Friday, May 18, 2012

Hartz Mini Mice Trio and Battabout

Back in March I had posted about Minion's absolute favorite toy, the Mini Mice.  (You can read that post HERE.)  Some time later, Lindzee from Hartz contacted me, thanking me for the post and asking if there was anything else Minion might want to try.  I was tickled pink by this offer!  I browsed the Hartz website many times, trying to figure out if anything else would grab his attention like those dang little furry mice.  I finally sent Lindzee my choice . . . and couldn't believe when I received the package . . .
This was not just the small pack of a similar type mice toys I'd asked about.  They'd thrown in some extras!

And of course Minion had to be right there to check it out.  (Lynx had actually been exploring it first but the bossy BabyCat pushed his way in.)

They had not only sent the Mini Mice Trio pack I'd picked, but also two of the Battabout toys I'd asked about.  How awesome is that?

And Minion again, trying to speed the whole photo process along so he could play with HIS new toys.

He even pulled the whole dang setup down off the freezer at one point, just to get those mice!  Things were looking promising that these would hold his attention like the others had.

These came at a good time because we'd had to stop giving him the other furry little mice toys.  He'd been growing bored with them, and where he used to just eventually crush the little plastic inner bodies and tear the fake fur off, he was now EATING them.  Not good.  So yeah, we were rather desperate to find something else to entertain him.  I'd been buying something new every week when I went grocery shopping and nothing was holding his attention.  The closest thing we'd found was a similar type mouse from another company . . . not furry, and not plastic inner body.  These other ones were more of a canvas material with stuffing inside, and little twine or leather cord tails.

But anyway, when this package from Hartz arrived, and Minion went right for these mice, we thought our search was over.  After taking the pictures for the blog I tossed one mouse for Minion and BOTH cats went nuts, chasing after it.  I tossed a second one in a different direction to get Lynx to play with one of his own, and for the first several minutes it was hysterical chaos in the house.  Minion was like a kitty on crack, batting his new mouse around the kitchen.  And just to see the fat ol' man Lynx actually play like a kitten was both heartwarming and hilarious.  Lynx didn't play long though, which wasn't surprising.  Minion continued.

These new mice have a felt type body with stuffing, little felt ears and tail, and some string whiskers.  There is tiny little bell at the base of the tail and the jingle from it is kind of quiet and high pitched, making it somewhat similar to a mouse squeak.  Neither of our cats has ever seemed interested in those 'realistic' toys that squeak when they are batted around.  In fact, the loud squeaking seems to turn them off.  This one is a much more subdued sound though, and it catches their attention.  These are also quite a bit bigger than the furry little ones.

Unfortunately, these didn't entertain Minion like we'd hoped.  He seems to like them for short amounts of time but doesn't carry them around like he does with other mice toys.  Sometimes he'll find these on his own and if he's in a hyper mood he'll be batting them all around the kitchen, or if we throw one for him to get him started he will be crazy in the first few minutes, but then his interest fizzles.  Bummer.

As for the Battabout toys, we've only tried this tan one.  This is an interactive type toy, the kind with the stretchy string that you attach to wand (not included) and play with your kitty by making the toy bounce and move and jump out the way.  Unfortunately again, both cats are more interested in chewing on the stretchy string.  *sigh*

I'd been wondering if Minion was just outgrowing his crazy kitten play tendancies.  He is eleven months old now.  But there are times when we just absolutely need some sort of distraction for him because he gets SO naughty when he's bored.  And he is NOT a cuddly lap cat.  He is just a pacing, always into something, ADHD kitty.  Out of desperation, while shopping this morning I bought a pack of those original furry mice he used to love so much.  When I got home and took one out of the package for him, he was crazy about them just like old times.  He took off with it, batting it around the kitchen, carrying it around other rooms to have a look, then back into the kitchen to bat it around more.  He has not resorted to chomping it in the first few minutes like he had been the last time around.  I'm hoping he's had enough of a break from them that they will seem new all over again for him.  And his reaction tells me that it is . . . quite simply . . . those particular mice that he loves the most.

(The beloved mice.)

I would like to thank Hartz for sending me these things for Minion (and Lynx) to try.  The new mice and the Battabouts are not bad toys.  Minion doesn't seem to prefer ANY toy more than the furry little Mini Mice.  And Hartz should be glad that at least this crazy kitty's favorite toy is still one of their brand. I don't know what I'll do if they ever stop making these!  LOL

So anyway, thank you, Hartz!

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