Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov. 26 - Bath & Body Works Haul

I really didn't need to go to Bath & Body Works.  I rarely go there, and I certainly don't NEED any more body products OR home fragrances, but now that we've shifted into full holiday mode there is just something FUN about it all.  Ok, well, to be honest I went there with a purpose but it backfired.

I had been watching Ellie's video last night, her B&BW Black Friday haul, and she had mentioned not being able to get Twisted Peppermint in any body products.  At the time I took that as her store just didn't have any, so I was all 'Ooooooh, I'm going to check MY store and I'll surprise her!'  I knew that scent was only going to be out for one week, and I thought this was the week.  But noooo, it's next week.  DOH!  So then I thought back and figured duh, that's probably what she meant anyway.

Ok fine, so I'm already in the store and the always pushy and perky B&BW storegirl was hovering, trying to make up for that lack of Twisted Peppermint.  I glanced around and asked where the mini candles were, the little preview sized ones for the holidays.  She said "Oohhh, we don't have those anymore.  They're not going to make them anymore because they say they're unsafe."  We looked at each other with looks of 'Unsafe?  Really?'  Well that sucks regardless, and now I'm 0 for 2 in my shopping. 

"Well this is just not my day, is it?"  I sigh, and am met with a perky laugh and apology.

So she took me to the regular holiday candles and starts shoving various ones in my face.  I asked if there was any sale on the 4oz size.  She said no, and we laughed again at my rotten luck.  She explained that the little candles are $9.95 (I think?) but since there is a special on the large candles, 2 for $20, it would be silly to pay the price of the small one when you can get the bigger for five cents more.  I showed her my coupons and she pointed out that after the first two candles, any after that would be $10 each, and since one coupon was $10 off a $30 purchase it would be like getting one candle free.  HMMMM!!

My other coupon was a free item with any $10 purchase.  She thought I would need to make and additional $10 purchase.  I had thought it would still work with my original $30 purchase but I didn't push the issue, and just grabbed a fourth candle.

So what did I get?
Twisted Peppermint large candle - 'A refreshing mix of spearmint and mandarin, layered with iced peppermint, vanilla extract and sugar musk.'  Love this scent!  Perfect for Christmas, with the cool mint softened by the vanilla.  I don't really pick up the mandarin or the musk.  It's just a really, really nice scent.

'Tis The Season large candle - 'Golden apples, pine needles and holiday cider are combined with a touch of ground cinnamon.'  When I smelled this in the store I was immediately in love.  The perfect Christmas scent!  Once I got home I found it wasn't *quite* as good as in the store but it's still awesome.  It seemed more piney in the store, but now I smell more of the spice.  I get a slight hint of the apples and cider but it's mainly the cinnamon and pine that comes out when you sniff it.  Can't wait to get our tree up, house decorated, and start burning this one.

Sticky Toffee Pudding large candle - 'A rich, tempting treat that combines melted toffee, pure maple syrup and toasted pecans, topped with brown sugar and whipped cream.'  This one is a direct result of Ellie's video because I don't think I would have looked in this section of candles otherwise.  This one is also right up my ooey gooey foodie scented alley.  YUMMM!  The toffee and maple are right there, and it's creamy, and warm, and comforting.  It reminds me of the Butterscotch Maple Cream tarts from Better Homes & Gardens that I love so much.

This candle was a winner in the My Candle Recipe Contest that I knew nothing about.  Apparently people were invited to send in their favorite recipes and the top three that they were able to turn into candle scents were the winners.  They have a special label on the cover of the candle, and if you peel that label back you get the actual recipe for that candle's scent.  Kinda cool!

Hot Buttered Rum large candle - 'Rich and delicious, a comforting blend of spiced rum and warm caramel, with a touch of vanilla bourbon.'  I tried to get this one last year, sort of my first taste of the Bath & Body Works world, but it was apparently one of the hot ones because it was sold out every time I checked.  It must be old news this year . . . there were plenty of them on the shelf!  So I grabbed one.  It's another of my warm ooey gooey scents, a bit heavier on the caramel and vanilla than on the rum.  Other buttered rum scents I've come across have a bit more, I don't know, rum-i-ness to them.  This is still very nice though!

