Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bridgewater Candle Company Tart

The other day, hubby and I were at a local garden center and I couldn't resist buying one of the tarts they carry in their gifty type area of the store.  Even though they were pricey, I decided I had to try one just because I'm a tartaholic.

Bridgewater Candle Company is the name of the brand.  I'm not familiar with this company but looking at their website I see they have candles, tarts, reed diffusers, sachets, and fragrance oils.

I chose the Sweet Summer Tea scent.  According to the website, this is new and is described as 'Refresh yourself with chilled sweet summer tea mingled with strawberries, lemons and a kiss of lily blossoms.'  This is a very bright, happy scent.  I think the strawberries and sweet tea battle for the top note, the lemon really brightens things up but you don't distinctly recognize it, and then the lily blossoms seem to add just enough floral to make you second guess whether you want to call this fruity or floral.  It's a great scent for this time of year.

This is a lighter scent, and the throw is also on the medium-to-light side.  Since this is my first Bridgewater tart, I don't know if they are all light throwers or if it's just this particular scent.  I *can* smell it but I prefer my scents stronger.  My rooms are large.  This would be great for smaller rooms or apartments, or for those who just like a bit of scent in the air.

These tarts weigh .8 oz. and cost $1.59 at the garden center I bought it from.

Have YOU ever tried Bridgewater tarts?  What did you think?

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