Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bathing Garden - Tarts

The Bathing Garden is a shop on Etsy that I learned about from watching YouTube tart haul videos.  When I ran out of coffee scented tarts recently and Walmart didn't have any more, I went searching online for some and decided this would be as good a reason as any to try some new shops. 

I never used to like the clamshell style tarts before when it came to the handmade shops.  Lately though, I *do* prefer them because I've found I don't like messing around with cutting larger tarts that are common in the handmade community.  One of the things that I found interesting about The Bathing Garden is that even though they are 'boring' clamshell style, tartmaker Shannon has found a way to jazz them up.  Every pack gets a decorative touch, whether it is a scent related do-dad in the lower left corner, or simply some pretty sprinkles or glitter across the top, or layers of colors/scents, each package is something fun and unique.

I ordered the Good Morning Coffee scent because, as I said, I was on the hunt for yummy coffee scents.  There is a coffee bean in the corner and a light sprinkling of coffee grounds across the top.  Nothing fancy about this scent, just good strong coffee and it is so darn good.  MMMM!  Can't wait to melt this one!

One nice thing about this shop is that you get a free item with every order.  Many places include a sample of something . . . and you know how I love that! . . . but The Bathing Garden includes a full size pack of tarts!  That is just too cool.  I was almost more curious about what my free one would be than how my coffee one would smell.  LOL!  My free one is Banana Foster scent, described as 'Fabulous scent of bananas, rum, brown sugar, and vanilla.'  There is a wax banana slice in the corner and a brown 'caramelized' drizzle across the top.  I'm not familiar with the actual Banana Foster dessert or this scent, but when I sniff it I get banana first and foremost, and then there is something sort of warm and sweet with it, sort of vanilla-y.  Hubby sniffed it and was not thrilled but I'm quite curious how this one will smell when it's warmed.

The Bathing Garden's tarts sell for $3.50 and weigh about 3.2 oz.  And there are a ton of fabulous scents in this shop.  I already see sooooo many more that I want to try next.

As if that wasn't enough to convince you to check out this shop, Shannon also makes sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, and some really cute soaps!

I'm glad I've finally given The Bathing Garden a try.  Have YOU?  What scents did you/would you get??


  1. This looked familiar, did you see this review? Bathing Garden haul and review


  2. No, I had not seen that. I will have to read it tonight after work. Thanks!


  3. Ok, finally had a chance to read it and . . . I really want to try her scrubs now. Doh! :)