Monday, December 31, 2012

Burned - Febreze / Cranberries & Frost

Cranberries & Frost - 'Frost dusts marshes rich with cranberries.
Cranberries & Frost refreshes like a sudden flash of color on a white winter's day.'

It's not often I blog about candles I've been burning.  As you know, I much prefer tarts.  Hubby likes candles though, and every once in a while there will be one that surprises me.  This is one of those times.

I actually received this candle a year ago. It was a Christmas present last year, something from our 'adopted third son' Matt. This is a Febreze brand candle . . . you know, the generally overlooked ones in the air freshener/laundry detergent aisle at the store. It is 5.5 oz. I do not know how much these candles cost. This particular one was a limited holiday edition last year. I didn't even pay attention this year because I'd bought those three Glade candles. (The Glade ones were troublesome, by the way.)

This candle is STRONG.  Hubby and I were both amazed with the scent and throw of this bugger.  I can smell this thing all over the house, upstairs and down.  As soon as I opened the back door, coming in from outside, I could smell this lovely fragrance.

The scent is cranberries all the way.  It is sweet and tart, very 'bright,' and not spicy at all, as a lot of cranberry scents tend to be.  There is something sugary sweetening it up.  This one is fruity, berry-ish, with that bit of tart.  Love it.

The candle itself is burning flawlessly.  No tunneling.  A quick, even wax pool.  No soot or smoke.  We've burned it twice so far, good long burns each time, and all I've had to do is trim the mushroomed top of the wick before we lit it that second time. 

I am absolutely impressed with this candle!

Melted - Candles From The Keeping Room / Serendipity

Serendipity - 'This is a super sweet concoction....sweet thick creamy vanilla with powdered sugar..sweet cherry, sweet orange and citrus...and a hint of fresh coconut.' 

This is a super popular scent these days, although some try it and find it to be too sweet.  I had to try it, to see what all the fuss is about.  This is indeed sweet.  Wow.  There is enough of a creamy vanilla note to save it for me though.  I mainly get coconut and a sugary vanilla sweetness.  Maybe the cherry and citrus brighten things up but I don't detect them specifically or individually.  I don't know that I'd consider this tropical either, as coconut scents tend to be.  It's just a really bright, sweet, coconut scent.

I melted this whole 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had a strong scent throw, easily detectable in all rooms downstairs in my house.  The scent itself was not overpowering but because it was so sweet I can see how some people find it to be too much.  As I'm finding with Candles From The Keeping Room tarts though, the scent seems to reach a peak early in the 4hr tea light burn and then taper off to about half strength for the remainder.  I could still smell light traces of this even a while after it cooled back down.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this . . . but it's easy to see how some people don't.

Melted - Candles From The Keeping Room / Orange Cream Cupcake

Orange Cream Cupcake - 'Top notes of Orange Peel, Tangy Lemon, and Citron Zests; combined with rich notes of Creamsicle Frosting, Brown Sugar, Sweet Buttercream, Drizzled Rum, Bittersweet Chocolate, and Vanilla Extract.'  
This was yummy nummy scent, for sure.  There is a lot going on in that scent description but the short version is just as the name implies . . . orange cupcake.  The orange part of it was very much there, very bright and cheerful, very sweet with just the right amount of zing from the other citrus notes.  Having said that, this was definitely a bakery scent, not a fruity scent.  Not knowing all those extra notes (rum, chocolate, etc.) while melting it, I was just enjoying a warm and cozy cake scent, like a white or yellow or even pound cake.  And then that orange scent just brightened it up.
I melted this entire 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had a strong throw, creeping into most rooms of the downstairs of my house.  The scent was there immediately but seemed to peak within the first hour or so and then tapered down to a very pleasant medium scent for the remainder of the tea light.
I really liked this one!

Read - City of Bones

City of Bones
by Cassandra Clare
485 pages

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder—much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It’s hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing—not even a smear of blood—to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?

This is Clary’s first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It’s also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace’s world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know. . . .


I first tried reading this book back in 2009 and pretty much hated it.  I thought I had given up before finishing the first book but now I think I might have struggled through to the end at that time.  I know I had bought this and the second book in the series at the same time, but never bothered even trying that second book.  And then they'd just been sitting on a bookshelf, gathering dust, and almost being given away a few times . . . until now, almost four years later.  I'm not sure what else I might have been reading around the time.  It seems like I might have still been all Harry Potter and Twilight mode but both of those series were done by the time I first tried reading this.  Hmm, not even sure anymore but it seems like I kept comparing this in my mind to something else, and hating it, and that's why I gave up.

Ok, so fast forward to earlier in 2012.  One of the YouTubers I subscribe to had been reading this series and was absolutely loving it.  At first I was like bleah, and didn't think much of it.  But to hear her talk about this book, and the others in the series as she eventually reviewed each one, her enthusiasm about the series, well, it made it sound so good.  Even so, it still took me a while to decide to give this series another try.  When I finally did haul this first book off the shelf, I found a scrap of paper in it that I'd scribbled down some notes/thoughts from the first time I'd tried reading it.  (Does anyone else do that?  People laugh at me for it.)  At first I didn't want to read the notes because I thought I'd be then be going into it with a tainted mind.  I read it eventually though, and laughed because I didn't remember any of these things.  And as I finally got into reading the book, I was amazed to find I wasn't having those same thoughts and gripes.

Well alright then!  Maybe there's hope!

This is the first book in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series.  I found I was enjoying this book as I dove into a second time.  I was trying not to compare it to other books (which I have a huge problem doing) but I eventually did realize that one thing I was liking about this one was that it was less hectic, slightly more laid back and to the point than certain other YA Nephilim related books I'd read recently.  And I was even surprised that this WAS Nephilim related!  I think when I tried reading it the first time, I had no clue about anything in the angel world and that might have been one of the other turn-offs for me back then.  But now I was like 'Hey!  Awesome!' because now I *am* all about angels.

This book started off interesting right from the get-go.  (Get-go?)  The paranormal element is brought into it pretty darn quick, which is cool because there isn't a lot of possibly boring buildup to it.  But then, once we're given the first look at things, the story nearly becomes lame and cheesy while all the supporting characters start coming into it and the foundations for the series are laid.  Still, it does keep a quick pace and sticks pretty well to the point.  There is not a lot of fluff and filler to draw this book out.  There are not a lot of pointless distractions.  As the book goes on, you start to see how clever the storytelling will become.  Some connections are obvious, but others are things you probably breeze right over and only later think back with an 'Aaahhhh, got it!'

