Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Walmart Tarts Mini-Haul

Had to run to town for a few things this morning, and decided to pick up some tarts even though there aren't really any new or fabulous scents out right now.  There are a ton of scents in a special Mother's Day line of the Scentsationals brand.  A couple of them really caught my eye but in the end I didn't get any.  I'll drop some hints for my menfolk as far as those go.  Hehe!

Vanilla Caramel Spice - I'm pretty sure I've had this one before.  Although I'd intended on buying some fruity summer scents, this was the one that I liked the most out of all that are currently available.  This is a very nice warm and creamy scent, big on caramel and softened with the vanilla.  I detect very little spice in this one.

Green Apple - I usually save apple scents for the fall season, but those are usually spicy apple scents, or caramel apple, or cider types.  I was watching a YouTube video yesterday, someone showing her Walmart tart collection, and she had Green Apple.  She said she liked it for summer, and just made it sound so yummy.  When I noticed it at my store this morning I gave it a sniff and decided to give it a try.  It is straight up green apple, sweet and tart and juicy.  There is nothing else to make it more of a fall type scent.  Even so, I tend to associate apples with fall . . . so I might end up just hanging onto this one until later in the year.

Black Raspberry Vanilla - I loved this scent in my soapmaking days, and I have loved it in Bath & Body Works products, but I have always passed this one up in tarts.  I usually give it a sniff in the store, get a moment of 'Aaah,' and put it back on the shelf.  In that same video I was watching yesterday, the girl once again made this sound so yummy, and also mentioned she can't find it anymore at her store.  When I saw it still available at mine, I decided now was the time to try it.  I'm a little worried because the cold scent if fairly light.  I'm hoping like crazy it will bloom when heated.  It's a great scent though, fruity at first but quickly followed up with the creamy vanilla.  Funny, it's called Black Raspberry Vanilla but the scent description mentions blackberries.

Better Homes & Garden tarts and Scentsational tarts are made by the same company - Scentsationals.  The BH&G line is a Walmart exclusive but I'm pretty sure Scentsationals can be found in other stores as well as online.  Both brands are excellent tarts, and super affordable.  A six cube (2.5 oz.) pack sells for $2.00.  I've always found these to be strongly scented and long lasting.  Sometimes floral scents and certain fruity scents will be lighter, but that is typical of the scent and not the brand/product.  In my tea light warmer, I use two cubes at a time, and can easily get at least two melts (6-8 hours) out of them.  I could probably get away with just one tart most of the time because these are so generously scented.  If you tend to think these are cheap because they are from Walmart and are only $2.00, I challenge you to give them a try.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

So?  Have YOU tried them yet?  What scent did you get?


  1. I have yet to try any tarts... I'm kind of afraid to - it might turn into another addiction! And now I'm getting curious... bad sign? lol :)

    What's your favorite place to buy tarts from?

  2. I prefer tarts over candles any day. They are almost always stronger, and I'm impatient with how long it takes to go through candles. lol

    I would absolute recommend you at least try tarts. Hehe!

    My favorite? I love the Walmart tarts, obviously. They are stronger than many other more expensive brands, yet they are only $2 a pack. Can't beat that! If I'm looking for something handmade or more scent options, Kim's Tarts is super affordable. Candles By Victoria is hugely popular but not one of my favorites. Country Home Scents is my sentimental favorite shop. I have blogged about them a few times.

    If you just want to try, maybe get a $5 warmer and some tea light candles from Walmart, and grab a pack of tarts while you're there.

    Let me know if you try them! :)