And for my free item I chose a bottle of Winter Candy Apple shower gel to go with the lotion I already had.  'Our exclusive Winter Candy Apple is a mouth watering blend of crisp apple, candied orange and rich cinnamon spice.'  This is a bright, sweet, fun scent.  Yeah, it does smell like candy but there is just enough of the cinnamon to keep it from total tooth decay.  Even hubby and Ty liked this one when I shoved it in their faces.  And it will be fun to switch to this for the holiday season, and let hubby work through the stockpile of handcrafted soaps we have.  Hehe!

There a some good deals going on now but you have to hurry, most are only through this weekend.  It's a bummer I don't have more people to Christmas shop for because I would love to go shopping again!  LOL

I also got three more of the $10 off a $30 purchase coupons, AND a survey coupon on my receipt.  Woohoo!  Bummer again that I probably won't get to use them.  *sigh*

Have you treated yourself to Bath & Body Works lately?  What did you get?  What are your favorites?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nov. 25 - Giveaway #2 !!

GIVEAWAY #2 !!!!!

Yep, another giveaway and the first one isn't even done yet.  WOOT!  This time I'm giving away six scent shots (tarts) from Candles By Victoria.  These are approximately 2oz each, and I usually cut them and just melt half at a time.  I've heard other people just use 1/4 size pieces, but as you know my rooms are large and I like my scents strong.

If you're interested in Candles By Victoria but haven't ordered yet . . . the amount of scents and candle styles available is overwhelming! . . . scent shots are the way to go.  Pick some scents you want to try, and if you like them you can go back and order it again candle form.  It's a good way to test the waters.  And I'm giving someone SIX of them!  The winner will pick three from the list I will provide at the time, and I will pick the other three for a bit of fun surprise.

Keeping it simple again, because I don't like those contests where you have to complete several steps just to enter.  Just leave a comment below about . . . hmm, your favorite scent.  Do you love the scent of lilac because it reminds you of the huge lilac bush in the backyard of your childhood home?  Do you love coconut scents because you dream of a tropical getaway?  Ooooh, or comment about your least favorite scent!  That could be fun too!

This contest will run from now (7:15am/central, Nov. 25) to sometime in the morning of Dec. 2.  I will choose one winner from all the qualifying comments using  Please leave an email address if I have no way to contact you through your profile.  Thanks!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nov. 23 - GIVEAWAY!!!


Everybody loves a giveaway, right?  I've been delaying this for some time now, waiting to hit 25 followers, but since I seem to be stuck at 20 I figured I'd go ahead and do it as a holiday event instead.  Yay!

The winner of this first giveaway (and there will be more) will receive three packs of the Better Homes & Gardens wax cube tarts that can be found at Walmart, and that I've been raving about lately.  The winner will choose one scent from a list I will provide at that time, and I will choose two others.

This contest will from now (12:30pm/central Nov. 23) through sometime in the morning of Thursday, Dec. 1.  I will use to pick one winner from the qualifying entries.

How do you enter?  I'll keep it simple.  Just leave a comment below about anything holiday related, whatever winter holiday it is that you celebrate.  It can be a favorite memory, family tradition, anything!  Please enter only once.  And please leave an email addy for me to contact you if you don't have one connected to your account.  'Enter Me' comments will not be counted.  Open internationally.

So that's it!  Just leave a holiday themed comment below and you might win three packs of tarts.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 22 - My First Eco-Emi Box!!

Earlier this year I signed up for Birchbox, which is a monthly subscription box of beauty and skin care products samples.  I'd seen several YouTubers having so much fun with it and even though I'm not a girlie girl who gets into makeup and all that stuff, I thought it would be a fun way to just play around with some things.  I cancelled my subscription after only a few boxes because I was finding most of the stuff I was receiving was just not stuff I would ever even try.  It was disappointing, yeah, but I liked the idea of getting a box of goodies every month so I went on the hunt for similar programs and found Eco-Emi.

