the goat logo, and the other says 'Beautiful Skin' with some flowers and the company name.  Very cute extra touch.

The holiday special was if you typed in the word SNOWFLAKE in the comments during checkout you would receive a free shaped bar of soap.  From looking at the pictures on their blog, it looked like some were small and some were big.  Luck of the draw maybe?  Not sure.  I screwed up when I was placing my order, and missed the comment box, so I emailed them right away and included the code and admitted my goof . . . and they honored it anyway.  Yay!  (I think the special runs through Jan. 1.)  My free bar is the green one on the right.  It is a decent sized (probably 3-4oz) star, sun, flower, something shape in Siberian Pine scent.  Described as 'As pure and fresh as a new Christmas Tree blended with natural ground vanilla bean to create this wonderful scent,' it even has little dark bits of ground vanilla bean in it.  I quite like this scent!  A tart in this would be great for Christmas!  It's definitely pine, but it's very nice and soft so maybe that ground vanilla bean really is adding to it.

I also received a small sample piece of Chai Tea scent, which I was thrilled to see because that is one I was also considering getting.  'This delightful spicy blend is the perfect Chai Tea!! Its complex blend of spices - with a touch of vanilla - is the epitome of what Chai Tea is,' and it definitely is a chai tea scent.  Oh, it's so yummy!  This will be in my next order for sure!

It took me a while to get around to them but I am glad I've finally ordered from Creamery Creek.  I look forward to trying these first soaps!

Have YOU tried Creamery Creek yet?


  1. Those soaps are beautiful and they sound yummy. They remind me of the soaps you used to make.
    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas!!

  2. Hello, Mary!

    My Christmas was nice, mellow. Did you see the ton of pics I posted on Facebook? I saw your big family pic. Everyone had fun there, no doubt. :)

    I really hope these bars as good as everyone says they are!


  3. Nice new winter theme. I'll have to ask Lynda if she can animate the snow in your photo. :)

  4. Hehe, thank you, Jean. Of course I can take no credit for it. We had discussed animated snow but it's not do-able. :(