Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review - Bodycology Body Cream & Shower Gel

I recently received a package from Bodycology with some products for review.  I'd been told I would be receiving "a package of samples," so imagine my surprise when I found two full size products!

I received a tube of the Bodycology body cream in White Gardenia scent.  I always say I'm not a floral fan, so at first I was a bit bummed by this scent choice but I must admit, this is something I quite like.  It's light and almost a bit sweet.  The description on the tube is:
The rich floral scent of fresh gardenias promotes love, peace and good spirits.'

And . . . 

'beneficial ingredients:
Moisturizing Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Nourishing Vitamins E & C.'
This is a thick cream, perfect for dry winter skin.  It spreads amazingly easy and smooth though.  A little definitely goes a long way!  And it absorbs quickly, with no greasy feel.  The scent lingers for quite a long time, but not in an overpowering way.  This White Gardenia scent is just a soft, pleasant presence, not at all perfumey.  Very nice, very fresh.

The full size tube of body cream is 8oz/ 227g, and sells for $3.97 at Walmart.

I also received a bottle of shower gel/bubble bath in Island Coconut scent.  I was very excited about this because I *love* coconut scents.  The bottle describes it as:
The essence of the beach comes alive with the tempting scent of fresh cut coconut and sweet cream.'

It's a very sweet coconut scent, with that cream note being a definite presence in there.  It's not a heavy scent though.  It does linger on the skin well after you've showered but it's subtle, which makes it nice.

I used this as a shower gel, on a mesh pouf as always, and it lathered like a champ.  There was a ton of immediate and long lasting, creamy lather.  The bottle says there is honey and aloe vera in this product.  Nice!  It rinsed away easily and cleanly, and did not leave me feeling dry and tight.  The scent was nice in the shower, but again it was not overpowering.  A very nice product.

A full size bottle of shower gel/bubble bath is 16oz/473g and sells for $3.97 at Walmart.

Bodycology products can be found almost anywhere . . . Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. . . . and are extremely affordable.  They have many scents to choose from, and a wide range of products from lotions and body washes, to hand soaps and body mists.  They even have lip glosses, but those are extremely hard to find.  If you  'like' them on Facebook, there is usually a $1.00 off printable coupon available in the left sidebar.  I have enjoyed every product and every scent I have tried so far.  Sadly, my one small complaint is that their website is not at all current.  It would really be nice to have a place to go and see ALL of the products and scents currently available.  But oh well, I still enjoy the products and hope to work with them again for future reviews.  I've even signed up to be a Bodycology tester!  

I encourage you to try any of the very affordable, very available Bodycology products.  There is sure to be something for everyone!

Have YOU tried Bodycology yet?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Haul - Candlelynn

Candlelynn is a brand new shop to me, but has been on Etsy since 2009.  I came across it recently in a very round about way . . . a comment on one blog led me to a post on another blog which had a link to the shop in a review.  My first reaction was 'Bleah, no soap here,' and I left the site without really looking around much.  Then I remembered I don't need any more soap, that it's lotions and other things I'm looking for now.  Doh!  So I gave the shop a second look, a much more thorough look.

I was excited to see she had body cream that appeared to be the light, fluffy 'frosting' type that I prefer.  Looking at the ingredients, and not knowing anything about this shop, I wondered if this was homemade or made from a base, but then decided I wanted to try it regardless.  The creams can be colored if requested, and there were so many scents I wanted, but since I'm looking for unscented lotions right now I just picked a small jar of unscented, uncolored.  I tried a little dab when I opened the package and found it's thicker than I'd expected, but still seems very  nice.  I'll see how it goes when I start using it like normal.

Lip balms are another thing I've been looking for.  There are plenty to choose from in the Candlelynn shop.  When I saw this caramel scent, I knew this was the one for me.  Mmmm, smells so. freakin. yummy!  I did one quick application when I opened the package, just to see what it was like, and found it is the soft type, the sort of 'wet' feeling kind where a little goes a long way.  I'll have to use it for a while to see how it works and how I like it.