Eco-Emi is similar in that you get a box of random samples each month but Eco-Emi is an eco-friendly program.  The products they send are all earth friendly or organic or fair trade, etc.  The monthly fee is a bit more than Birchbox, but you get more products and it is not all beauty and skin care products.  I watched some YouTube videos and saw everything from bath and body products to food, tea, snacks to makeup to candles.  I decided to give it a try.  When I signed up there was a waiting list, but a couple weeks later they were able to expand things enough to get rid of the waiting list and my first box was the November box.

So let's see what I got!

It arrives in a typical small flat rate box.  I had seen some reviews of the October box and info in that one had said the November and December boxes would be holiday themed, so I was super excited to see this!

Inside the box I saw lot of greens and reds and most of the items appeared to have come in a handy zipper pouch.

There is an info card, just like Birchbox has.  It tells a bit about the theme of the month's box, and then has info about the products, including the prices of the full sized items.

You also get extra cards or pamphlets from the companies themselves.  Most, if not all, have coupon codes for their products if you should choose to order more. 

As mentioned, this month everything came in this handy zipper pouch.  This would have been great over the weekend for our trip to Minneapolis.  It's travel sized, good for putting your makeup or whatnot in.  Looking through the info cards and things, it looks like this is a product from Hugo Naturals.

And these are the things out of the pouch.  Most of the items are wrapped up like fun little gifts.  I couldn't wait to tear into them!

First up is a 2oz bottle of 'essential mist' from Hugo Naturals, in Vanilla & Sweet Orange scent.  The info card says you can use this anywhere you want to freshen things up . . . on your body, in your hair, as a room spray, anywhere.  I haven't actually used it yet but I did open the bottle to sniff it and OMG, love love love it!  It's like a creamsicle, with the light sweet orange and the creamy warm vanilla.  I love this Eco-Emi box just for this!!

Keeki Pure & Simple lip shimmer in 'Ooh La La' is another item in this box.  I'm all about lip balms but I've never really worn any color on my lips.  This is a reddish brown, and the info card says it adds both color and shimmer, and is infused with vanilla and peppermint oils.  Awesome!  I'm not sure if I will try this or pass it on to someone who already appreciates lip color.  I do have some holiday swaps coming up, hehe.

Samples of shampoo and conditioner from Organic Excellence, in Wild Mint scent were also included.  I'm so low maintenance that I usually use whatever 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner I can find.  Actually, I would be more likely to use separate shampoo and conditioner but the menfolk would only use the shampoo because two steps is beyond them.  *snort*  These will be a nice little treat for me to try.  They smell so nice, a sweet minty smell.

Left to right: Planet Botanicals hand cream, Earth's Beauty eye shadow, Blissoma clarifying face mask.

The hand cream is Ugandan shea butter in a lavender scent.  I'm not usually a fan of lavender scents but this one is sort of sweet and more 'pretty' than those I usually come across.  It's a thick cream, but I haven't actually tried it yet.  It's just a tiny little sample.

The eye shadow is a loose powder in 'Sunlight' color, which the website describes as a 'pearlized gold.'  It has more gold shimmer than the pictures are showing.  This will probably also be passed on to someone else.

The face mask is a 'Clay Renewal Treatment' made with clays from Morroco, and a bunch of other interesting goodies.  It looks rather oily and slimy but it has a very pleasant smell. 

The green and white card is from Soul Flower and includes the little blue pin in the upper left corner.  The red and white packet is a peppermint foot cream from Deep Steep.

And finally . . . chocolate!!  It is a dark chocolate Yumbar from Sweet Riot, and I can't wait to dive into this one!  Ohhhhh wait, I just noticed on the package that it also has raisins.  Bleah, not fond of raisins in my chocolate.  But yay for including chocolate!

