Monday, March 19, 2012

Haul - Valhalla Soap Company

I've ordered and posted about Valhalla Soap Company before.  This latest order was just for one small bar of a soap I'd seen someone raving about in a video. 

"Grog" Oatmeal Stout is described as 'Full bodied, smooth beer fragrance blended with Creamy Oatmeal, Orange Peel, Butterscotch, Farm-fresh Milk, Nutty Almond and Rich Vanilla.'  It's a strong oatmeal scent, some nuttiness and creaminess in there.  When I keep sniffing it I can start to pick out hints of sweetness but nothing you would distinctly note as orange or butterscotch.  Just a really nice, homey scent.

I chose the smaller round soap over the regular sized bar because I really do have so much other soap right now, and I'd like to feel like I'm actually making progress through my stash so buying smaller bars will create that illusion for me.  LOL!  This is still a nice size piece of soap though.  The labels says 3.3 oz, and it sells for $3.85 on the Valhalla website.  Can't wait to try this one!

Soapmaker Donna included some extra goodies in the package, as she has done sometimes in the past.  This is a sample of the In Your Face soap, described as 'Essential oils of bright Lemon, warming Ginger and cleansing Sage combined in this moisture rich handmade soap. We've added ground organic sage for it's astringent and clarifying properties as well as mild exfoliation. A pinch of white clay helps to draw out excess oils and impurities making this a good facial bar for normal to oily skin. ' This has a really nice clean, bright scent, sort of a sweet herbal lemon. Looking forward to trying this on my face. And it's a good sized chunk too.

This is a sample piece of the Bergamot & Tarragon soap, described as ' notes of tarragon leaves, grapefruit, and lime; followed by middle notes of bergamot and jasmine; well rounded with base notes of oakmoss and bamboo.'  An interesting scent, hard to describe.  It's a bit spicy, a bit sweet, a bit herbal, a bit woody.  I would never have picked this on my own because I'm not wild about most of the notes listed, but together they make quite a unique scent.

I was so excited to see this little wax tart as one of the extras!  You know I love tarts, and it was funny because hubby and I had just gotten back from the Yankee outlet store, where we'd gone a little crazy on buying tarts and votives.  This purple colored 'soy shot' is in Lavender Sage scent and described as 'A perfect unique balance of French lavender, bergamot and herbal sage that's clean and refreshing.'   I've never been a fan of lavender but have to admit I'm coming around to it lately when it's blended with other things. This one, oddly enough, reminds me of Wintergreen chewing gum. It will be interesting to see what this one is like when it's warmed.

Donna sometimes includes cards and bits from other shops. Whether they are partners or friends, I can't remember, but it's fun to be introduced to other shops this way. This time I received a bookmark (I think?) from Fallawake Magickal Arts, and a little beaded clasped thing from Do-Hickies & Thing-A-Majigs. Looking at that site, I think it is meant to be a 'stitch marker' but it also mentions these make cute zipper pulls.

Thank you for the interesting little mix of goodies, Donna (and the other creators)!

Have YOU tried Valhalla Soap Company yet? What are some of your favorites?


  1. I haven't tried their soap yet but was interested in trying Grog and Bergamot & Tarragon when I saw the same video.

  2. I had to chuckle that you knew exactly which video I was talking about. :)


  3. That stitch marker is so cute! Do you remember enjoying the LAvender Sage? I have had nice throw on the scents I ordered so I went ahead and ordered a clamshell in the singles that I liked on cold. I am digging this vendor.


    1. Ooh, stealthy JulieJ commenting on this ancient post. =) I don't remember anything about that tart, but I *still* use that bookmark in every book I read. I kinda wish I was still using handcrafted soaps because revisiting this makes me want to order from Valhalla again.