This shop has tarts too!  I know, it seems everyone is making tarts now, but what the heck . . . since I was ordering anyway, I decided to add some tarts to the cart.  There are several size and package options available.  I chose a five tart 'littles' sampler and asked Jana to pick random scents for me, anything but floral.  She picked some good ones!  AND she included a freebie!  (Thank you, Jana!)
Zucchini Bread - Hot and fresh out of the oven, just like grandma's. Warm spices and sweet bread! 
 A very nice warm, bread-y scent.

 Gingerbread - A perfect holiday treat! A richly spiced gingerbread with just
the right hint of sweetness.
This is the sweeter type of gingerbread scent, like cookies.  I like it!  (Not sure about the odd looking spots or wax on top.  Hope it doesn't affect melting or throw.)

Carrot Cake - A buttery spice blend with hints of peach, coconut, carrots,
cinnamon and warm vanilla.
Not sure about the funky looking wax in this one either but hubby requested a carrot cake scent a while ago so I was tickled to see this one.  It's more spicy than cake-y.

Buttermilk Pancakes - Vanilla, Creamy Buttermilk, Sticky Maple Sweet Cream, Maple, White Cocoa Musk, Vanilla Bean and Golden Honey!
Had to chuckle at this one too after just writing about my other Buttermilk Pancake tart yesterday.  This one does have the maple notes that the other didn't have.  So sooooo yummy!
Apple Jack's Peel - Wonderful fresh apple aroma with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove.
An awesome fall scent that I'm well familiar with from my soaping days, and happy to have again.
Cupid - This one is a must-smell! It's a rich, cherry almond coconutty scent!
I'm guessing this is the freebie because of the name and the upcoming holiday.  This one smells so good!  At first it was so familiar to me, would have sworn it was some kind of candy, but when I saw the description I realized it is probably the cherry making me think that.  Very sweet, and very appropriate for Valentine's!
And that is my first order from Candlelynn, which can be found on Etsy.  She has many more things in her shop, like sugar scrub cubes, foaming hand/body soaps, candles, room sprays.  One thing I'm considering for next time is the solid perfume sticks.  I've never tried one.

Have you ordered from Candlelynn before?  Any recommendations or thoughts to share?  I'd love to hear them!  And, as always, if you'd like a more in-depth review of anything you see here, just let me know.

Haul - Nature's Art

I had some credit in my account at Nature's Art so I thought it was time to use it up.  Looks like Kimberly is changing her look a bit, but it's cute to see the pink and black ribbons that go with her pink and black business card.  So what did I get?
I've long been on the hunt for a perfect lotion.  I prefer the light and fluffy 'frosting' type lotions, and I'd tried the goat milk 'Body Whips' from Nature's Art before so I already knew I loved them.  Kimberly makes her lotions from scratch . . . no pre-made bases here.  And that's one of the things I like the most.  I'd always had the small jars before because I loved trying different scents.  I'm to the point now though, that I just want some good unscented lotions so I don't have to worry about scents clashing with whatever soap I've just used, or with the body sprays I seem to be accumulating.  So for this order I picked just a big ol' jar of unscented 'Body Whip.'  I think I'll even try using this on my face, and see how it does.

Well imagine my surprise when I found a freebie bar of soap in my package!  And not only was it just a free bar, but it was one I had 'liked' on my Facebook page a while ago . . . Buttered Maple & Oats!
I just checked and it no longer shows up in her shop so I can't get the description but since my sentimental favorite scent is Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, I thought this might be along those lines with the added perk of yummy nummy maple.  It was such a treat to find a bar in my order!  The scent is quite faint just sniffing through the hole in the wrap.  Hopefully it comes out more in the shower.  And even if it doesn't, I still send many thanks to Kimberly for the freebie anyway.

As always, if you'd like a more in-depth review of anything you see here, just let me know.

What goodies have you stumbled upon lately?