Not bad for my first Eco-Emi box.  I like that there is a mix of products in here, and they are products I will actually use.  Well, most of them . . . hehe.

What do you think about Eco-Emi?

Nov. 22 - Haus of Gloi Yule Haul

Every time I think I'm done ordering bath and body products, something sucks me back into it for 'just one more order.'  I hadn't really planned on making that last FuturePrimitive order, had been telling myself I have plenty, and my interest has swung over to tarts and candles anyway . . . but then I decided to just go for it in one big last hurrah.

That's kinda what happened this time too.  I knew the Haus of Gloi Yule release had gone live but I hadn't even bothered to look at it because I just. have. so. much. already.  Then someone was talking about it (*ahem* Lynda) and I thought 'Oh what the heck.  Just a small order then I'm DONE.'  I couldn't decide what to get.  I felt like just one bar of soap was a waste of an order.  And it makes for a boring blog post, hehe.  So once again, I purchased more than I'd ever intended.  And once again I'm telling myself 'That's IT.  Done!'  Ha, you're laughing, I know.  I know, I know, I know.

This package arrived while I was gone for the weekend.  One of the first things I did when I got home was rip the box open to have a peek, but then left it until today when I would finally have time to thoroughly go through it.  It was quite festive even just seeing these bits of red and green and gold papers!

Glorious ginger cakes celebrating Guy Fawkes Day! Brown sugar, black treacle, oats, a peculiar blend of white spices tossed with chopped roasted chestnuts and coated with the lightest of icings.
When I read the description for Parkin, I knew this was the one I needed to get.  Sugar, oats, sweet and warm . . . right up my alley.  It's  a simple two-toned brown bar with a lightly textured top and some silver shimmery dust on top.  The label reminds me of New Year's more than Christmas, with it's gold colorings and fireworks in the background.  And the scent, impossible to describe as always.  You know how I've said in previous posts that certain soap makers' soaps have a sort of signature smell along with whatever scent it's supposed to be?  That rule applies once again.  You KNOW this is Haus of Gloi, and then you start to pick out just what that scent is.  In this case it is indeed a sweet scent, but not as 'warm' as I had imagined it would be.  I don't know what treacle or chestnuts smell like but I guess you could say you smell the sugars and the icings, but it's not sickly bakery sweet.  The mention of 'white spices' in the description is adding just a hint of zip to this.  It's a much more sophisticated sweet scent, not at all like the common scents you might think of like Oatmeal, Milk & Honey or cupcakes or buttercream.  No, nothing like those.  It's nice.  I quite like it.

The warm glowing center of any home. Autumns last apple pickings, warm bread, orange rind, various fire roasted nuts, cracked black pepper all nailed down by an oozing sticky benzoin.
Reading the description for Hearth, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this Yule order at just one bar of soap.  Another warm foodie scent?  I'm there!  And when I pulled this out of tissue wrapper I was first hit with a sense of old-time Christmas.  The reds and golds on the label, with the designs and the old fashioned picture, and even the red sprinkles in and on the bar itself . . . I loved it the moment I saw it.  There are some little brown seeds on the lightly textured top, along with some red confetti type sprinklesThere is a layer inside the soap with little shreds and some bigger bits of gold shimmer coated pieces that at first look like bits of peppermint candy.  Looking closer, I wonder if these are bits of Snow Wolf soap?  Whatever they are, they add such a nice festive touch to this tan colored bar.  And the scent is much more of a warm cozy type, like I thought the previous bar would have been.  Again, I don't know what benzoin smells like but looking at the rest of the description I do detect just the faintest traces of fruit, although you'd probably never be able to identify them for what they are.  There is indeed the warmth of the bread and nuts, and it all comes together to become just like you'd imagine a warm hearth, busy with holiday baking in days of old.  Very nice!

