Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movie - The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside
Rated R
83 minutes

At once spooky and grisly, this thriller follows a woman's quest to find the truth behind claims that her mother killed three people during an exorcism. The daughter's journey takes her to Italy, where she becomes involved in other exorcisms.

I thought this one was going to be a lot of gore, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't AND that my stomach was tied in knots like it had been with things like Blair Witch and maybe even Quarantine 2.  Still not quite up there with Paranormal Activity or the first Quarantine though!  There was some blood and gore but it was the contorted body movements that freaked me out more.

This movie is done in the style of a documentary.  The main character is trying to find out more about a crime her mother committed many years ago . . . she murdered three people while an exorcism was being performed on her.  The daughter now wants to know what was going on.  Can people really be possessed?  Are exorcisms real?  Can her mother be saved from the demons?

The story does get predictable but it still keeps you hooked.  The sometimes shaky, sometimes choppy camerawork adds to the suspense because you just don't always get the full clear shots of what it is you most want to see.  Of course there is plenty of swearing and dirty talk, because apparently a demon's only scare tactic is to talk about the most nasty sexual things to shock those involved.  The creepy 'connect the cuts' noise that the murderous mom was making was by far more unsettling than any sex related insults that were slung about.

The scene with the baptism was disturbing but at the same time I was almost yelling at the screen, "Come on, people!  You'd really wait THAT long to react?!?!"

And while the end was somewhat predictable, the final act was still a bit of shock.  Was it because he thought it would put a stop to the horror?  Or was it because the demons made him?  If a possessed body dies, does the demon die too?  Or is it still free to move on?  Whatever the reason, it was a creepy end to a creepy movie.


  1. I completely agree, and I was completely hooked once I started watching the movie. I ‘m not sure many Catholics would enjoy the baptism scene when a Roman Catholic priest starts drowning a baby. When he blows his head off he probably earned some points back. I really thought the movie was well cast and the acting awesome. I watch all my movies during my frequent business trips for Dish, airport layovers and hotel rooms are perfect little theaters. I’m building a blog site where I can let my thoughts loose about films, but with my frequent traveling I decided to subscribe to Dish Online, where it’s easy to find a movie that fits my mood. There is too much time lost in airports and hotels; I would prefer to use that time watching and writing about a movie that has just blown my mind.

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