Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movie - The Woman In Black

The Woman In Black
Rated PG-13
95 minutes

Dispatched by his boss to an isolated seaside village to tie up a recently deceased client's affairs, a young London lawyer finds himself in a community grappling with dark secrets -- and a haunting presence with a sinister agenda.

I had been so looking forward to this one.  The commercials made it look so dang creepy!  Unfortunately, it's one of those cases where the commercials show the best parts and the movie itself is severely lacking.  I was SO disappointed!

Set back in the late 1800s, the opening scene of this movie has three little girls playing tea party with their dolls when they all suddenly seem to fall under a trance and walk together to the three large windows in the room and jump out.  Whoa!  It is freaky to watch and it kinda gets your nerves going, gets you excited for the movie, and then it all goes downhill from there.

Daniel Radcliffe (yep, Harry Potter has grown up) is the main character.  The house he is sent to work at is located some distance from the creepy little village where everyone is cold towards him.  Through bits of information he gathers from the one or two people willing to talk to him, and from the documents he is sent to go through, he learns that the couple who had lived there had lost there little boy in a tragic accident.  He hears sounds in the house and sees ghosts outside.  Whenever he goes back to the village (where he is staying at night) it seems one of the local children has died.  Eventually he learns that the villagers are terrified of the The Woman In Black, the ghost who is punishing them by killing their children because she'd lost a child of her own.  He THEN finds out it's not the ghost of the woman whose house he's been sent to, but a more complicated family secret instead.

This might be better in book form, if it is a book, but this version of the movie was way too boring.  It seemed like about five minutes of storytelling drawn out with endless scenes in dark rooms where you couldn't see hardly anything anyway, too many I Heard A Sound And I'm Going To Go Look For It scenes, overkill on the BOO! shockers like faces screaming in a window, and too many *hints* about things but not enough substance or explanation.  Things were explained in the end but in the time it took to get there you're left with a constant 'Huh?'

Once again, a story with potential that bombs in its movie form.


  1. Well shoot, I was looking forward to this one.

  2. You should still watch it. I'm curious what you'll think. There are many times that things I don't like, others seem to.

    And it's quite tame too.