Review - Febreze 2oz. Candle

Maybe you remember a post from back in November when I'd just bought this set of Febreze candles?  Well, I've *finally* gotten around to burning one of them and thought I'd revisit this and do a bit of a review.

I was not even aware Febreze had such sets available until I'd seen a well known YouTuber mention them.  Even then, I was surprised that she liked them so much.  I guess I'd just sort of dismissed them because they are 'air freshener aisle' candles.  But the set she had in her video, and the only set I found at my store at that time, was the yummy sounding Spice Collection.  It contains three candles: Gingersnap Vanilla, Anjou Pear Spice, and Cinnamon Dolce.
The set costs $9.97 at Walmart.  Each candle is 2oz. and comes in a heavy glass mini jar.  The wax is a soy blend.  The packaging does not mention an estimated burn time but I did some Googling and found that 2oz. votive candles often fall into a 15 hour burn time, so I'm guessing this would be about the same.  I didn't keep track of how long we actually burned ours.

The one I chose to burn first is the brown one (left, back), the Gingersnap Vanilla scent.  Described as '...the spice of cinnamon in freshly baked gingerbread is balanced by creamy vanilla,' it was sort of a sharp gingerbread scent, not really like the creamy, cozy scent of gingerbread cookies.  The cinnamon made it extra spicy.  The scent was ok, a bit too harsh for my liking, but the throw was surprising.  I admit, I was not expecting much from this candle.  This little guy did a good job of scenting our huge living room and then some, but was not overpowering. 

When I first lit this candle I had it sitting on the top shelf of my desk, where my tart warmer sits, so I could judge the scent and throw like I would with a tart.  I suspect my desk does not sit level because I noticed the candle was burning to one side . . .
When I was sure it was just tunneling down more on one side I moved the candle to our normal candle burning spot on the living room coffee table.  After pushing some of that higher wax down into the wax pool, and getting things leveled out, the candle burned fine and even.  So yes, I do think the early problem was with the position on my desk and not with the candle itself.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this little Febreze candle.  I know there are other sets like this one in a variety of different scents, and I know there are other sizes and types of Febreze candles.  (I received a larger 5.5oz one for Christmas.)  The air freshener aisle is never where I think to buy candles but after trying this one I think it's at least worth taking a look now and then.  Who knew??

BH&G/Walmart Tarts - Spring Scents

While shopping at Walmart the other day I noticed a new aisle-end display of the Better Homes & Gardens wax tarts in what appears to be the spring line.  Of course I had to stop and sniff each one!  I had also noticed several weeks before this that my Walmart now carries the Scentsational brand of tarts, which is actually the same company that makes the Better Homes & Garden tarts.  While I did sniff each one, there were too many to remember details of so I will just list them here.

Better Homes & Gardens
- Mandarin Orange Zest
- Tranquil Garden Spa
- Orange Buttercream Cupcake
- Wild Island Fruit
- Enchanted Evening Walk
- Vanilla Lavender
- Twilight

- Honeysuckle
- Soft Cotton
- Garden Cantaloupe
- Rain Kissed
- Strawberries & Cream
- Exotic Dragonfruit
- Apricot Vanilla

Since this is a spring line and many fall into floral, fresh types, I am not nearly as gaga over these scents as I was with the winter/holiday line.  Of these, just on my quick sniff, Enchanted Evening Walk was my favorite and Rain Kissed was interesting.  Exotic Dragonfruit and Apricot Vanilla smelled very similar to me, which was weird.

These are the clam shell packages, six little break away wax cubes, and I believe both brands are $2.00 each.  As mentioned, this was in a separate display away from the regular candle aisle.  There was a large variety of random scents over in the candle aisle . . . fall and winter leftovers, generic 'all year' scents, some of the spring type ones, just a mix over there.  Also in the spring display were $15 electric tart warmers in three styles.  There was a frog, an owl, and a Grecian Urn style that came in gold, red, or aqua colors.  Not nearly as cute as the winter ones, but still quite nice. 