The Haus 'nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg.
I ordered another small jar of their lotion (pumpkin butter, as they call it) because I do enjoy the product and because I wanted to try this scent but it's not offered in bar soap form.  I had read on the Haus of Gloi Facebook page or somewhere that this scent didn't come through the soap making process close enough to what it should be.  Too bad it didn't work in soap because I *LOVE* this scent!!  It's definitely eggnog-y, and definitely rum-y, and just ohhhh soooo good.  I'm tempted to go back and get more of this in whatever product I can!  It's sweet and warm and festive and yummy.  What more can I say??
For me, this is the epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows.
I think it was in my very first Haus of Gloi order that I first tried whipped soap.  At that time I had a scent called Cocoa Mint or something along those lines.  Since I was ordering things I did not need anyway, I went ahead and ordered a jar of the whipped soap, this time in Sweet Potato Treat scent.  Might as well keep the foodie theme going, right?  The first thing you notice about this stuff is how light the jar is.  You'd swear it was empty.  That's because the soap inside is whipped so light and fluffy.  It looks like a Cool Whip consistency but it's wee bit more solid than that.  You just scoop a bit out and it lathers up easily, and works great.  This particular one has a pale orange color (sweet potato, ya know) and smells divine.  The butter comes through with the sugar for another warm sweetness, and then you get the hint of spices and the marshmallow-y potatoes.  This would actually be and awesome tart scent!  Love it!
Going into this order I thought for sure I would have to get a bar of Snow Wolf soap just because I've heard so many people rave about it.  I loved the look of it (sort of like peppermint candy) but when I read the description I was a bit turned off . . . 'Bristling and prowling, lonesome and haunting. Three howling firs, white frankincense, vanilla bean husk, tainted by droplets of blood cedar.'  I kept looking at a couple other scents too but was so unsure of them that I decided not to order them.  Then I had an idea.  I know a free perfume oil sample is included in every order, and I'd heard that they used to (or still do sometimes?) give soap sample if you asked, so I left a comment during the checkout process, asking if they do small sniffer samples of soap and if not could I at least get the perfume sample in one of the three scents I was debating.  My questions were not acknowledged in any way (my one pet peeve about this company) but I did get one of the scents in question.  Whether that was because I asked or not, I'll never know.  And it's the one I actually *least* wanted, ha.
Oatey porridge, stove smoke, kindling wood, a hint of gunpowder and pinch of sweet pipe tobacco.
The description sounds soooo, I don't know, odd . . . like why would anyone want that scent in body products? So ick, that I was intrigued. And yeah, it's an odd one. LOL It reminds me of a garage that has an old wood stove burning as its heat source. Kinda takes me back to my childhood, being raised with four brothers and a dad who were all mechanical and there was always something being worked on in the garage, even in subzero Wisconsin winter weather. Fond memories but I wouldn't want to smell like that by choice. So I'm still intrigued by this one and would love to hear what others who have smelled it think of it.

And that is my Haus of Gloi Yule haul. Did you order any goodies?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov. 17 - Tarts 101

I love tarts.  No, really, I do.  I'm always trying to get people interested in them, and would have loved to buy tarts and warmers for everyone for Christmas this year . . . but sadly, not everyone around me shares my obsession.  Some don't even have a clue what tarts are.  I also tend to see comments and confusion online about tarts and warmers, and thought I'd do a little informational post.

I will say right off the bat that I have never tried Scentsy tarts or warmers but I would think the same rules apply.

So let's get started.

I currently have three tart warmers.  They are tea light style, and these can be found for probably less than $5 at Walmart, Kmart, or similar stores.  The one in the middle is my favorite as far as *look* but it's small and I think is meant more for fragrance oils.  The dish is attached, and rather deep, so it makes it a little harder to remove the hardened wax, but it's just such a cool looking soapstone warmer.  The white one on the right is the cheapest one and while it serves it's purpose, the bowl is slightly smaller and more shallow than the one on the left, and because it's taller I found the heat from the tea light wasn't quite reaching it enough to fully melt some tarts.  I had to improvise, as you'll seen in an upcoming picture.  The one on the left is my favorite, my workhorse. 

There are other types of warmers . . . 
 There are basic electric one that uses a sort of hot plate to heat the dish and melt the wax.