Clary is the main character, but she might also be the weakest part of it all.  She's sort of the magnet that draws all of the other players together.  I guess I should cut her some slack though because in this first book at least, she's as clueless as we are as the story goes along.  She's learning things the same time we are.  I can't remember for sure offhand, but I think this first book sticks mainly with just Clary's view of things.  (The second book jumps around among different characters.)  She is just an average teenage girl, just a boring 'mundane' (human), enjoying her normal life.  She lives with her mother.  Her father died before she was born.  She hangs out with her best friend, Simon, who is a nerdy gamer dork.  Then one night she sees a bunch of unexplainable things, and it's all made worse by the fact that Simon can't see any of these things she's talking about.  What the . . . ?

That's where Jace comes in.  He is the other main character.  He is 17 years old (I think) and he is a Shadowhunter.  Shadowhunters are Nephilim (part human, part angel) and are sort of protectors of the human race.  They fight demons, sending them back to their own worlds, and keep the Downworlders in check, trying to maintain peace and secrecy.  (Downworlders are things like vampires and werewolves.)  Shadowhunters are trained for this life pretty much from the day they are born.  They use runes and markings on their skin, and enchanted tools and weapons, which make them appear magical.  Jace is one of the best.  He is determined and driven, and an arrogant, cocky, jerk most of the time.  At first I was having a hard time liking him because everything that comes out of his mouth is sarcastic or snotty.  As we're allowed to know him a bit more as the story goes on, it was easier to accept his attitude.

Of course, Clary and Jace fall in love.  This doesn't sit well Simon, who has gone beyond just best friend feelings towards Clary even though she can't see it.  She can see demons and things that normal people can't see, but she can't see that her best friend is madly in love with her. Hehe.  It also doesn't sit well with Jace, because he's been trained as this demon-seeking, peace-keeping warrior with no time or need for trivial teenage romance.  It's also become apparent to him as he's grown that to love is to destroy.  And then of course, once they admit their feelings for each other, an awkward and somewhat cheesy plot twist throws a huge roadblock in their path.

There are quite a few other characters that we are introduced to in this first book.  There are Alec and Isabelle, brother-sister teenage Shadowhunters and Jace's 'foster' siblings.  Hodge is the sort of wise old man of the story, kind of like a Dumbledore or a Gandalf.  Magnus is a warlock and at first seems to be one of the bad guys, but not everyone is what they seem.  There is Clary's mom, Jocelyn, and Luke, who is Jocelyn's longtime friend and the guy closest to a father that Clary has.  And there is Valentine, the most feared and almost legendary figure in all non-human world.  Long thought dead, there are rumors and murmurings that he is back.  What does he want?  And how is boring little Clary involved??

The big confrontation with Valentine was kind of a letdown, but again, it's laying groundwork for what's to come.  I found out fairly early in reading this book that they are already making a movie of it, and when I found out who is playing Valentine it made it quite fun picturing him in the role as I read.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine!  Woot!!

I'm glad I gave this book a second chance.  I'm surprised and very pleased that I liked it so much this time.  I wouldn't say I loved it, and it didn't grab me like other books have but I'm already reading the second book and the story does seem to get stronger as it goes on.  This first book ends with the door wide open for the next installment in the series.  Some questions are answered, some are not.  As mentioned, a ton of foundation for the rest of the series was laid in this one.  There is some violence, mostly fantasy type things where demons are killed.  There is some kissing and marveling at Jace's hot bod, but it is tame.  It's an action packed and quick paced story but it is still quite safe for younger teens to read.  And it was refreshing to have a somewhat basic keep-to-the-point story for once.  Overall, this was a fairly quick and easy read despite it's size, and it was quite entertaining.  And I am definitely looking forward to the movie!!

 Have YOU read the Mortal Instruments series?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Won - LUSH Goodies

Yep, I'm winning things again.  Hehe!  This time it is a couple of LUSH goodies and it is from a holiday giveaway that YouTuber 'popinfresh' was doing earlier this month.  I started watching her channel quite some time ago because of her book hauls and reviews.  Besides nice smelling wax things, I *love* books.  She also does some beauty things here and there, but it's the books that drew me to her channel.

So anyway, she had five little goodie bag prizes, each with different things, and we had to leave a comment about which bag we'd be interested in.  I was one of five winners and this is what my bag contained . . .

Sex Bomb - 'Scintillating jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang are powerful aphrodisiacs that are known to relax you as they warm your heart, and other body parts too. Soya milk makes the water milky, softening your entire body as you enjoy a luxurious soak with our best-selling Bath Bomb.'
This thing is freakin' HUGE!  I admit, my experience with both LUSH and bath bombs is very limited.  Maybe they're all ginormous like this, I wouldn't know.  It's gorgeous though, all pink and purple and girlie.  There is a 'rose' in the middle.  Is that paper?  Is it something that will also dissolve?  I do not know.  And I'm not usually a floral fan but this is very nice, kinda sweet, perfume-y, girlie.  
One thing I want to try getting into in the new year is trying some bath bombs and bubble bars.  I've just never been a bath lounger because our tub is small and because it always seems I have better things to be doing.  I've been finding though, that in the evenings these days I'm usually quite bored and end up going to bed out of crabbiness from that boredom.  Why not have a lovely soak in the tub if I'm not doing anything else anyway??  So yeah, this could be a fun new world for me.

This particular bath bomb seems so big though.  Help me out, LUSH pros . . . do I break this in half or something?  Or throw the whole dang thing in?

Mint Julips (mint-chocolate) Lip Scrub

This one was very interesting to me because I've never used a lip scrub before.  My lips have been so nasty this fall and winter.  I don't know what's going on.  Lip balms that used to be fine just don't seem to be working lately.  I've heard others talk about lip scrubs, sort of sloughing off the cracked and crappy skin to start over with a soft, even layer.  We'll see how it goes.  Maybe it will be an agonizing affair with the peppermint oil burning my face off and bring tears to my eyes, but damn, looking forward to those smooth, soft lips afterwards!

And that is my prize from the holiday giveaway.  Thank you so much, Lori ('popinfresh')!!  I'm looking forward to using these items, and looking forward to more of your book hauls and reviews in the new year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Melted - Scent Appeal / Goldilocks

Goldilocks - 'Rolled oats swirled with caramel, spiced subtly with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, sugared with raw syrup, while sitting on a faint woodsy patchouli base.'

In my original cold sniff thoughts on this one back when I first got it, I had quite liked it.  I'd thought it was sweet yet kind of spicy, and almost perfume-y, sort of sophisticated.  It seemed promising.  Wellllllll . . . 

I melted this entire 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and got zero scent (and obviously zero throw).  I sniffed it again after it had gone through and entire tea light (about four hours) and cooled/hardened again, and I detect a very light patchouli-perfume type scent but that's it.  Bummer.

