Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Small Haunt Soap Review

Haunt is a handcrafted soap company with a wildly popular cult following.  I had been curious about this shop for a long time, loved the look, the style, and was intrigued in general.  But this is one of those shops that you can't just pop over to a website and order when you feel like it.  No, this is one those shops that only pops up with sales every now and then, and only the fastest internet connections have a hope of ever getting anything.

But still, the Haunt fans seem to believe so strongly in this shop that I finally decided give it a shot when the last sale happened.  Of course I didn't get anything, and that only added to my changing opinion of this shop and others like it.  (These 'only open for a day here and there' shops, I mean.)  Some time later I won a blog giveaway and part of the prize package was a bar of Haunt soap in Cinnamon Girl scent, the same product I'd been trying to purchase.  Well, alright!  I could finally try this and see what all the fuss was about!

The bar is a decent size, on the thick and chunky side, which I was glad to see.  According to the Haunt site bars are approximately 4.5oz and sell for $6.50.  That's kind of pricey, but I tend to be cheap, and I know it's getting harder and harder to find handcrafted soaps for under $5.00 lately.  The ingredients in this soap are average, not a bad thing as I'm not convinced so-called 'high end' ingredients do anything more than common stuff.  The bar came with a beautifully designed cigar band type label.  I don't know if it originally came in shrink wrap or anything, because I  had gotten it from someone else and not directly from Haunt.  The scent was nice, not overwhelming but enough to know it was there.  Again, not sure how strong it was to begin with because I don't know how old the giveaway bar actually was.

So, how did it perform?  I used it in the shower with a pouf, which is how I use all my soaps.  It lathered nicely after a bit of work to get it started.  The lather was sort of a light, small-bubble type which was nice but it didn't quite last long enough.  It rinsed away easily and didn't feel drying.  The scent was barely noticeable in the shower.  Every once in a while I'd get a whiff of something like cinnamon but overall I couldn't detect much.  The bar is quite hard and didn't seem to get overly gooey or melt-y as I used it.  It was a pleasant enough shower experience.

Overall, I found the Cinnamon Girl bar of soap from Haunt to be . . . average.  There was nothing wrong with it, but I've had better.  And because it was about the same as a lot of handcrafted soaps out there, it makes me wonder why people jump through hoops to get this stuff when they can go to just about any other shop and get what they want, when they want.  Even if you do manage to snag something from one of the Haunt sales, you still face the ridiculous turnaround time of something like eight weeks or more.  I've been watching the updates since that last sale and there have been shipping delays after delay after delay.  With hurdles like that I would expect this soap to be something really special, something above average.  Maybe then I could understand the thrill.  But for me, no thanks.  I will not be bothering with Haunt again.


  1. I feel the same about Haunt soaps. I'm not sure why people are so crazy about her products. The bar of Cinnamon girl was purchased earlier this year ;) I've always been disappointed that the scents are so faint in her soap.

  2. I'm actually relieved to hear this. After I posted this review I considered removing it because I could just imagine the We Love Haunt army marching my way. The post I did way back after I originally tried to order WAS removed, heavily edited and vague-ified, and reposted. More than one person had told me the original was too harsh and just because *I* don't like a shop doesn't mean I should cut them down for others.

    Well no more. I used to avoid doing actual *reviews* because I don't usually put much stock in them. Just because someone had a bad experience doesn't mean everyone else will, you know? But I think I will start to scatter more reviews in here and there. I will NOT, however, be one of those so called reviewers that constantly loves everything just to suck up to the shop owners and get free stuff. Really? How can EVERY product you touch be the best ever?

    Wow, sorry for the early morning rant. Hehe!


  3. Personally, I like honest reviews! I always take into account that each of us have personal preferences, but it's nice to read someone else's thoughts on a product.

    I had purchased two bars of the Cinnamon Girl, so I was able to try it, too. All I detected was a light cinnamon scent. None of the other components were detectable to me.

  4. Alright, I had to chime in here. This scent in bar form was not my favorite of the ones I've tried either. In my experience, soaps with high percentage of rice bran oil and less palm and coconut I end up liking more, so I guess this is why I fawn over Haunt. I've tried some others with similar rice bran oil ratios (Crowley Manor, Soap Seduction), but Haunt has that branding factor. (I guess this is why marketing and advertising is big business, it can really launch you.)

    p.s. Lynda if you ever decide you want to destash and sell some of your Haunt soaps, let me know. ;)

  5. Btw has anyone used soap from Grumpy Girl? I've tagged this as a Haunt alternative to try some day in the distant future.

  6. I watched a Grumpy Girl haul video on YouTube . . . who the heck was it? But I think it was more for the tarts. Looking at there site now that you've mentioned the soaps, I'm quite curious and will add this one to my list too.

    Do you know about their PMS sale? We'll have to keep an eye on that and order then. :)


  7. I think those are their recurring 20% off sales.

    Just realized my facts aren't straight in my earlier post, sorry about that.