Monday, May 21, 2012

May Giveaway #2! [CLOSED]

Minion has decided he would like to host a giveaway too, as a way to share some of his toys.

When Hartz sent Minion some toys to try recently, there were two Battabouts in the box.  Minion already has two similar type toys, so the extra one he received will be the main part of the prize.  If you're not familiar with the Battabout, it is a furry critter with a stretchy cord attached, meant to be tied onto a cat toy wand (not included) or similar type stick, and then you interact with your kitty by bouncing, dragging, flinging the toy around to entice kitty into action.  The tail of this toy has crinkle material inside, and the pink part is very fine feather type material.

Minion has also decided that your kitty needs to try some other Hartz toys.

On the left is the green mouse from the 3-pack he received.  It has a felt material body with stuffing, little felt ears, a long felt tail, and string whiskers.  At the base of the tail is a tiny bell that makes a quiet, high pitched sound that is similar to a mouse squeak.

On the right is a red and white fluffy ball.  There are no bells or anything, not even a hard inner body.  It is just a fluffy ball that your kitty will love to bat around.

And finally, in the front-center is something Minion had a hard time giving up . . . one of the beloved furry mini mice that he goes absolutely freakin' nuts for.  This style mouse has fake fur covering a plastic body, with a long furry tail, and little felt ears.  I've posted about these mice, and it still cracks me up how crazy he is for them.  He's hoping your kitty will love them too.

None of these toys have been used by Minion (or Lynx).  They are extras that had not been taken from the packages until I got them ready for this giveaway.  The winner will receive all of the toys pictured.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, telling Minion about who you would give these toys to.  Easy!

This contest will end in the evening of Monday, May 28, and I will use to select a winner from all the eligible entries.  One entry per person please.

Good luck!


  1. Does Minion like bags or boxes? My Gato loves boxes, I'd never had a box cat before him. He also loves cat toys more than other cats I've had. He's pretty easy to please.

  2. Minion is too cute! I'd like to enter this one ;)

  3. I'd like to enter this one! My kitties would go crazy for some new toys!

  4. Jean ~ Minion does indeed like bags and boxes. He will crawl into any box, and he often sits in them and chews on the edges. He doesn't get the chance as often with bags, but he loves them too.