Ah well, I took a chance with this one ... I'm not a woodsy or patchouli fan anyway.

Melted - Front Porch Candle Co. / Peppermint Pumpkin

Peppermint Pumpkin - [no description]

When I received this one as part of a gift I thought 'What the heck?  Who would ever combine peppermint and pumpkin?!'  I was leery but intrigued.  Well, I melted it today and it was quite interesting!  Spice haters will probably want to stay far away from this one.  Although the peppermint was always present, as this warmed more it seemed to become more of a cinnamon-spice type scent but with a cool mint twist.  Once it was nice and warm and melted for for a while, I don't think I would have ever been able to pinpoint that it was either pumpkin or peppermint in here if I had not known what it was.  There was something just slightly warm and bakery as sort of a base, probably the pumpkin, but like I said the crispness/spiciness was always stronger.  

I melted this whole 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and while the scent was medium-to-strong, the throw was quite something.  It traveled through pretty much all of the downstairs of the house.  I suspect there would have been traces of it upstairs too if I'd gone up there at all during the day.  But it was lighter, more easy to take as it got farther away from the warmer.  Still, spice haters will probably still want to stay away from this one.

I must say though, I liked this in a totally fun 'What IS that?' kind of way, and hope it returns to Front Porch at some point.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Melted - Various

I'm so sooooo behind on my individual scent review posts (the Melted series) that I'm just going to quickly run through what I've melted in the last week or so.  I have a pile of wrappers sitting here on my desk, and I really don't even remember details about most of them anymore.  As mentioned a couple times already, I don't know if I'll keep doing the Melted posts, and this shows why.  If I don't get to them right away, I tend to forget all the finer details.  On the other hand, now that the Christmas rush is over maybe I can get back on track.  I was so busy leading up to Christmas, my mind was not on blogging (ha, obviously), and I was frantically melting through so many tarts in an effort to get the Christmas scents used up . . . ugh.

So anyway, please excuse this pictureless and rushed run through of what I've melted lately.

In no particular order . . .
  • Warm Christmas (from Front Porch) 'Cinnamon, Spice, Nutmeg, Vanilla and Peppermint blend.'  I really don't remember anything about it.  Sniffing the wrapper, it smells nice, quite spicy and warm.  No clue anymore if it was strong or not.
  • Pink Peppermint (from Front Porch) [no description]  Pink Sugar/peppermint blend, I don't know if there is vanilla in the mix or not.  I've heard people say Front Porch's peppermint is really strong.  I melted two of these (at different times) and paid more attention to the second one, and I thought the Pink Sugar notes were quite strong.  I'd melted this blend from another vendor and thought the Pink was too strong for my liking, and this one was very similar.  I thought the peppermint in the Front Porch version was equal to the Pink Sugar at best, but not stronger.  Scent throw was decent, on the stronger side of medium.
  • Christmas Pudding (from Candles From The Keeping Room) 'A delightful blend from the keeping room, a sweet christmas plum pudding, with a sweet brown sugar burnt cream topping, covered in a rum soaked cloth..'  This one surprised me with how 'bakery' and warm it was.  I really don't know what Christmas pudding is but I was expecting something brighter and fruitier.  I was surprised, but I really liked it.  I don't remember how strong it was.
  • Peppermint Marshmallow (from Scent Appeal) 'Marshmallow blended with peppermint and a touch of creamy vanilla.'  Really don't remember this one anymore.  Sniffing the wrapper, it smells like a sweeter vanilla-mint blend.
  • Family Christmas (from Front Porch) 'Wonderful cozy warm blend of plums, berries, spruce, with fruity undertones and just reminds you of Christmas!!'  I was surprised I didn't like this one.  The spruce is strong in it, and I found that I didn't like spruce or pine or Christmas tree scents this year.  There was also a lot of sweet fruitiness.  It didn't strike me as 'cozy' at all.  I remember it being quite strong, but maybe that was just because I didn't like it.  Or maybe if hadn't been as strong, maybe a bit more subtle in the air, maybe I would have liked it . . . ?
  • Vanilla Noel (from Front Porch) 'A blend of vanilla, cream, with caramel undertones.'  A dupe of Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath & Body Works, this was plain ol' yummy as VBN always is.  It's warm and creamy, sweet, with very slight hints of buttery saltiness from the caramel.  If I remember correctly, it had a strong throw.  A classic scent that I would buy again.
  • Creamy Spiced Eggnog (from Better Homes & Gardens / Walmart) [no description]  I had this going pretty much all Christmas day.  It was strong like the Walmart tarts always are, almost too strong at some points.  I never know how to describe eggnog.  This was good (or I wouldn't have kept it going all day), with a sort of creamy warmth from the vanilla that I'm assuming is in eggnog.  There was a slight 'sour' note that I'm pretty sure is an identifying note in eggnog, and there was the sort of rum note.  This had some spiciness to it, but it was soft and warm and buried in the other notes.
  • Chocolate Peppermint Truffle (from Better Homes & Gardens / Walmart) [no description]  I *love* this scent.  I don't know how long Walmart's Christmas wax will be on sale for $1.00 but this is one I might have to go stock up on.  Although I usually don't like chocolate scents in tarts, this one just works.  You definitely do get both the chocolate notes and the mint notes.  It reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, or the mint chocolate candle from Bath & Body Works.  There is a creaminess, and the chocolate keeps the mint from being too overwhelming but even so, it is definitely a mint scent.  It has a strong throw, but it's not too heavy in the air.  Love this one.
And that is it for the pile of empty wrappers that has been accumulating on my desk.  Again, hopefully I can get back on track now that life will hopefully be slowing back down to normal/boring.  I also want to try limiting myself to just one or two main vendors in the new year, instead of just buying from any new vendor that catches my eye.  Most vendors have the same scents anyway.  I'd like to find a shop that I'm happy with, and just get to know all of their scents and products.  I have four shops in mind, and each has its own pros and cons.  We'll see how it goes.  I also have a fairly large order coming from Front Porch because I received two gift certificates for there, so I will do my haul post when that gets here.

Soooooo, that's my crappy attempt and getting caught up.  I do have several other posts I'm hoping to get written today.  Not guaranteeing anything though!  In the meantime, hope you all had a great Christmas (or whichever winter holiday you celebrate, if any).  Did you get anything wax related???  Do tell!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Melted - Scent Appeal / Lemon Noel

Lemon Noel - [no description]

This one was so yummy!  I don't know how this compares to versions from other vendors but from Scent Appeal, it is awesome.  I melted the entire 1+ oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had nearly immediate scent throughout the room..I'm not sure what the lemon part of this blend, if it's just a basic lemon or what, but the Noel part is a dupe for Bath & Body Works ever popular Vanilla Bean Noel scent.  You get the lemon note right away in this, and that vanilla mixture comes racing quickly after it.  You could say the lemon brightens the Noel, or you could say the Noel warms and sweetens the lemon.  It's a warm, creamy scent, sweet and comfy, but with that slight burst of sunshine from the lemon.  Soooo yummy.

