Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HurriKayn Natural Soap

I received a package the other day but was waiting for today to post about it because it was a birthday gift from my online friend Mindy.  We've known each other for years, going all the way back to the first season of Lost, when we were both on a Lost message board.  (Those were the days!  Marshall the marshal, anyone?)  She is well aware of my soap addiction and this year has treated me from a shop I'd never heard of . . . HurriKayn Natural Soap, Inc.

I received this bar of Oatmeal Lavender soap, and while I'm not a lavender fan this one also has cinnamon, which somehow turns it into THE most amazing scent ever.  I would never have imagined those two would compliment each other so well!  I am in love with this scent now and will be looking for it in any shops I visit in the future.  There is also ground oatmeal in this soap, making it both soothing and gently exfoliating.  I'm looking forward to trying this one!  (After I sniff all the scent out of it.  Mmmmmmmmmm!)

I also received this bar of Spice Of Life soap, but I don't know much about it because there was no label and the website is not very informative.  It says on the site this is for deep exfoliation, so I don't know if the dark specks I see are coffee grounds . . . ?  There is a soft spicy scent that is very nice, definitely cinnamon, and maybe a hint of vanilla or something sweet.  Very nice, just wish I knew more about it.

Looking at the HurriKayn website, I see they also have bath salts, lip balms, sugar scrubs, and body butters.  Nice!  I just wish they listed their ingredients on the site.  The body butter looks rather pricey, so it would be nice to see what is in there before committing to such a purchase.  Same with the scrub, would love to see the actual product and know what is in it.  I wonder if they do sample sizes.  Hmm.

Well, for now I am looking forward to trying the two bars I've been given, and I send heartfelt thanks to Mindy, for once again making my birthday a very happy day.

Thank you, Mindy!!!


  1. Nice! The oatmeal lavender soap must smell great! I'm not fond of lavender either, but by the description on their website it sounds really nice.

    I can not believe they don't include the ingredients on the website. It says "all natural"; well all natural could also be dog turds LOL

    Are the ingredients listed on the label??

  2. LOL on the dog poo! But yes, you have a point. The ingredients are the label of the lavender bar but the other one just came in a plain white bag and there is NO info about it. I thought it was a freebie, but Mindy said no, she had picked both. So why they would send it like that, not sure.


  3. Awesome. You have nice friends!