Monday, January 9, 2012

BH&G/Walmart Tarts - Spring Scents

While shopping at Walmart the other day I noticed a new aisle-end display of the Better Homes & Gardens wax tarts in what appears to be the spring line.  Of course I had to stop and sniff each one!  I had also noticed several weeks before this that my Walmart now carries the Scentsational brand of tarts, which is actually the same company that makes the Better Homes & Garden tarts.  While I did sniff each one, there were too many to remember details of so I will just list them here.

Better Homes & Gardens
- Mandarin Orange Zest
- Tranquil Garden Spa
- Orange Buttercream Cupcake
- Wild Island Fruit
- Enchanted Evening Walk
- Vanilla Lavender
- Twilight

- Honeysuckle
- Soft Cotton
- Garden Cantaloupe
- Rain Kissed
- Strawberries & Cream
- Exotic Dragonfruit
- Apricot Vanilla

Since this is a spring line and many fall into floral, fresh types, I am not nearly as gaga over these scents as I was with the winter/holiday line.  Of these, just on my quick sniff, Enchanted Evening Walk was my favorite and Rain Kissed was interesting.  Exotic Dragonfruit and Apricot Vanilla smelled very similar to me, which was weird.

These are the clam shell packages, six little break away wax cubes, and I believe both brands are $2.00 each.  As mentioned, this was in a separate display away from the regular candle aisle.  There was a large variety of random scents over in the candle aisle . . . fall and winter leftovers, generic 'all year' scents, some of the spring type ones, just a mix over there.  Also in the spring display were $15 electric tart warmers in three styles.  There was a frog, an owl, and a Grecian Urn style that came in gold, red, or aqua colors.  Not nearly as cute as the winter ones, but still quite nice. 

Actually, looking back over this list, I wonder if this is more of a summer line.  Maybe they just do a spring/summer mix?  I'll have to keep an eye on this as we get closer to summer, see if they do come out with a 'summer' line.

So, if you are a fan of these affordable tarts and are anxious for some fresh spring scents, head over to your Walmart soon!


  1. I absolutely LOVE these wax cubes and the price is right compared to other wax melts I have tried. The fragrence is true to it's names. My personal Favorite is peppermint but the others are also great...they last burning after burning. I have not seen the spring fragrences in NY yet but am thrilled BHG are continueing to market them. Thanks Deb for the update....


  2. Hello, Prettybird!

    I love these tarts too. They are the first store bought tarts I've found to be strong enough, and that $2.00 price is awesome.

    I might grab one or two of the scents listed in this post but it's good to know there are plenty of other non-seasonal scents that I can grab if my stash is running low. (I'm a foodie scent fan.)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. I saw these recently. On another failed attempt to procure some more of the BHG Blueberry Muffin!! They never have it anymore! BAH!

    I discovered during one of my attempts that a Scentsationals scent that said something about berries (??) smelled pretty darn similar if not the same, and I bought that one. I thought, hey! Maybe they're not making the blueberry muffin one anymore--I'll just keep getting this one. And that one hasn't been there anymore either. BAH!

    *is perturbed*

  4. I just looked through all the tarts again the other day and didn't notice any Blueberry Muffin here either. If I ever see any I'll grab some for you.

    I was just looking at the Scentsationals site and see that they do a Blueberry Muffin too, which is probably the same at the BH&G version since they are the same company.

    There was a coffee one at Walmart that I might grab next time I'm there.


  5. That would be awesome if any turn up. Thanks.

  6. I have been using these cubes for about a year, and they are a VERY good value, and the various fragrances that I have are all wonderful.
    Yesterday, I purchased for the first time the "Enchanted Evening Walk". This fragrance is absolutely fabulous! Very fresh, spicey, and exotic! Love, love, love this one!

  7. Hello, Anonymous! I still see a lot of these 'spring' scents at my local store but I have resisted the urge to buy any. I'm trying to work through the tart stash I already have. But I tell ya, some of these are just calling to me! lol

    And yes, I absolutely recommend this brand to anyone who will listen because they are EXCELLENT and only $2.00.


  8. better buy as much as you can cause wal-mart will stop stocking the ones that folks actually buy. can't find enchanted evening walk in my store any more.