The scent and throw on this were nice and strong.  I could smell it throughout the downstairs of my house, nice and strong but not overwhelming.  Hubby and I left for a while and when we came back, I could smell this immediately upon entering the back door of the house.  I love when that happens.

This one was a winner!

Melted - Scent Appeal / Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside - 'Pink sugar blended with crisp clean peppermint and vanilla bean.'

I'm finding I'm not a fan of Pink Sugar in tart form.  I loved the scent in soap back in my early soap making days, but because it's a perfume scent, I think that's why I prefer it in body products and not home fragrance.  Having said that, I don't hate this scent . . . it is quite nice with the mint added . . . but the Pink Sugar part makes me think 'Bleah.'  

I melted this whole 1+ oz. tart in my tea light warmer.  It has a nice throw, probably medium-strong, as I could smell it through about half of the downstairs of my house.  You pick up on the coolness of the mint in a really light, refreshing way, and then you recognize the sweetness of the Pink Sugar with all of it's candy-like notes.  I don't really pick up any extra vanilla in this one, but there is vanilla in Pink Sugar so it IS there, lurking among everything else.

While this was a pleasant enough scent, and I'm glad I tried it to see why it's so popular, I don't think I would buy this one again.  I have this scent from another vendor too, so I'm torn between trying it to see if there is any difference, or just passing it on to someone else.

I may have written this mini-review too soon.  I did it while the tart was still melting.  I noticed much later in the melt that the Pink Sugar lessened and a creamy vanilla mint took over a bit more, and THAT was a scent I really liked.  It even drifted upstairs, which was awesome.  Even so, I will probably just stick with regular vanilla mint mixes in the future, and avoid Pink Sugar blends.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Melted - Front Porch Candle Co. / Christmas Cookies & Eggnog

Christmas Cookies & Eggnog - '(In House Blend) Popular blend of Christmas Sugar Cookies and Eggnog...such a great seller it is an all year round scent.'

When I got this one, as noted in my haul post,  there was almost no scent and I didn't have much to say about it.  Maybe there really is something to 'curing' because it was plenty strong on cold throw when I got it out this morning, and when melted it was nice and strong.  *phew*

I melted this whole 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer.  The dominant notes seemed to seesaw back and forth between the cookie part and the eggnog part.  At times I'd notice a really yummy, sort of buttery cookie scent, and other times I seemed to notice the creamy eggnog with just the slightest hint of spice.  I think overall it was stronger on the cookie note though.  It was a medium-strong scent and throw, creeping into most of the downstairs rooms (before hubby's coffee took over), but not with in an overpowering way.  It was gently scenting a large area, like in a way that people would think your house smells wonderful but they wouldn't necessarily think you had candles or something going.

This was a really nice scent for Christmas, warm and cozy, and I would definitely buy it again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Walmart Wax Sale!

"A little Christmas bird told me today that all BH&G Christmas Warmers and Wax will be on SALE in Walmart starting TODAY!! 50% off BH&G Wax!"

The bit of information above was posted by Scentsationals on Facebook and Twitter just minutes ago.  I have no idea how long this sale will go, but I think those warmers and tarts are going to be picked through fast.  I won't even be able to get to town until Saturday morning.  Bleah!

Let me know if you get anything! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ollie's Soaps - Tarts

Ollie's Soaps is a vendor that is brand new to me.  While I have heard the name mentioned on YouTube, it was from a blog that I decided to give this shop a try.  And it wasn't for the soaps, but for the tarts.  I only placed a small order, as I prefer to do when first trying a new place.

One thing I was just tickled pink about was that owner Ayano wrote her thank you note on an actual Seattle postcard.  Little known fact about me . . . I love collecting postcards.  And since I doubt I'll ever get to Seattle, this was a very cool little treat for me.

Ok, what did I order?

Serendipity Noel - [no description available]

I have Serendipity from another vendor and while I haven't melted it yet, I have fallen in love with the scent just from cold sniff.  And I already know I like Vanilla Bean Noel, so I thought this would be a good mix,  (Serendipity is a mix of vanilla, cherry, orange, powdered sugar, and coconut.  Vanilla Bean Noel is vanilla, caramel, hint of musk, and I can't remember what else.)  And yeah, this is a super sweet and yummy scent.  The Serendipity is stronger, all that candy-like sweetness, bright and happy . . . but then the Noel adds a bit of a creamy undertone, with that caramel giving it a bit of a warm sweetness.  Be warned!  This is SUPER sweet, but not in a choking 'I just inhaled Pixie Stix powder!' way.  And how dang cute is that little donut shape?

Vanilla Frosted Grahams - [no description available]

More cute little donut shaped donuts, and how can you go wrong with the scent of Vanilla Frosted Grahams?  This is a sweet but cozy bakery scent.  There is something that could be like graham crackers, but kinda reminds me of a sugar cookie scent.  Then there is a sweet note lurking, not really like buttercream, but sweet vanilla.  Cookie or graham, this is still a really nice scent.  Actually, since I'm all about peppermint lately, I wonder how this would be with a bit of that mixed in.  Hmmm!  I might have to try some mixology!

That is all I ordered, but Ayano was generous enough to include several freebies.  (Thank you!!)

Fruity Fruit Loops - [no description available]

This is a super uber mega popular scent, and one that I do not join the bandwagon for.  It is SUPER sweet, like the aforementioned 'I inhaled Pixie Stix powder!' type sweet.  I *does* smell like the cereal, you almost can smell the crunchy part of the cereal, but it's just so cavity-creating-ly sweet that it's too much for me.  Maybe I'll melt this in small pieces when we get closer to spring, or maybe I'll just pass it on to someone else.  I always love getting freebies because it's fun to try things you  might not have considered getting otherwise, but this one just isn't for me.

Sweet Milk - [no description available]

Another very popular scent these days, this one is quite interesting.  Hubby and I had fun trying to pinpoint just what is was we were smelling.  Hubby said, "It's like you smell something one time, and something else the next time."  He's right.  Sometimes when I sniff this it's just a creamy, sweet scent.  Sometimes it seems like a creamed corn scent.  Sometimes there is almost a sour milk note.  Right now, I'm getting that sort of corn scent . . . almost like a very light cornbread or corn pudding note . . . with a sort of warm sugar sweetness mixed in.  This will be very interesting when melted.

