Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movie - The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers
Rated R
101 minutes

In this eerie ghost story, a venerable inn closes after a century in business and the two remaining employees are determined to uncover the truth about longtime rumors that the majestic mansion is haunted -- but will they survive their explorations?

This could almost be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.  It kinda made hubby and I chuckle after a while.  Neither of us can figure out why it got an R rating because there was nothing any worse than what you see on network TV.  As for being eerie . . . nope.  There was never a point where either of us was tense, anxious, nervous, scared, or creeped out.  The story was weak, had holes in it, and left things unexplained.  Why was Claire the one in danger?  Why shouldn't Claire go into the basement?  What did the old guy have to do with anything?  At first I thought he was supposed to be the husband of the woman who was the ghost, but then I thought that woman had been murdered waaaaay before and there was no way the guy could have been that old.  Who were the other three spirits that the psychic lady contacted?  What was the point of the bitchy hotel guest and her son??  There was potential in this story, but it came up short.

The acting was a similar situation.  The main guy and girl were good in some ways, and totally sucky in others.  Maybe with a different director things would have been better?  It's like, you could see these actors trying to shine, but something was holding it all back.  Looking at their IMDB profiles, I see they've both done a ton of other work.  Too bad this one sucked.

This wasn't so bad that we ever considered shutting it off but like I said, it became almost humorous after a while.  We laughed that Kelly McGillis has sunk this low.  Yep, this one was a bummer.


  1. I just watched this with my husband and yes, we basically found it a total disappointment, not to mention a pretty good yawn for the effort we put into watching it; it's movies like these that remind you of the time you wasted watching them. Although I will admit, I initially liked the old school pacing of the film, but only if there were to be some kind of pay off, and of course, there wasn't any as this movie went nowhere. I do believe, however, that the man who checked in and killed himself was indeed meant to be the "fiance" who jilted the suicidal bride, and he'd come back to reunite with her properly -- otherwise what was he? A random crazy fan of the haunted bride story? Also, I believe the "three" spirits means this: the Bride, the old guy and the young girl employee [who makes three, in the end]. Basically, the "surprise" or "twist" here is that the psychic lady, Kelly McGillis, knows that the young girl is to be the third spirit and tries to warn her [but not that well, I might add] -- that's why at the end the guy employee says to psychic lady "you knew, didn't you? And you didn't try to stop it!" And then psychic lady Kelly McGillis says "No one could stop it." This is all fine and good for a twist, but as you point out....WHY?!! Why does this jilted bride and old guy want this girl if they supposedly just want to be together? A ghost threesome?! The movie had potential, had great atmosphere, but in the end, there was no point except "don't go into the basement!" -- which renders it a pretty cliche idea with nothing much new to say. I would have tolerated this if they had at least made the ride worth it but they didn't. Most of all, I was pissed that we don't know HOW the girl died? Ghosts or "spirits" aren't physical -- why couldn't the girl just walk back up the stairs and leave the basement? This is what we're left with? Argh!

  2. Thanks for leaving this comment. It's been long enough since I watched this movie that I'd kinda forgotten about it. It was fun to relive it. lol