Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kim's Tarts Micro-Haul

I love Kim's Tarts and don't know why I don't order from her more often.  You can't beat the price, and all I've had so far have been plenty strong in scent and throw.  AND she has a ton of scents to choose from.  Well, recently I used up the last my coffee scented tarts and Walmart did not have any more, so I had to look online and ended up placing this tiny little order with Kim's.

Mountain Hazelnut Cafe Coffee is described as 'Rich roasted hazelnut gets buttery accents to compliment this roasted coffee blend. Sweet undertones of brown sugar create a caramelized effect for the beverage sensation.'  This is a super yummy coffee scent.  The sort of sharp bitter note of straight black coffee is not present in this one.  It is most definitely coffee, but the warmth of the hazelnut and the sweetness of the brown sugar make it oh so cozy and delish!  And the scent is STRONG.  I'm quite sure I'll be able to cut these in half and still get the throw strength I'm used to.

A 3-pack bag of tarts weighs 2.5 oz. and costs only $1.50 on Kim's website.  Shipping is reasonably priced and fast.  I ordered Sunday evening and received these Thursday morning. 

If you haven't tried Kim's Tarts yet, what are you waiting for???  And if you have, what are some of your favorite scents?  I always love to hear about scents I might not have considered trying on my own.

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