Pink Candy Corn - [no description available]

I received two of these little guys in Pink Candy Corn scent.  Right now all I really smell is Pink Sugar, and that's not surprising because Candy Corn is usually a rather light scent.  Pink Sugar is cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, and several slight notes of fruit and things.  It's a very popular perfume, and hugely popular as both a wax and bath/body product scent.  I've always liked the scent, so I'm happy to have these little tarts.

And that is my small haul from Ollie's Soaps.  There are several styles of tarts in this Etsy shop.  The 4-pk donut shaped ones are $2.50 a pack.  There are also clamshell style, scalloped, and even chunk style.  You can also find soaps, body butter, and bath bombs at Ollie's Soaps.

Shipping was FAST.  I ordered on Monday morning (Dec. 10) and received my package on Wednesday (Dec. 12)!!!  Everything was nicely packaged and arrived in perfect condition in a regular padded yellow envelope.  Shipping charge was $5.00, although actual was only $2.30.  A lot of smaller shops will refund overages.  This one did not.  Even so, $5.00 is quite cheap compared to some of the standard rates other shops charge.  (**UPDATE** I was indeed given a partial refund for shipping overcharges.  I posted too soon.  Oops!)  While I have not actually melted any of these, I can assure you that the cold scents are very strong and full.  I'm feeling confident these will perform fine when melted.

So overall, I'm extremely pleased with my first Ollie's Soaps experience.  I can easily see myself ordering from this shop again.

Have YOU tried Ollie's Soaps yet?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Melted - Tiffany Candles / Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams – 'Festive aroma of cinnamon,
clove & mulberry w/ hints of pine.'
I received this 4 oz. candle free with my order quite a while ago.  They were having a special were you could get a free candle with any purchase.  Since I was getting a head start on gathering my Christmas scents at that time, I told Tiffany to just surprise me with one of her winter/Christmas scents . . . and Winter Dreams is what she sent me.  I *LOVE* this scent!  At the time I had thought for sure I'd be ordering from Tiffany's again and had figured on getting this scent in tart form.  Turns out I never did place another order because I was having such iffy luck with the tarts.  I know they've changed their wax blend now, and I'm hearing that the scents and throw are much better now, so maybe I'll order again sometime in the future.  Not sure at this point.
Anyway, hubby prefers candles and since he spends most of his time in the living room, that's where we burn candles.  Since we're all about Christmas scents at the moment, we dug this one out of the stash and lit it up.  I wasn't expecting much, partly because candles tend to disappoint me and partly because the Tiffany tarts had disappointed me.  But this little guy surprised me!  It had a pretty darn good throw, could smell it throughout the whole house.  It was a lighter scent, but it carried well!

I'm not even sure how to describe the scent itself.  There is something almost creamy lurking in there, almost cookie-like, although I don't see anything like that in the description.  I don't think I'd recognize the pine if I didn't know it was there, and I don't really get cinnamon although there is something like warm spice.  I have no clue what actual mulberry smells like, so maybe that is what the sweet note is, maybe that's where the seemingly creamy note comes from?  Whatever is going on in this scent, I love it.

The candle burned great.  I love this 4 oz. mini jelly jar size.  I like that you can get through them quickly and move on to the next scent.  I don't feel as guilty about having several of these small candles as I do about having several large ones, because it takes forever to get through the big ones.  Well, at least it does for us.  And this one burned flawlessly . . . no smoke, no soot, no tunneling or tending needed.  I don't know how long it lasted, maybe three or four days of burning several hours in the evenings . . . ?

We burned this puppy down to the very bottom, till the wax around the outer edge had begun cooling and the flame was shrinking because the wick was burned down to nothing.  And it still has plenty of scent!  I could probably scrape the remaining bits of wax out of here and get one more melt out of it in my tea light warmer.  

So this was a surprise hit.  I knew I liked the scent, but I was not expecting to like the candle itself so much.  I think I would definitely order more of these small candles from Tiffany's, maybe even before I'd consider buying tarts from there.

Yep, this was a good one.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My First Influenster Box!!

Influenster is a program that I've tried twice and had nothing but frustration with ... until now.  I don't remember if I've blogged about it before, or if I've just grumbled about it somewhere along the way.  Earlier this year, when I'd considered making this blog a review blog, I'd heard about the Influenster program through some YouTubers.  I checked it out and thought it would be great fun.  If you don't know, it's a totally free program where you 'earn' products to try and then review and discuss them through social media like blogs, Twitter, Facebook.  You create a profile on the Influenster site, and then you unlock badges related to different areas or interests.  You unlock these badges by answering questions, linking your accounts, etc.  That part was fun.  Then it all got frustrating.

Back when I first signed up the website was so uninformative.  You were limited on how many badges you could unlock but it didn't really tell you that.  So I just went through the list starting from the beginning, instead of picking the areas I was most interested in.  And then there was nothing.  No way to earn more badges.  No extra things to do to boost your chances of earning products.  No sort of news on the homepage or anything.  Just nothing.  So I rage quit.  (Ha, gamer terms.)  I wanted to delete my account but couldn't.  I think I had to email them or something, and then they only deactivated it.

Some time went by and I heard others talking about the program more, and that there had been some changes.  So I tried to sign up again.  Ah, but it told me my name/email were already associated with the program.  Really?  Cuz I closed that account.  So I can reopen it if it's still there, right?  Nope.  Contacted them to ask about reactivating.  No, we can't do that.  Oh, well then can you get rid of my info so I can sign up again?  Uh, no, but you can use a different email address.  Wtf?  *rage quit #2*

Or maybe I did sign up again with a different address.  I can't remember the order of events.

Anyhoo!  More time goes by and I see someone who does almost nothing online get a one of the Influenster boxes.  Really????  So once again, apparently just having a YouTube channel is the key to it all, even if that channel is crap and barely active.  Maybe that was when  Rage Quit #2 happened.

Shortly after that I got an email notification that I was on the list of possibles to get the next box.  All I had to do was log in, fill out the special survey, and wait.  Well, that's fabulous except I can't log in to that account because you say it doesn't exist and can't be reopened, even though the site tells me the email addy is still stored and, hello, you just sent me a notification for the program.  Whatever, people.

Fast forward to now.  Maybe two weeks ago I received another such notification, and I once again tried figuring out how to either reopen that account or get it deleted once and for all.  Somewhere in my raging anger, I noticed THIS notification was sent to my second account addy (which is forwarded to my main addy).  DOH!  Duh me!  Once I discovered that I was able to get into that second account and fill out the survey.  While there I found tons of changes to the website and the program.  I was having fun filling out the surveys and things, unlocking badges, raising my 'influence' score . . . and then again received the message that I'd reached the limit on badges.  I wish you'd make that clearer from the start, guys!

