Monday, January 9, 2012

Review - Febreze 2oz. Candle

Maybe you remember a post from back in November when I'd just bought this set of Febreze candles?  Well, I've *finally* gotten around to burning one of them and thought I'd revisit this and do a bit of a review.

I was not even aware Febreze had such sets available until I'd seen a well known YouTuber mention them.  Even then, I was surprised that she liked them so much.  I guess I'd just sort of dismissed them because they are 'air freshener aisle' candles.  But the set she had in her video, and the only set I found at my store at that time, was the yummy sounding Spice Collection.  It contains three candles: Gingersnap Vanilla, Anjou Pear Spice, and Cinnamon Dolce.
The set costs $9.97 at Walmart.  Each candle is 2oz. and comes in a heavy glass mini jar.  The wax is a soy blend.  The packaging does not mention an estimated burn time but I did some Googling and found that 2oz. votive candles often fall into a 15 hour burn time, so I'm guessing this would be about the same.  I didn't keep track of how long we actually burned ours.

The one I chose to burn first is the brown one (left, back), the Gingersnap Vanilla scent.  Described as '...the spice of cinnamon in freshly baked gingerbread is balanced by creamy vanilla,' it was sort of a sharp gingerbread scent, not really like the creamy, cozy scent of gingerbread cookies.  The cinnamon made it extra spicy.  The scent was ok, a bit too harsh for my liking, but the throw was surprising.  I admit, I was not expecting much from this candle.  This little guy did a good job of scenting our huge living room and then some, but was not overpowering. 

When I first lit this candle I had it sitting on the top shelf of my desk, where my tart warmer sits, so I could judge the scent and throw like I would with a tart.  I suspect my desk does not sit level because I noticed the candle was burning to one side . . .
When I was sure it was just tunneling down more on one side I moved the candle to our normal candle burning spot on the living room coffee table.  After pushing some of that higher wax down into the wax pool, and getting things leveled out, the candle burned fine and even.  So yes, I do think the early problem was with the position on my desk and not with the candle itself.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this little Febreze candle.  I know there are other sets like this one in a variety of different scents, and I know there are other sizes and types of Febreze candles.  (I received a larger 5.5oz one for Christmas.)  The air freshener aisle is never where I think to buy candles but after trying this one I think it's at least worth taking a look now and then.  Who knew??


  1. Cool. I wondered how they turned out.

    I always think the same thing when I see them--just pass them by, who cares type of thing. (Not that I pretty much ever buy candles anyway, but you know what I mean.)

  2. I still have the other two from that pack. Keep forgetting I have them! Like my over abundance of soap, we have too many candles at the moment too.

    But I still tend to walk right by this section while shopping, even though I know now that they're worthy of a glance.


  3. I personally love their home collection candles ex specially the Asian wood and the almond sugar. The 7.5 oz last about 50 hours so for $8 that's great!

    1. I haven't tried any of the home collection candles but I did go through a pack of Almond Sugar wax melts. And I do like their other candles, the ones over in the 'cleaning aisle' by the air fresheners and stuff. I have some posts about those here on the blog.