Actually, looking back over this list, I wonder if this is more of a summer line.  Maybe they just do a spring/summer mix?  I'll have to keep an eye on this as we get closer to summer, see if they do come out with a 'summer' line.

So, if you are a fan of these affordable tarts and are anxious for some fresh spring scents, head over to your Walmart soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haul - Country Home Scents (Tarts)

I have ordered from Country Home Scents many times but it's been a while.  My last order was for some yummy fall scents way back in late August.  As my tart stash has finally started to dwindle (gave a lot away at Christmas, hehe) and as CMS returned from a holiday break with some enticing new bakery scents, it was time for another order.  I went with the six tart sampler pack this time.

So let's see what I got . . .
Hazelnut Cream Coffee...A true hazelnut coffee aroma with a touch of
creamy vanilla. Nutty Goodness!
I have not melted any of the tarts in this order yet but just from cold throw, this little guy is STRONG!  I think I may have become tart sensitive over the holidays, with all my time off work, because I'd been burning tarts almost non-stop and was eventually getting headaches no matter what scent or vendor I melted.  Since I already know CHS tarts are strongly scented, I'm pretty sure I'll be cutting this one in half when I do melt it.  Anyway, there is a definite coffee scent to this but there is a rich creaminess to it as well.  We've been on a coffee kick lately so this will be perfect.

Butterscotch Zucchini Bread....We love our zucchini bread so much and when you add some butterscotch to it...WOW! 
This one just sounded interesting to me.  I know CHS has another zucchini bread scent that is hugely popular but this one called to me more.  Butterscotch is the top note here, but you also notice something else in there.  You might call it hints of bread scent, or maybe it's the zucchini that keeps this from being a straight butterscotch sweet candy scent.  Very nice.
Banana Caramel Cupcakes...The scent of ripe bananas drizzled in warm caramel and
a hint of vanilla cupcake....Mmmmmm!
Another one that sounded intriguing to me, I wondered if this might be along the lines of Candles By Victoria's Banana Pancakes.  Whether they are similar or not (I don't have CBV on hand to compare), I do like this scent!  Neither the caramel or the banana takes top billing, but they work together to create a softly sweet yumminess with background hints of that vanilla cupcake.
Buttermilk Pancakes...The mouth watering aroma of warm buttermilk pancakes hot off the griddle! A blend of buttermilk, baked cake, sweet cream butter and a touch of vanilla!
Now tell me that is not the freakin' cutest tart you've ever seen.  Or one of the cutest at least!  Cold throw, this one is on the weaker side.  I hope it blooms when warmed.  There is no maple scent as you might expect.  I had to go back and read the description to be sure I wasn't just missing it.  No, this is more just buttery pancakes.  But that's ok!  It's a nice, homey, scent.  I wonder how this would be with part of the Hazelnut Cream Coffee tart melting in another warmer?  Oooh, it could be like a perfect lazy weekend morning scent.
Tinsel...A refreshing holiday blend of winter berries, soft vanilla
and peppermint leaves...gotta try this one!
I should have ordered this one *before* Christmas, I know.  I will have to try and remember this one for next Christmas because it's a great holiday scent.  I love vanilla-mint scents like Jack Frost, and the addition of berries to this one gives it a hint of tartness.  When I first smelled this without looking at the description I almost would have told you there is a touch of pine, or something outdoorsy about it.  This is a unique scent that I'm anxious to smell when it's warmed.

Royal Cake...A cake aroma fit for a king or a queen! The wonderful scent of vanilla cake drenched in rich buttercream frosting with a hint of cherry!
Alright, call me a dork, but I had to have this one because of my obsession of late with British royal history.  And yes, I do have a mild fascination with William and Kate.  The fact that there is a hint of cherry to keep this from being just another cake scent is what sealed the deal.  According to the website these are made with either gold or silver crown/glitter.  Mine is obviously silver.  And I'm glad I ordered this!  You can definitely smell the cherry, with the cake and frosting following softly behind.  Can't wait to melt this one!
Holiday Eggnog...Smells just like the classic holiday drink that is rich
and creamy with eggs, sugar, cream and light rum! 
This was a freebie included in my order.  Perhaps they're just clearing out the holiday leftovers, but I was quite tickled to find this one.  I've loved other eggnog scents I've come across.  This one is little heavier on the rum, I think, and not as sweet and creamy as others I've had.  While I think I prefer the creamier ones, I have so many sugary sweet scents already that this will be a nice twist.  Thank you, CHS ladies! 

