Sunday, March 4, 2012

Haul - Country Home Scents

My latest order of wax tarts from Country Home Scents arrived yesterday.  You might remember from my recent Tart Swap post that I've been getting tired of my usual warm and cozy bakery scents lately and had wanted some lighter, brighter scents for spring.  So what did I get?

Banana Caramel Cupcakes - The scent of ripe bananas drizzled in warm caramel and a blended with a vanilla cupcake....Mmmmmm! A Country Home Scent custom blend!  First, I  *had* to get more of this one because it has now become my new favorite scent.  Soooo yummy!  I bought two this time, and one of those will go to my sister.  She needs to know there are more than just blueberry muffins to smell . . . LOL  Oh, this one is just so darn good.  If you didn't know banana was in there I don't think you'd ever pick it out but it does lend some sweet fruitiness to the warm gooey caramel and light cake-y notes.

Purple Passion - A passionate blend of mango, strawberries and peaches with a hint of passionberry!  I almost ordered this one just based on looks alone.  Purple is my color, and how pretty is this simple tart all glammed up with a heart of 'diamonds'?  This is a nice softly sweet fruit blend.  At first you think it's the strawberries you're smelling, then you decide it's the mango . . . then you're just not sure because it's a well balanced blend.  Very nice!

Spring Tulip - What makes you think spring more than blossoming tulips! These tulip scented tarts will make you feel like spring is here! A beautiful floral scent that will make you happy!  This is a new scent, just released on March 1.  Tulips are probably my favorite flower but I really wouldn't know what they smelled like if you shoved them in my face.  I was wanting some bright spring scents though, so I decided to give this one a try.  Sniffing this one, it is the perfumey type floral that I am not a fan of, but there is almost a lilac-y note to it that makes me think I'll be ok with it.

Hummingbird Happiness - An aroma that will make you smile:) A beautiful blend of lilac, lily, pineapple and pear.....a must try fragrance!  This one just sounds and looks so happy and springlike.  And because there is fruit to tame down the floral, I decided to give this one a try.  It is a very light scent.  Very light.  I have to shove it right up to my nose to get the subtle bits of aroma.  Hopefully it will be stronger when I melt it!  Anyway, it's a nice mix of the fruit and floral, leaning slightly more towards fruit.  I think the pear is a bit more predominate, and I don't really pick up any lilac in particular but there is a floral note in the background.  Another nice one.

Four Leaf Clover - A wonderful floral blend of clover and green grass, with hints of fresh cut wisteria. A fresh clean scent!   This one is listed as a new scent but I see it on my old list of scents from a while ago, so I don't know if it's been redone, or if it was gone for a while and has just returned, perhaps a seasonal thing?  Regardless, being March, I just had to give this one a try.  It is a little more floral than I was hoping for but the cut grass is definitely making its presence known in there.  Hubby thinks it smells like baby powder.  I guess I can see how he gets that, but there is a greenness to it too.  Not a bad scent, but not the type I'm fond of.  We'll see what I think when I melt it though.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry - The aroma of sweet, ripe strawberries drenched in delectable dark chocolate!  The freebie sample tarts are slightly smaller and not done up in their beautiful tart finery, but it's still fun to see which one you get in your order.  This one has a rich dark chocolate scent right off the bat, and the subtle strawberry lingers hesitantly in the background.  I love to *eat* chocolate but the scent of it in tarts or candles has never done much for me.  (The exception being the mint chocolate one I had from Bath & Body Works that smelled like mint chocolate chip ice cream.)  So while I don't care much for this particular scent, it is not a mark against Country Home Scents, not at all.  I'm still thrilled to get a free sample, because I remember in the earlier days when they didn't include them.  (Thank you!!)

Packaging has changed a bit since my last order.  I understand wanting to get the company name and logo on the label but I think I prefer the previous style, where we could just lift the little round sticker to open or reseal the package.

Shipping was super fast.  I ordered on Tuesday  night and had my order on Saturday morning.  Prices are comparable to many other handmade tarts, and customer service is fabulous.  There are many ordering options on their website, such as different size tarts and different size sampler packs.  There is a custom blend option too if you're feeling adventurous!  Or if you have a scent suggestion, just let them know . . . maybe they're already working on it, or maybe they'll add it to their list of things to try. (They have an Etsy shop too, if you prefer.)

Which are your favorites from Country Home Scents?  Or haven't you tried them yet?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. These all look and sound lovely. I am disappointed that the one doesn't contain bits of real hummingbird, though.

  2. Well then that wouldn't be happiness, would it? :|