Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review - Creamery Creek

I've been aware of Creamery Creek since way back in my earliest days of discovering handcrafted soaps.  Reviews I'd seen on YouTube or in blogs were always raving but for some reason I always bumped other shops to top of my Must Try list.  That was remedied about a month ago, finally.

My actual order was for two bars of soap, Oats 'N Marmalade, and Lemon Drop.  However, they had a special posted on their blog at that time, a free 'shaped' soap with every order so I also received the round green soap you see in the picture, and that was in Siberian Pine scent.  I also received a small sample piece of Chai Tea scented soap.

The soap I will actually be reviewing is . . .
'This scent is nostalgic, tart, and spicy, not sweet like a regular orange. It is rich without being to heavy just like traditional orange marmalade. We have added ground oats for a gentle scrub.
We think this scent is just dreamy!'

One thing I'd heard a lot about Creamery Creek soaps is that they are light on scent.  When I first received my order I was happy to find this wasn't the case at all.  All of the bars smelled so nice, not overpowering, but definitely enough to know they had plenty of scent.  This one in particular is a very, very nice orange scent.  As the descriptions says, it's not a regular sweet orange.  There is a very nice, softly spicy note to it.  It's a unisex scent, and perfect for a morning shower when you need a bit of a pick me up.  When I finally started using this bar in the shower though, it was really hard to notice that scent.  I still detected a subtle pleasantness but it was more like the generic soapy scent you get with handmade soaps.  Now for ME it was fine because I prefer to get my scents from lotions or body sprays AFTER my showers, but if you are someone who loves highly scented soaps, this is probably not for you.

I used this soap in the shower, with a mesh shower puff as always, and it might be worth noting that I live in the country and have very hard well water.  Creamery Creek bars are more of a thick chunk, a good size to hang onto.  It lathered quickly and easily, and while it wasn't tons of lather, it did last through my shower.  It rinsed easily, and left me feeling clean and moisturized.  I felt no dryness or tightness.  It even eased some of the winter itchies I'd already been having.  This particular soap does have oatmeal in it but it is finely ground and not at all scratchy.  I even used this bar directly on my face and felt no abrasives or irritation. 

Creamery Creek is goat milk soap, which I prefer.  Bars are 6-6.5oz and are $5.00 each, which is a GREAT deal.  They can ship 1-10 bars for $5.70 in the US, and will ship internationally.  They are a family business located in Utah, raise their own goats, and have been making soap for over 10 years.  Most of their soaps appear to be naturally colored, or have very little color added, and I like that.  Some of the really brightly colored soaps out there scare me!  I want to wash myself, not rub dye all over my body. 

Creamery Creek ONLY makes soap.  You won't find lotions or fancy scrubs or perfumes on their site.  They do not use lard, as that other popular family goat milk soap business that I call my sentimental favorite does.  These soaps use a basic formula of 'Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Avacado Oil, Shea Butter, Soybean Oil,' which might make them sort of average in the eyes of some but I find them to be just fine.  There are plenty of scents to choose from, including fragrance oil scents and some essential oil scents, and even a couple unscented options.  Their scent lineup has remained pretty steady in all the time I've browsed but never ordered.  Just before the holidays they added some new scents.  I was so excited to see something new that THAT is probably what really made me finally order.  But I also like that things don't constantly change here.  If I find a favorite, I know I can go back for more and it will most likely still be available.

Shipping was fast.  I ordered on December 20, right in the holiday rush, and still got it just a few days later.  Customer service is decent.  I'd screwed up during the checkout process and didn't get the coupon code entered but when I emailed immediately after to explain, they replied to my email and still honored the coupon.  Earlier in the fall when I had emailed asking about scents, I received replies to my questions usually within the same day.  And you know how I feel about small businesses not answering their emails!  lol

Overall, I am pleased with my Creamery Creek experience.  I don't know why I waited so long to order but I'm glad I finally have, and I definitely will order again.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for natural, handmade soaps to try.

Creamery Creek . . . WEBSITE
Creamery Creek . . . BLOG

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