But whatever.  I filled out the survey, tended my profile, and waited.  I was actually quite surprised to get word that I would indeed be getting a box.  Woot!

I received the Cosmo VoxBox.  When I saw that it was a Cosmo box I thought 'What the heck?  Why would they pick ME for something girlie and makeup filled?'  Then I figured it was because I'd not unlocked badges according to my interests, so I was probably dumped into this group.  Ok, that's fine . . . I was getting a VoxBox!  (And it turns out it wasn't that girlie and makeup filled at all.)

I guess I didn't realize there were so many different products in the boxes.  Or maybe that's one of the changes since I was last paying attention.  This was almost like a Cravebox!  Yay!

When I first opened the box and saw this razor on top (before realizing there was anything else) I felt like *UGH* 'This is so cheap, this is what every person in every one of these types of programs gets.'  I don't use this kind of razor (just plain ol' pink disposable Daisy for me, thanks) and when I tried one similar to this that I'd gotten free somewhere else, I didn't like it.  But I guess the whole point of Influenster is to try things and let others know how we feel, so I guess I can give this a try.

This is the Venus Embrace razor, with an extra packet of interchangeable Venus & Olay replacement blades, and $2.00 off coupon.  Pretty nice for freebies.  Plus, the organza bag these came in could come in handy during this holiday season to put small gifts or something in.

When I pulled the razor package out and saw more things in the box, I was thrilled.  And to see chocolate made all the frustration worth while!  LOL!  I don't buy Ghirardelli chocolate but it was about this time last year that I got a bar in a Secret Santa thing I'd participated in, and I think I may have gotten some in Cravebox or something.  Getting Ghirardelli is always a treat for me.  This one says 'New!' and is Sea Salt Escape flavor.  It says 'Milk chocolate with sea salt and roasted almonds.'  It also says 'Gourmet Milk' near the top.  I don't know if that's a line of chocolate within this brand, or if they all say that.  I think I will be nibbling this tonight after supper.  Maybe I'll even share with the menfolk, hehe.

There are two pens in this box.  They are FriXion (by Pilot) erasable gel pens.  Interesting!  I can always use pens, and getting these once again reminds me of Cravebox.  Very cool.  The pink one is indeed bright pink ink.  Can't use that at work but it will be fun to use for shopping lists or little notes for hubby.

I almost freaked when I saw this in the box!!  I very rarely go to Bath & Body Works but I do get the emails and things in my snail mail, so I have been aware of their newest scent, Forever Red.  I have not smelled it yet.  I've wondered what it's like.  And now to see it in my very first Influenster box, after all the trouble and hassle and plain old giving up on the program . . . ?  AND it's the Eau de Parfume.  (I don't know why that's better than the plain body mist but apparently it is.)  The scent description on the card is '... passionate blend of pomegranate and red osmanthus with a sexy surprise of vanilla rum ...'  This is a .25 fl. oz. bottle, valued at $10.  I have no idea what 'red osmanthus' is but I do like this scent.  It's more sophisticated than just fruit and vanilla, but that's what I mainly get from it.  The pomegranate is fruity and juicy, and the vanilla sweetens and warms it.  I think I pick up sublte traces of that rum that's mentioned, and then there is something very pretty but not really floral.  I really like this!  I might have to add some B&BW to my Birthday/Christmas list!!

So after a rough start in this program, I must admit that I'm quite thrilled and impressed with the boxes they send out.  I know they have different types of boxes (this one is the Cosmo, remember) that different people are selected for based on their interests or however it works.  I know each type of box is different, but I don't know if each box within the same type contains all the same things.  Like, did everyone who got this Cosmo box get exactly the same items I got?  Or did some get a different flavor chocolate, or different color pen, or different B&BW scent?  That I'm not sure about.

And I realize that trashing the program as I did at the beginning of this post doesn't do much to earn me points, but on the other hand it points out some very real and frustrating trouble spots in the program.  Maybe I'll never get another box.  Who knows?  Considering I did nothing the past how many months to even boost my chances of earning this one, I wonder if it really matters?  Still, I will do all the followup things they want us to do, and I will try to stay more active on the site now that I know I *can* get something without a YouTube channel.  But whatever happens, I was bucket loads of thrilled to have received all these goodies!

Disclaimer - I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Front Porch Candle Co. - Tart Haul

Not only have I had to eat my previous words about Front Porch Candle Co., but I now feel I must admit to you that I am hooked.  Yes, I have been sucked into the site stalking game.  I fear what will happen when I get my current tart stash down to a reasonable level and let myself do some guilt-free ordering!!

 One of the main reasons I placed this order ... well, two small orders actually ... was to get those two currently hot scents: Pink Peppermint, and Marshmallow Peppermint.

This is the first time I've ordered one of the 4-packs, and the first time I've gotten the cute little donut shaped tarts.  This is Marshmallow Peppermint Twist.  I can't find a description for this one on the Front Porch site but on cold sniff it is so freakin' amazingly yummy.  You get a definite crisp, cool peppermint right off the bat, but there is a sweet, creaminess chasing right after it.  There is a vanilla note or a buttery note, probably from the marshmallow.  I absolutely LOVE this one, and am so glad I got a 4-pack!

Finding descriptions on the Front Porch site is still one of my gripes.  The scent list is broken up into some rough categories, but I think it's also quite incomplete.  But whatever.  This is Pink Peppermint, which is usually a blend of the ever popular Pink Sugar perfume dupe, and peppermint.  If Front Porch adds anything else to it, I don't know.  On cold sniff, I can smell an equal balance of both the Pink Sugar and the peppermint.  The mint is much softer and sweeter in here, but is still very much there.  And Front Porch's version is way better than the one from another vendor I posted about recently.  I really like this one, but I like the marshmallow one above more.  (I got two of these.)

I had heard Lemon Marshmallow mentioned elsewhere and thought it sounded yummy.  I had to see for myself.  Another winner!  I can smell that same vanilla-buttery note in this one, so yeah, now I know it's the marshmallow making itself known.  That's very cool because usually mashmallow is quite weak.  I think I'm definitely going to explore whatever other marhsmallow blends Front Porch has.  Anyway!  Stay focused, Deb!  There is an obvious lemon note in here, bright and clean, but softened and sweetened by that marshmallow.  It's almost like a lemon cake.  I'm glad I got two of these!