There are electric ones that use a light bulb as the heat source to melt the wax, and have the added visual effect of the the light shining through various holes.  Just adds a bit of a prettier touch.

From there you can find a multitude of shapes and styles and sizes.  You can probably find something to fit ANY decor or personality . . . 

Some are so darn cute, but some are also darn expensive.  I'm not sure about Scentsy but some of the Yankee warmers can be up to $35.  In the end though, they all do the same thing: heat wax to release fragrance into your home.  Just depends on what you are willing to spend.

Most people use the electric warmers, and from what I've seen it's about equally divided between the hot place vs. light bulb styles.  Some people don't like the light bulb style because they say it's hard to find replacement bulbs or because it doesn't get hot enough to melt larger or harder wax chunks.  (I've often heard that Scentsy warmers do not heat enough to melt harder tarts so Scentsy wax must be pretty soft.)  A lot of people don't like the tea light style because it involves a burning candle.  I'm in the minority here.  I prefer the tea light warmers.  I like that I can place my warmer anywhere, not limited to where it can be plugged in.  I like that the tea light will burn for several hours, burn itself out, and the wax will cool and harden after that.  I did try an electric (hot plate style) warmer at one point but none of the areas I could plug it in were good spots to have a tart warmer.  I also didn't like that it just stayed on.  I wish there was a timer or something that would shut it off.  At times I think it would be nice to just turn it on in the morning and have lovely scents all day without thinking about it, but other times I think I'd forget it's on and 'waste' my tarts.  Of course, having said all that, I would love some beautiful electric warmers if I could come up with a place near a plug to put them!

Anyway, back to my warmers.

The inexpensive tea light warmers are all basically the same.  They are usually one piece, with a built in dish on top.  You put a tea light candle in the opening in the back and the heat from that rises to warm the bowl and melt the wax.  (You can sort of see inside the one on the right, that tall one I mentioned earlier, I had to glue and empty tea light tin upside down inside to make a platform to set all future candles because I needed to get more heat up to the bowl.)
Even tea lights vary greatly in price.  I get mine at Walmart in big 50 pack bags for only a few dollars, or the 24 pack (when bags are sold out) for something like $1.24.  (I will update the prices next time I get to town and can check on this.)  Tea lights for tart warmers do NOT need to be fancy.  They are not seen and their only purpose is to heat that wax.  No need to spend extra money here.  I find that each tea light burns about 3-4 hours, and they burn themselves out.
Tarts come in many shapes and sizes.  Again, they all do the same thing . . . the wax melts and fragrance is released.  Whether store bought, brand name, or handcrafted from small business vendors, the types of wax used can vary, and the scent strength (throw) can vary too.  I live in a drafty, country farmhouse with large rooms so I tend to use full tarts and prefer the strongly scented ones.  I use two cubes from the Better Homes & Gardens/Walmart tarts although I could probably get away with one.  I have used entire scent shots from Candles By Victoria but have more recently started cutting them in half and find that works just as well.  But I also know that some people prefer lighter scents or live in small apartments, and a smaller portion might work sufficiently.  It just depends on your situation.

Place your wax in the dish . . .

Light your tea light (or turn on your warmer) . . . 

The wax will begin melting in no time . . . 

And soon enough you'll have a big ol' wax pool and plenty of lovely scent filling your room or your house!

