Saturday, May 26, 2012

Honey Bee Holistics

I learned about Honey Bee Holistics from some posts and recommendations over at Alyssa's Soapy Days blog.  In my search for a new face cream, Alyssa felt certain Honey Bee Holistics would have something I'd like.  Even so, it took another post on her blog, and then a discount code, to get me to finally place an order.

But WHAT should I try???

With a rather large discount option available to me, I decided to try several items.

This Wrinkle Away Face Cream is a 2 oz. jar and sells for $9.50.  It contains yummy natural things like bee propolis, and carrot seed oil, among many others.  There is a slight, natural scent that is quite pleasant.  I'm looking forward to trying this and really hope it ends my quest for a new face cream.

I also ordered a companion jar of Wrinkle Away Eye Cream.  This 1 1/2 oz. jar sells for $10.50.  (I had ordered the smaller size jar, 1/2 oz. for $4.00, but received the larger one.  Whether she was being generous or there was a mix up, I'm not sure.)  I don't really detect any scent from this in the jar, so if there is any while using it I'm sure it will be light.

I'll be honest . . . I don't expect these products to actually do anything for my fine lines and wrinkles.  I don't even believe that the high priced big name products do anything.  But we'll see.  I will be a giddy little girl if they really do something.  In general, if they just moisturize my face the way I want, I will be happy with that.

I also wanted to try some regular lotions, and there were quite a few I wanted so it was hard to decide what to start with.  I finally picked this calendula lotion because I remembered liking a similar product from another vendor some time ago.  This 1 1/2 oz. sample jar sells for $2.75.  I don't really get a scent from this one either, and that's ok because I won't have to worry about conflicting scents when I use body spray.

I just HAD to try one of the coconut lotions because I'd seen so many good comments about it at Alyssa's blog.  I chose the Orange Vanilla scent.  This is an interesting scent, heavier on the vanilla than it is on the orange, and I think some of the coconut oil scent might be coming through too.  There is a slight pinkish color to this lotion.  I have used a quick little dab on my hands and am quite impressed.  The scent does linger on your skin, and my hands feel hydrated but not greasy or coated like some lotions.  This 1 1/2 oz. sample jar sells for $2.75.

And finally, I just had to order a lip balm.  I picked the Lemon Creme balm, which sells for $3.75.  I have used this a couple times already and really like it.  The consistency is so nice, not hard and waxy so you're crushing your lips to apply it, but not so soft and moist that you feel you've just gobbed something on your face.  I smell lemon when I sniff directly from the tube, but on my lips I don't really detect scent.  I'll have to use it more to see how it holds up, etc.

Melissa is the Queen Bee at Honey Bee Holistics, and she sent a very nice card with a hand written note thanking me for my order.  She also included a discount code to use if I place another order, and this sample of the Chocolate Orange lip balm.  She sells lip balms in tubes as well as the kind in little pots that you apply with your finger.  I have not used this or even opened the packet yet because I'm not fond of the finger application style.  I'll probably pass this sample on to someone else.  But I do thank Melissa for sending it!  I lovelovelove samples!

There is some wait time once you place your order.  She states in her Etsy shop announcement that due to increased popularity her shipping times are currently 5-8 business days.  I did not order through the Etsy shop, but instead through email (bigger discounts) and from the time I sent her my list it was four days before I was invoiced and another thirteen days before I received my order.  I will admit I was getting a bit impatient but it all turned out in the end.  And I think we always have a bit of impatience when trying a new vendor because A) you're just excited to try new products, and B) you're not sure what to expect when you've never dealt with someone before.  Now that I know everything worked out I'm pretty sure I'll be able to withstand the wait better next time.  LOL

So, obviously these are just my first impressions of the products.  I haven't had time to really use them and get a good idea of how they are.  I will try to do more detailed reviews later but if there is anything you are particularly interested in hearing about first, please let me know in the comments below.

And also let me know if YOU have tried Honey Bee Holistics.


  1. That lip balm sounds awesome (I might be biased because I'm obsessed with lemon lip balm). Have you tested the scent any more? I might have to try this one...

    --The Chapstick Wrangler

  2. I'd been using the balm since I received my order and only once did I notice any scent while wearing it, and that was with an open-mouthed intake of air while talking. LOL

    I've switched back to one of my other balms now because it seemed I was having to reapply this one so much. I'll try this one again later since my tastes seem to change over time.