Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haul - Country Home Scents (Tarts)

I have ordered from Country Home Scents many times but it's been a while.  My last order was for some yummy fall scents way back in late August.  As my tart stash has finally started to dwindle (gave a lot away at Christmas, hehe) and as CMS returned from a holiday break with some enticing new bakery scents, it was time for another order.  I went with the six tart sampler pack this time.

So let's see what I got . . .
Hazelnut Cream Coffee...A true hazelnut coffee aroma with a touch of
creamy vanilla. Nutty Goodness!
I have not melted any of the tarts in this order yet but just from cold throw, this little guy is STRONG!  I think I may have become tart sensitive over the holidays, with all my time off work, because I'd been burning tarts almost non-stop and was eventually getting headaches no matter what scent or vendor I melted.  Since I already know CHS tarts are strongly scented, I'm pretty sure I'll be cutting this one in half when I do melt it.  Anyway, there is a definite coffee scent to this but there is a rich creaminess to it as well.  We've been on a coffee kick lately so this will be perfect.

Butterscotch Zucchini Bread....We love our zucchini bread so much and when you add some butterscotch to it...WOW! 
This one just sounded interesting to me.  I know CHS has another zucchini bread scent that is hugely popular but this one called to me more.  Butterscotch is the top note here, but you also notice something else in there.  You might call it hints of bread scent, or maybe it's the zucchini that keeps this from being a straight butterscotch sweet candy scent.  Very nice.
Banana Caramel Cupcakes...The scent of ripe bananas drizzled in warm caramel and
a hint of vanilla cupcake....Mmmmmm!
Another one that sounded intriguing to me, I wondered if this might be along the lines of Candles By Victoria's Banana Pancakes.  Whether they are similar or not (I don't have CBV on hand to compare), I do like this scent!  Neither the caramel or the banana takes top billing, but they work together to create a softly sweet yumminess with background hints of that vanilla cupcake.
Buttermilk Pancakes...The mouth watering aroma of warm buttermilk pancakes hot off the griddle! A blend of buttermilk, baked cake, sweet cream butter and a touch of vanilla!
Now tell me that is not the freakin' cutest tart you've ever seen.  Or one of the cutest at least!  Cold throw, this one is on the weaker side.  I hope it blooms when warmed.  There is no maple scent as you might expect.  I had to go back and read the description to be sure I wasn't just missing it.  No, this is more just buttery pancakes.  But that's ok!  It's a nice, homey, scent.  I wonder how this would be with part of the Hazelnut Cream Coffee tart melting in another warmer?  Oooh, it could be like a perfect lazy weekend morning scent.
Tinsel...A refreshing holiday blend of winter berries, soft vanilla
and peppermint leaves...gotta try this one!
I should have ordered this one *before* Christmas, I know.  I will have to try and remember this one for next Christmas because it's a great holiday scent.  I love vanilla-mint scents like Jack Frost, and the addition of berries to this one gives it a hint of tartness.  When I first smelled this without looking at the description I almost would have told you there is a touch of pine, or something outdoorsy about it.  This is a unique scent that I'm anxious to smell when it's warmed.

Royal Cake...A cake aroma fit for a king or a queen! The wonderful scent of vanilla cake drenched in rich buttercream frosting with a hint of cherry!
Alright, call me a dork, but I had to have this one because of my obsession of late with British royal history.  And yes, I do have a mild fascination with William and Kate.  The fact that there is a hint of cherry to keep this from being just another cake scent is what sealed the deal.  According to the website these are made with either gold or silver crown/glitter.  Mine is obviously silver.  And I'm glad I ordered this!  You can definitely smell the cherry, with the cake and frosting following softly behind.  Can't wait to melt this one!
Holiday Eggnog...Smells just like the classic holiday drink that is rich
and creamy with eggs, sugar, cream and light rum! 
This was a freebie included in my order.  Perhaps they're just clearing out the holiday leftovers, but I was quite tickled to find this one.  I've loved other eggnog scents I've come across.  This one is little heavier on the rum, I think, and not as sweet and creamy as others I've had.  While I think I prefer the creamier ones, I have so many sugary sweet scents already that this will be a nice twist.  Thank you, CHS ladies! 

I'm happy with my little order.  If you'd like a more in-depth review of any of the scents or of Country Home Scents in general, just let me know and I would be happy to do one.  

See any here you like?  What are some favorite tart scents you've come across recently?


  1. Dawww these are so adorable, love them, Buttermilk Pancakes sound amazing, x

  2. I know tarts don't need to be fancy because they just melt into a pool of wax anyway, but sometimes you just have to go with cuteness. :)


  3. The hazelnut cream coffee would be my favorite of the bunch. I love anything with hazelnut :)

  4. That pancakes one is ridiculously cute!! I like the look of the Christmas one too. I always love the look of their tarts in your reviews.

  5. Banana Caramel Cupcakes is my new favorite scent. LOVE it! I think I need to place another order and get a few of that scent. I'm also in the mood for some lighter, brighter, spring scents. My sweet, warm, foodie things are getting kinda blah lately.


  6. Awesome!

    That's amusing about getting blah on the foodie stuff cuz I was annoyed at Walmart hardly seeing any warm cozy foodie tarts.

  7. That non-foodie phase is passing already. I burned a small Gardenia scented candle from Yankee for a few days and while it was nice, I'm now craving warm and cozy scents again.