Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bodycology Body Scrub

You know I love Bodycology.  So imagine how thrilled I was recently when I noticed several new things in the Bodycology section at my local Walmart!  And the thing I was most excited to try was their new body scrub.  Available in several scents, I bought Coconut Lime Twist.  (Other scrub scents are Sweet Petals, Exotic Cherry Blossom, and Toasted Vanilla Sugar.)

The description of Coconut Lime Twist is 'Uplifting - The sweet scent of coconut mingles with refreshing lime to help relieve stress and tension - like a tropical getaway.'  It is a very nice, summery scent, a bit heavier on the coconut but the lime is right there under it.  Very bright and clean.

The exfoliant in here is sugar, and the granules are quite large.  There is also a large dose of shea butter in this scrub.
It is a very thick consistency.  This was a little frustrating because you have to *really* squeeze the tube to get some out.

This is not the type of scrub that foams or lathers as you use it.  It is just sugar and oils.  While the sugar granules are quite large, I did not find them to be too harsh or irritating.  They do not dissolve overly fast.  In fact, I could still feel them when I eventually rinsed off.  The scent was pleasant and light, and not strong enough to interfere with any perfume or scented lotion you might normally apply afterwards.  It rinsed cleanly and easily, left my skin feeling fabulous, and there was no leftover oily feeling.  There is a slippery tub warning on the tube but I did not find my tub to be any more slippery than usual.

An 8 oz. tube sells for $4.47 at Walmart.  (Bodycology products can be found at most stores, such as Target, Kmart, Walgreens, etc.)

While I did enjoy this product, I much prefer their other style of scrub that comes in a jar.  (Review HERE.)  The thick consistency of this version makes it hard to squeeze out of the tube, and it takes a bit of work to get it to spread out on your skin.  Once you introduce some water and get it thinned a bit it works much easier.  Also, those larger sugar granules are a bit alarming at first.  It was fun to try this and I'm glad I did, but yeah, I think I'll stick with the other style.

Have you tried the new Bodycology body scrub yet?

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