I'm pretty sure Vanilla Noel is just a dupe for Vanilla Bean Noel (from Bath & Body Works).  If so, that would be a vanilla scent with hints of caramel and I think a bit of musk.  Smelling this cold, yep, that's what it smells like.  If you're not familiar with it, it's mainly a vanilla scent . . . creamy and sweet . . . but with rich buttery caramel undertones and just the lightest hints of musk to make it all pretty.  I really like this scent but it's more of a generic classic now.  Even so, still a great scent that doesn't even need to be reserved for Christmas.

Honey Almond sounded interesting.  I don't remember seeing this one getting any attention so I thought I'd give it a try.  So glad I did!  When I first smelled this little guy, I thought it was so close to my beloved Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap scent.  After smelling it more and more, it still reminds me of that but I can tell it's quite different now.  You definitely get the almond note in here, almost like cherry.  There is sweetness from the honey right along with it.  Together they make a bright but sort of comforting scent.  I think I will be getting more of this whenever I start ordering again.

I do remember seeing a description for Country Cinnamon somewhere along the way.  It was more than just cinnamon . . . nutmeg or something? . . . and butter.  I'd seen others comment about this being the best cinnamon around because of the extra notes.  I'd been wanting something cinnamon-y for Christmas so I got one of these to try.  While it's not quite as strong as a pure old fashioned cinnamon scent like I'd been looking for, it is a delicious scent.  This absolutely reminds me of the cinnamon crumble topping I put on the Cherry Crisp dessert I make at Thanksgiving.  You do get the cinnamon in this, but it's softened by the other notes.  The nutmeg or whatever other spices add a more well rounded, warm spiciness, keeping it from being such a harsh biting type scent.  And then the butter undertones give it a sweetness.  This one seriously makes my hungry!  Oh my gosh, I can just about taste it!  Mmmmmmmm!  (Even so, this is not the Christmas type cinnamon scent I wanted.)

I am super duper uber happy with this order.  This might be the first time I've been so thrilled with ALL of the tarts, regardless what vendor.  And yeah, now I'm really wanting to go order more . . . LOL!!

I know many of you are more seasoned Front Porch pros than I am.  Have you had any of these scents?  What did you think of them?  What should go on my Must Try Next list?

Haus of Gloi - Small Haul

It's been probably a year since I've ordered from Haus of Gloi.  You know, that shop I love but always forget about . . . *ahem*  So anyway, I placed a small order because I realized I'm quite limited on my lotions at the moment.  I remember liking their pumpkin butters (body cream) and I saw a scent I wanted in a blog post about their Yule Reverie items, and decided it was time to revisit The Haus.

Winter Divinity - 'Sugary white vanilla divinity with a surprising jolt of peppermint.'

This is the one that made me order.  I immediately thought of the white candy that is common at Christmas.  (Too bad I can't find anyone who makes it.  The store bought stuff just isn't as good.)  I already know I like the product, and I think it was only available in the 4 oz. jar anyway, so that's what I got.  I think there is an error on my label though, because it says 1.8 oz.  Oops!  Anyway, the scent is not what I was expecting.  I thought there would be more of a sort of bakery note, maybe stronger on the vanilla, but I was surprised at how straight up peppermint candy cane it seems to be.  That's fine, it's a great scent, it just caught me a bit by surprise.  Although, once applied to the skin it seems to mellow into more of what I'd expected.  Hmm, interesting.  This is a very nice scent for Christmas or for winter in general.

Troika - 'A trinity of soft milks, almond, oat and coconut, lashed with sweet agave nectar and the ethereal scent of clean white.'

I also bought a small jar of pumpkin butter in Troika scent because I remember just absolutely loving this scent.  I think I said in my post from long ago that it reminds my of my mom for some bizarre reason.  Of course, I can't find that post now.  *grrr*  Well, it's a really pretty and sweet scent.  It's bright and light, with no one note in particular leading the way.  Love it.

I've never tried Haus of Gloi's sugar scrubs but decided to go ahead this time, and got a small jar of the bubbling scrub in Troika scent.  It looks like a fairly solid, dry-ish type consistency.  I've had several styles of scrubs from several places and they range from near liquid, oil filled types, to this much more solid form that will no doubt turn creamy once water hits it.  Can't wait to try this!

I recently ran completely out of lip balms here at home AND at work.  When I saw Hau of Gloi had balms in stock so I grabbed two.  I remember having a problem with the minty balm I had a while ago from them, but I doubt either of these have any mint in them so all should be fine.  I got a Gingersnap, and a Spun Sugar.  There were no descriptions for any of the balms.  I don't really get much scent from either.  The Gingersnap one has a sort of cookie note to it but it's very light just sniffing it from the tube.  I couldn't smell anything from the Spun Sugar tube so I applied some, and am getting a bit of soft, candy, sweetness.  And it went on sooooo nice and smooth.  No lip crushing force needed to feel some coverage.  Nice!

And then of course, you always get a small perfume oil sample with your order.  Mine is Hot Cocoa scent this time.  Described as 'A simple cup of hot coco with a few mostly melted marshmallows,' I can never get these little vials open without slopping the perfume all over, so I'm just going to assume it's as yummy as it sounds.

As you see, I did not order any bar soaps this time. That's because I just won that big basket of soaps from another vendor, and because I *still* have plenty of soaps left from last year's crazy soap buying days . . . not to mention my own that I made during that brief re-interest in making soap.

But I'm looking forward to enjoying these other products and hopefully I'll remember to keep Haus of Gloi a little higher on my priority list when it comes time to reorder such bath/body items in the future.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Scent Appeal Candles - Tarts / Small Haul

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend I found myself on the hunt for what seem to be two of the most popular scents in tarts at the moment . . . Pink Peppermint, and Peppermint Marshmallow.  All of the vendors I checked either didn't carry them or were currently out of stock.  I went back to Etsy and started searching.  When I saw that Scent Appeal Candles had one of the scents but it was sold out at the moment, I messaged shop owner Lisa to ask if she would be listing more, and also asked about the other scent.  She responded promptly and through the conversation and my many questions, she agreed to not only make both scents for me, but to also try a new blend I'd asked about.  How awesome is that??

Thank you, Lisa!

Baby, It's Cold Outside - 'Pink sugar blended with crisp clean peppermint and vanilla bean.'

Scent Appeal's version of Pink Peppermint is called Baby, It's Cold Outside.  Since I've never actually smelled Pink Peppermint from anyone else, I don't know how this compares.  On cold sniff, I'm mainly getting the Pink Sugar scent.  I'm only getting the tiniest hint of peppermint at the moment.  I hope more of the mint comes out when I melt this.  (If you're not familiar with Pink Sugar, it is a perfume dupe, a fun blend of things like cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, and other things.)

Peppermint Marshmallow - 'Marshmallow blended with peppermint and a touch of creamy vanilla.'

