Thursday, April 5, 2012

Haul & Review - Five Monkeys (Bath & Body)

A brand new soap shop has opened and I am tickled to know that not only is it very local to me, but its owner was my very best friend at one time.  Ahhhh, yes . . .  *cue flashback swirlies and sounds* . . . Traci and I had some wild times in the years we worked together.  We pretty much discovered the internet together, and I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as the times we were up to no good.  (ICQ, anyone?  Germany, Norway, Antioch, bouncing Mario Kart cars, Titanic beepers . . . )  But as life happens, we drifted apart and lost touch for a while.  Imagine my surprise when I found out through Facebook that she was also a soap maker?!  She's just recently opened her Five Monkeys shop (referring to her five daughters) and is still tweaking things but I knew I had to try her stuff.

There are several soaps already in her shop and I, of course, wanted to try them all.  But since I am TRYING to control my spending, I finally decided on just one.  The Oatmeal, Honey, Almond soap is from the Bare Naked (100% Natural) line.  I can't seem to link directly to it on the site but this hot process, unscented bar is described as 'A breakfast your skin will thank you for! Oatmeal provides a great mixture of exfoliation, moisturizaton and protection for your skin. It's also known for its skin irritation relief making it a perfect choice for those sufering from dry itchy skin, insect bites or eczema. Honey will protect, rejuvenate, moisturize and soften the skin. It's safe for senstive skin types and aids in the process of tissue regeneration.

This is a really  nice bar of soap!  I'm really liking the hot process soaps that have been popping up for me lately.  I don't know why I've ignored them for so long.  As mentioned, this is unscented.  You don't even get that slightly 'soap oil' scent that you sometimes get in unscented bars.  The oatmeal has not been scratchy at all, even though some of the bits look quite large.  After breaking through that initial 'skin' new bars of soap sometimes have, this one lathers like a dream.  Tons of light, sudsy, lather that lasts the entire shower and rinses cleanly and easily.  My skin did not feel dry or tight, and my usual winter itchies have once again been beaten into submission.
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Almond Milk, Roasted Oats, Honey
Weight: 5.1 oz.
Price: $4.50 

Five Monkeys has a variety of other products available, so I thought I'd try the lip balm too.  Again from the Bare Naked line, this is the Bare Naked lip balm . . . no colors, flavor, or scent.  A very nice lip balm, not too soft and 'wet' feeling, and not too hard and waxy.  So far it has been working nicely, I don't feel that I have constantly reapply it, and it doesn't feel like it's gobbing up my lips in order to protect them.  And very affordable!  I'm looking forward to trying some of the scented/flavored ones next time.
Ingredients: Bee's Wax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil
Weight: 1.5 oz. tube
Price: $2.00 

I also received a free sample of the Beer soap. You know how I love samples! I think they are just such an easy little treat, a way to say 'Thank you,' a way to keep the customer interested in something other than what they ordered. I've never understood the thrill of beer soaps but the info on the site for this one says 'Hops, which beer is primarily made of, is known for its relaxing properties, as well as its ability to sooth irritated skin. It also contains some wonderful skin softening amino acids. What better place to put all this goodness to work then soap?' Well, that's interesting. Although there is no added fragrance there is still a slight, pleasant scent that I can't describe. (No, not beer scent.) This is a good sized chunk and I will definitely be trying it out.
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Beer
Weight: approx. 3 oz.
Price: $2.50

Shipping was quick and very reasonable. Even though Five Monkeys is very local to me, I chose to have my order shipped to go through the entire shopping experience. Other products in the shop include massage oils and massage candles, and lotions. I decided not to try the lotion with my first order because I noticed it is a whipped shea formula and all of my previous experiences with whipped shea are that sort of hard-but-melty consistency that I don't like. And there were no smaller sized jars, so I didn't want to commit to a full sized one. I think Traci is still working on other products too.

Be sure to check out the Five Monkeys site . . . HERE.
Also be sure to show some love on the Five Monkeys Facebook page . . . HERE.


  1. I have been a guinea pig for her soap since she started making it and I will say it is AMAZING! I have unfortunately have psoriasis and her soap has been making it clear up more and more with each use. My fiance has been using the beer soap non stop he just ran out and can't wait to get more. The lotions, lip balms, and candles are great too! My daughter couldn't live without the body butter lol!

  2. I am anxiously waiting to get my first bar of soap. I love the idea of buying and using a product that is natural and one that is made by a woman who has the courage to put herself out there for something she believes in. That is why American is such a great nation. It all starts with an idea and dream. Many successful people started their companies just this way. I wish this business venture all the best.

  3. Kayla - Hello, Monkey #1. Yeah, I was amazed when I first started using natural, handcrafted soaps. I prefer goat milk soaps, used to make it and have my own shop. :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Judes - Agreed, I hope this shop does great. It's been causing me to want to get back into the business myself! Thanks for visiting. :)