Monday, February 6, 2012

Movie Review - Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3
R, 81 minutes

A malign and murderous spirit continues to dwell within a San Diego home in this second creepy sequel to 2007's chilling Paranormal Activity. Hoping to catch photo evidence of Bloody Mary, the residents soon become victims in their own horror film.

Just watched this, and was very disappointed.  The description above isn't anywhere near accurate. The timeline of these movies is confusing because they kinda overlap each other, but this one starts at a time before the second movie takes place, and then jumps back farther in time to when the sisters are still little girls.  I knew going into this that it wouldn't be anywhere near as freaky as the original.  Nothing could be!  I still think that is the scariest movie ever . . . at least for me.  (My review of it is HERE.)  I was, however, hoping it would be better than the second one, which I thought totally sucked.  (Review HERE.)  So what did I think?  Well, I didn't hate it, but I also think I just didn't have high expectations for this one.  At no time did I have that super tense, knotted stomach feeling that I'd had all through the first and at least sometimes in the second.  Like the second, there was too much time spent showing nothing out of the norm in the nighttime clips.  You keep staring and checking out every inch of the screen but there is just nothing to be seen.

The acting in this one was again, too much like acting.  Apparently it's harder to act like you're not acting than it is to just act.  It seems like people over-compensate on the attempt to be casual when they're trying 'not' to act.  The two little girls did ok, but I think kids don't realize the difference as much as adults.

This one was more of Poltergeist type story, where the littlest girl could see and talk to the 'entity' but to everyone else it was just a child's imaginary friend and a bit of weirdness in the house.  The events seemed to be a lot more like a monster defending his territory than random spooky mischief.  Hubby and I both thought it was unlikely the older girl would be sleeping or playing in that room after even the first bits of weirdness she encountered, much less the bigger events.

The end was rather cheesy.  Supposedly it explains ALL of the activity but I can't remember the details of the stories in the first two movies that relate to this explanation.  I remember in the first one the girl had said it seemed like spookiness followed her.  And I remember them saying something in the second one about a curse and the one sister passing it to the other or something, and needing the firstborn son . . . ???  But I can't remember it all well enough to put it all together with the bits we learned in this third one.  And I read something just before starting this post about there possibly being a fourth one?!  Hubby and I agreed at the end of this one tonight that we won't bother with any future ones they might make.  I have a feeling that if there ever is a fourth one, we'll still watch it just to see what it's like.

Again, I doubt I'll buy this one. And again, I *REALLY* want to go back and watch the first one.  I'm starting to fear though, that once I finally do watch it again it will be dorky and lame to me. 

Have you seen Paranormal Activity 3?  What did you think??


  1. I haven't seen this movie, but my cousin thought it was scary! I watched the 2nd one and parts of the 1st. I think that the sisters' great grandmother had made a deal with a demon agreeing to give up her first born son in exchange for wealth. Not having a son, the curse was passed down. In the second movie, they did some ritual to pass on the curse to the woman's sister (the one from the first) to protect the little boy.

    It is weird how the movies overlap. It's like they started with the end and keep coming out with prequels. I wonder how long they can keep that up. Ha.

  2. As I was laying in bed later that night (after watching this movie) all the pieces of the story started to fall into place and make sense for me. I still think it was dumb, that they probably made up this story after the success of the first movie and that cheapens it for me.

    I still really want to go back and watch the first but I'm afraid I'll think it sucks this time. LOL!!!