Cleanup is another area where opinions vary.  I think most people do the freezer method, but I've recently seen people talking about pouring the still-warm wax back into the clam shell (cubes) packages.  I've never tried this method because it seems like it would be hot and messy.  I used to just do a lot of frustrated scraping of wax until I found out about the freezer method.  It's very simple!  Once your wax has cooled back down and hardened, just put the dish (or the whole warmer in the case of one-piece units like mine) into the freezer for 10, 20, 30 minutes.  You'll find the time needed will vary depending on the type of tarts you use.  Once it's had time to freeze, some wax will just slide right out of the dish.  (I've found Bath & Body Works, and Walmart tarts do this.)  Others might need a minute or two of sitting out of the freezer to actually loosen up and then will usually pop right out.  Some need a little more coaxing, like working the edge of a butter knife or a spoon under the edge to sort of break the seal or cling.  And some still need a bit of scraping no matter what you do. 
I bought this little plastic scraper for under $1 (found in the kitchen gadgets aisle at most stores) to use for removing used wax from my warmers.   I use the pointier edge (to the right), and as you can see from the one little curled area of wax, it doesn't take much to loosen the whole thing.  Toss this into the garbage and start a new tart.  It's handy having more than warmer because if the scent is not quite done on one but I feel like a different scent, I just pop something in the other warmer and light that.

And that's really all there is to it.  Can I buy you a warmer and some tarts for Christmas??

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nov. 9 - BH&G/Walmart Tarts . . . Again

I'm a posting fool today, I know.  But it's my day off and I feel like writing so I'm trying to get these posts all done and out of the way before the crabbiness of my long work days ruin my mood.  Oh yeah, and we're having our first snow storm of the season and it's putting me in a holiday mood.  Heheee!

So, I posted that list of the Better Homes & Gardens tarts holiday scents that can be found at Walmart, and then I went back and bought a bunch of them.  Well it was bothering me that there were some I'd missed and since I had to run back to town for something else today anyway . . . I went and grabbed the rest of the holiday line.  I'm crazy, I know.  I've stopped buying soap, and put that effort into buying tarts now apparently.

I really wish there was a website or someplace that I could get actual scent descriptions of these tarts.  One reason that I didn't post this yesterday was that I had emailed the company (made by well known Scentsationals, from what I can tell) asking about it and was waiting for a reply.  They never answered.  I really hate when companies, large or small, do not respond to emails.  Why offer your addy then?  Even if they had replied just to say they do not offer scent descriptions, that would have been fine.  At least it would have been something.  But no.  So I will have to totally wing it on these . . .

Warm Apple Cider - (tan)  I'm not sure why this is in the Christmas line.  I don't think of apple cider as a winter or Christmas drink.  I'm pretty sure this was also in the fall line, only colored dark red.  Actually, this is one I passed up when I was grabbing holiday tarts yesterday but grabbed it today when I decided to go ahead and get them ALL.  Anyway, it smells like apple cider ... very apple-y and quickly followed up with the slightly spicy and somewhat champagne-y notes.

Spiced Apple Wreath - (light green) I've heard others describe this as straight up apple.  I don't agree.  There is definitely apple, but there something sort of citrus-y and some greenery but I wouldn't call it piney.

Maple Candied Almond - (light brown) Another that I passed up at first because it was just foodie.  I still don't think of Christmas or winter in particular when I smell this but wow, I love it.  (OMG, Ellie, this is right up our ooey gooey caramely alley!)  If I didn't know it was maple I would say it's caramel, but yeah, it is rich and sweet and the almond gives it just enough of that slight cherry hint that almond is known for.  This is a must for any sweet, foodie scent lover!  (Ty just said it smells like the Special K Bars I make every Christmas, and he's right!  YUM!)

Spicy Cinnamon Stick - (burgundy red)  I passed this up the first time too because it's just straight up cinnamon, but after smelling all the cinnamon scented Christmas decorations in other parts of the store I guess, yeah, it does make me think of Christmas.  This is a sharper spiciness than some of the cinnamon scents that resemble the sweeter Red Hots candy smell.

Spiced Sugar Plum - (deep purple) I missed this on my first haul, and it's part of the reason I went back today.  I really wouldn't know a plum smell if one was shoved in my face but since I do smell fruit I'm going to go ahead and say it smells like plums.  LOL  The spice in this is very soft, just something to keep it from being too fruity.

Fresh Frasier Fir - (pine green) Smells like Christmas trees, or a tree lot.  There is perhaps a hint of citrus or spice in there too, or something 'fresh.'

