Monday, May 21, 2012

May Giveaway #1 [CLOSED]

This month's giveaway prize has been generously donated by blog reader and swap buddy Jean.  She's been feeling the need to destash, and I have slipped away from from posting about handcrafted soaps because I just haven't been buying them lately . . . so this works out for everyone involved!

The winner of this giveaway will receive (front, from left to right):
  • Lemon Mudslide, Mint Madness, and Bar 21 (rosemary) from Bodygoodies
  • Outdoor Fresh (petitgrain and lavender) from Heirloom Soapworks
  • Low Tide (peppermint, half is sand for buffing feet) from Bodygoodies
  • And the blue bar in the back is a Magic Hands sea salt bar in Lavender Mint
All you have to do to enter is thank Jean in a comment below, and tell us which of these soaps you're most interested in, or which you've already tried (if any).  That's it!  This contest will be open until about noon Monday, May 28, and Jean will have the honor of choosing a winner.  One entry per person please.  (Due to shipping costs, this contest will be open to US residents only.  Sorry!)

Good luck!  And thank you, Jean!


  1. LOL! Your house must smell amazing!!!

  2. Thank you Jean cir being so generous! I've been wanting to try bodygoodies soap - the lemon mudslide is definitely on my list! :)

  3. Thank you Jean! I definitely want to try them ALL, but especially the lemon mudslide :)

  4. i think al are nice, but would choose Magic Hands sea salt bar in Lavender Mint

  5. love lavender , but would choose the mudside one