I haven't smelled this popular scent from anyone else either, but just had to have it to see what all the fuss is about.  I do love vanilla-mint scents, so I figured this couldn't be bad.  I was also wondering if the marshmallow would really lend anything to the overall mix because marshmallow is notorious for being a light scent.  This is quite yummy though, and the marshmallow does indeed make itself known!  Again, the mint is rather soft in this one.  This is sort of a warm, sweet blend . . . not crisp and fresh as some vanilla-mint blends can be.

Lemon Noel - [no description]

The new scent she agreed to make for me is something I had seen on a blog, in a picture of someone's haul from another vendor.  It was Lemon Noel.  Any Noel blend typically means it is Vanilla Bean Noel (Bath & Body Works dupe) mixed with whatever.  So I was immediately intrigued.  And I was thrilled that she agreed to try this blend for me.

Again, I have not smelled Lemon Noel from any other vendor so I have no clue how Lisa's attempt would compare but I will say this . . . wow.  This is friggen YUMMY!  She must have thought so too because I saw on her Facebook page that she's going to be adding it to her regular line.  Woot!  There is a definite lemon note right off the bat.  It's a sweet lemon, not tart.  The vanilla notes warm it up, turning it into something almost dessert-like.  I wonder if this is anything like the Lemon Vanilla that Bath & Body Works discontinued?

 I ordered the six tart bundle for $3.25, and got two each of the three scents mentioned above.  Each is a 1 oz. tart.

Winter Breeze - 'A cool, watery scent with a hint of peppermint.'

I also received a freebie tart with my order.  I'm not sure just what makes up the 'cool, watery' part of this but it is sort of a spa type scent.  There might be some light musk in here.  It does make you think 'wet,' like greenery after light rain.  The mint is very light.  You probably wouldn't detect it if you didn't know it was there.  I guess, yeah, if I close my eyes and sniff this it does sort of make me think of wintery breeze, maybe like on those really sunny winter days when some of the snow is melting but it's still cold and beautiful.  I'm weird, I know.

This is my second order from Scent Appeal Candles, which can be found on Etsy.  There are a variety of wax options in this shop . . . clamshell tarts, scallop tarts, scent shots, jar candles . . . as well as room sprays and smelly jelly jars.  There are different bundle options which can save you money.  And there are tons of scents to choose from.

Customer service and shipping are great.  I must have driven Lisa nuts with all my questions but she promptly responded to each one, and still agreed to do a custom order which she usually doesn't do and which was not my intention at the start of it all.  I ordered on Sunday afternoon (Nov. 25) and even being a custom order with something she'd never even made before, I still received my order on Friday (Nov. 30).  And that on top of whatever Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales she had!  That is awesome.

If you have not tried Scent Appeal Candles yet, I suggest you check them out.  And if you have tried Scent Appeal Candles, what did you think?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melted - Front Porch Candle Co. / Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum - [no description]

Not only have I had to eat my earlier words about Front Porch Candle Co. recently, but I seem to have swung to the extreme other side and have now become one of the addicts who stalk the site.  LOL!!  I'd gotten several in gift/swap packages and more recently placed a small order myself, along with another larger order just the other day.  Ooohhhh dear . . .

I melted this whole .9 oz. tart in my tea light warmer without expecting too much from it.  I think I just go into all tarts now expecting lackluster results.  My luck seems to be turning though, because once again, I was pleasantly surprised with the scent throw on this little guy.  I could smell it throughout the downstairs of my house, even when I first come through the door from being outside, but it is a medium type scent.  You know it's there but it's not like -Wham!- heavily perfumed air alert!  It's a very nice level of scent.

In my cold sniff notes I said this was almost caramel-like, with an almost salty note.  I think buttered rum is supposed to be like butterscotch, isn't it?  Now that I've plenty of time to smell this one warm, yeah, it's more of a butterscotch sweetness.  This is a super yummy, creamy,  warm and cozy scent.  There is a very faint hint of spice but it's nothing that any spice haters need to fear.  A delicious scent that I would absolutely buy again.

Melted - Tiffany Candles / Winter Fall

Winter Fall - 'Vanilla with hints of peppermint (A Tiffany Candles Blend).'

I haven't had much luck with Tiffany Candles tarts in the scent or throw department.  It's been a bummer that most of the Tiffany's that I have is Christmas scents, and knowing how the few non-holiday scents I've tried have been duds has not made me excited to get to these.  So imagine my surprise with this one!!
I melted one whole tart (about 1 oz. I think) in my tea light warmer, not expecting much, but wow!  I was treated to almost immediate scent, and once it warmed a bit more I had excellent throw throughout the downstairs of my house and even creeping up into the upstairs hallway.  The scent lasted the four hours of a tea light burn but did seem to be taking on slight hint of something unpleasant at the end, like something over-cooked or scorched.  It was very slight though.  I didn't really care . . . I was just so surprised to have had a successful tart!  lol

Ok, now as for the scent itself, I think there may have been a mix up in labeling.  The description for this says vanilla and peppermint.  There seems to be something more.  The reason I think there is a mix up is because I also ordered Christmas Cookies back when I ordered this Winter Fall, and I think the extra notes I seem to smell in this are actually cookie notes.  I think my Winter Fall and my Christmas Cookies are switched.  That's fine, because I still have both, but it's a bit chucklesome.  Even a coworker that I shared these with thought this was the cookie scent.

SO . . . what I get from the tart *I* have is sweet, light vanilla-mint blend with a sort of buttery bakery note.  Maybe it just is whatever vanilla was used to make the blend, but it's a full, rich note.  The mint is sweet and light.  A really yummy scent, whichever it is.

Melted - Can-Do-Candles / Gingerbread Men

I've never ordered from Can-Do-Candles, and am not even very familiar with them, but I received this tart as part of a gift recently.  I've heard this vendor name a lot on YouTube, just haven't really paid attention to what's being said.

I melted this entire 1.1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer.  Having no clue what to expect for strength of scent, I was very happy to find a nice strong throw.  I could easily smell it throughout the downstairs of my house.  It was still quite fragrant after one tea light burn (about four hours).

This is not a sweet type of gingerbread like the iced cookies type.  This is a rich, delicious, somewhat spicy gingerbread.  It's deep and dark and heavy, like the molasses used to make the real thing.  I went to the Can-Do site to get a description but they are closed at the moment.  I'm really curious about this scent because I'd almost swear there is something else in here.  The name is Gingerbread Men, and at times it seemed like there were hints of musk or cologne lurking in this.  I might just be crazy, but it sure seemed like it!!  I will definitely be checking when the Can-Do shop reopens!  (Unless someone else already knows??)

This was a great scent, and I was very happy with the performance.  Can-Do just might a shop I need to try out myself.