Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surprise In My Mail

The other day I received a package in the mail that briefly had me confused.  I was sure I hadn't ordered anything recently.  My bloggy/soapie friend Jean had mentioned in an email something about samples from a shop new to us, but when I saw a *box* I didn't make the connection to her email.  But yes!  This was what Jean had ordered as a surprise for me!  *happy dance*

After giggling about the little note included (the thing that finally clued me in), I pulled out this very pretty package.  When she'd said samples I'd thought of little slices like most people send/get, but these are almost like half bars.  Very large, generous samples.  And there is a wooden soap dish!

Because I've been loving hot process soaps lately,  she chose two hot process soaps from Green Haven Soaps.  And I really have been loving hot process soaps!  I don't know if I've just happened upon some really awesome soaps lately or if there really is a difference, but the lather and scent from hot process is amazing.  Or maybe I'd just been having duds in cold process lately?  Anyway . . .

The first large sample is The Breakfast Bar.  It is an unscented goat milk soap, with oatmeal and banana puree.  Banana!  I don't think I've ever tried a soap with banana, even though I'd heard of it and wanted to try making it in my own soaping days. 

I also received a large sample of Coffee Soap.  This one contains triple strength coffee and coffee grounds.  A very slight coffee scent does remain in this one.  I know from past experience that coffee grounds tend to be rather harsh on the skin, and are generally meant to be used in hand soaps, so I'll put this by the kitchen sink and try some hand scrubbing.

And look at this gorgeous soap dish!  I don't know if Green Haven Soaps makes these, or has a partnership with someone, but it is beautiful.  It is varnished pine, with little rubber feet on the bottom, and nice deep grooves in its concave design to keep water draining away from your precious handmade soaps.  Not sure if this will go in the kitchen or bathroom, but it sure is nice.

So I must send out a huge THANK YOU, JEAN!  Your kindness will not be forgotten!  In fact, you should keep an eye on your own mailbox in the coming days . . . hehe!  I look forward to trying these, and the Green Haven shop looks like one I would buy from again.

Are you familiar with Green Haven Soaps?  Or hot process in general?  Let's talk!


  1. You're welcome!!! That was nice of Kelly, she surprised us both!

  2. So funny because today i got YOUR package!

  3. Jess - Awesome that it arrived already! Did it survive the trip? Hope you like it.