Chocolate Peppermint Truffle - (pale green) LOVE this one!  Mmmm, to die for!  Others have compared it to Bath & Body Works/Slatkin's Mint Chocolate candle and I agree.  It is just like a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Snowy Evergreen Forest - (gray) This is a weird one and I really wish I had a scent description as my guide.  I suppose I smell pine trees but it seems there is almost something citrus-y.  Actually, the more I smell it, the more I think this is more of a pine scent than the Frasier one above.

Candied Caramel Pecan - (beige) Another that I first skipped because it just strikes me as foodie, not Christmas-y.  I also originally thought it smelled a lot like the maple one previously mentioned but now I can tell they are very different.  This one is much more of a salty, nutty, slightly sweet caramel scent.  Another super yummy scent but not quite as sweet and fun as the maple one.

Frosty Peppermint Snow - (white) This one screams Christmas to me like none of the others.  If you like Yankee's Jack Frost, you'll love this . . . for a whole lot cheaper!  It is a sweet vanilla/peppermint blend.  A must have for Christmas.

Velvet Poinsettia Blossom - (red) I am not a floral fan and I don't know what Poinsettias smell like but this is a straight floral scent, perhaps a smidge perfumey.

Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar - (brown) Passed on this the first time too, considering it just foodie.  If I didn't know what this was I would never guess there is cinnamon in here.  It's not spicy.  There is some sweetness from sugar and some warmth from vanilla, and I would consider this just a nice, comforting scent.

Frankincense & Myrrh - (grayish gold) When you hear "Frankincense and myrrh," you probably automatically think of Christmas, but just what does it smell like?  I have no idea.  Someone else described this as something like a mens cologne.  I can see that, but I still don't have any idea how to break that down.  I don't smell musk.  It doesn't seem 'earthy.'  I really don't know on this one.  Except for the name, I would never think of this one as Christmas or even wintery.

Creamy Spiced Eggnog - (cream) Another warm, sweet foodie scent.  Other eggnog scents I've smelled have a sort of tangy or sour hint, but this is just sweet and creamy, with only a hint of spiciness.

Vanilla Sugar Cookie - (yellow) Warm and yummy but a lighter scent than most 'heavy' bakery scents.  Just like baking Christmas cookies, or having them all spread out on the kitchen table while you decorate them.  Mmmm.

Ginger Spice Cake - (tan) I've had this one for a while now so I know it was also part of the fall line.  I haven't melted any of this one yet though because I was waiting to use up my pumpkin and apple fall scents, and now I'm glad I didn't get to it because I can now put it in my Christmas lineup.  You will absolutely think of a delicious fresh baked spice cake with yummy vanilla frosting.  Again, not particularly Christmas-y, but a nice warm scent for those cold winter days.

Iced Winter Cranberry - (maroon) Definitely cranberry, but something more.  It's not spicy.  'Iced' in the name makes think there would be hints of mint but I don't really get any.  I don't think it's vanilla but there is definitely something else with those cranberries.

Classic Frosted Gingerbread - (dark brown) A very nice, deep rich gingerbread.  Others have said there is a lot of molasses in this scent, that it's a more 'grownup' scent than a sweet gingerbread house type.  Agreed.

Orange Clove Pomander - (orange-yellow)  I know from the picture on the package this is a popular, old fashioned scent.  It is a very zesty smell, not a sweet orange.  Very zesty but at the same time somewhat soft which makes it tolerable.

Holiday Sleigh Ride - (blue)  Another unique one that I really wish I had a scent description to go by.  It's a fresh, outdoorsy smell . . . some hints of pine in there perhaps, but also traces of floral and sweet.  Very hard to describe without knowing what is really in it.

Sparkling Berry Garland - (light green) I love this as a Christmas scent.  It smells like a mix of Christmas trees and something sweet, possibly citrus-y.  Might even be hints of spice in there.  I think this is the best of the bunch for an all-around Christmas smell.

And that is the complete line that my local Walmart has for this winter/holiday season.  See any you like?  Are there any you've tried?