I'm happy with my little order.  If you'd like a more in-depth review of any of the scents or of Country Home Scents in general, just let me know and I would be happy to do one.  

See any here you like?  What are some favorite tart scents you've come across recently?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Movie Review - Apollo 18

Apollo 18
87 minutes

If you buy in to official statements, Apollo 17 was NASA's last manned mission to the moon. But what if found footage of a secret Apollo mission that had taken place the following year could prove otherwise -- and explain why we haven't gone back?

When I first saw previews for this on other DVDs I was torn on how I felt.  While it did look creepy in a Quarantine or Paranormal Activity kind of way, I also felt 'Really?  We have to take it to outer space to keep that scare tactic alive?'  Still, I decided I wanted to see it.

Hubby and I watched this on pay-per-view a couple nights ago instead of waiting for Netflix to get around to it.  One thing I'm not used to anymore is watching movies that are not on DVD.  I am so used to being able to pause a movie or rewind to double check something, and we couldn't do that with this movie.  Hubby doesn't care about such things.  He'll just talk and leave the room for food or the bathroom and not care that he's missed anything.  I have to be totally glued to what I'm watching.  And right away in this there was some text info at the beginning that I missed and I couldn't go back to check what it was.  Gah!  (And it might very well have been an answer to my biggest question, as you'll see later.)

This is done in the style of Paranormal Activity, or Quarantine where you only see things through less than perfect camerawork.  In this case it is handheld cameras the astronauts have, and the cameras onboard the spacecraft.  The whole idea of a Quarantine type story out in space is rather nerve wracking.  Not like you can just run or drive to safety!  Right away, I was examining every inch of the screen, determined to find all the creepy little things I just knew were supposed to be there.  And it's always so funny when I do that with this type of movie because I *know* that things won't be showing up immediately.  I can't help it!

So in the movie, NASA calls upon these three guys to go on this top secret mission to the moon.  I don't remember what information they were given, if any, but they were all bummed that they couldn't tell their families 'Hey, I'm going to the moon!'  When they got there, one guy stayed in the 'orbiter' craft (?) and the two others went in the other craft that actually landed on the moon.  Those two guys were supposed to explore and gather samples of rock or soil or whatever they did when they went to the moon.  Pretty early on they start noticing problems in communications with both NASA and the other spacecraft.  They start noticing strange noises and happenings around their own craft.  While exploring they come across something startling, and in questioning the guys back at NASA they figure out they've been lied to and have been sent here for much darker puposes.

The actual creepy, spooky thing behind it all was a bit of a let down but the tension was still there.  And the fact that they are on THE MOON and eventually cut off from all communication is rather terrifying.  What are you going to do???  When contact is restored late in the movie, and desperate decisions have to be made, one was so shocking that hubby's reaction was like he'd literally been kicked in the gut: NASA decides to leave these guys up there because they can't risk bringing them back.

But that leaves me with that one big question I mentioned earlier . . . how did they get all that footage back?
(Yes, I know it's not real.)

This was not a fabulous movie but it was still pretty good.  You don't really need to be a space fan to enjoy it.  However, if you don't like the whole handheld camera technique you might get sick of this one.  There are a couple gross scenes where one of the guys has an injury but other than that there is not much violence or swearing or anything.  Well, there are some violent bits but the way they're shown is so choppy.  And I suppose there was swearing but again, it's all sort of a blur in the 'realistic' chaos of the moments.  Still, not a movie for kids.

Have you seen Apollo 18?  Or are you bored to death with this type of movie?