Thursday, May 17, 2012

Naiad Soap Arts

I recently had the opportunity to try soap from Naiad Soap Arts, a name I'm familiar with but one I've never ordered from.  Soap maker Erin was looking for people to review her products and I jumped at the chance.  We were allowed to pick three items we were interested in and then she would send us one from our list.  I received this bar of Warm Woods cold process soap.

Warm Woods Artisan Soap is described as 'Earthy rosemary, copiaba balsam and cedarwood, with a hint of cassia and clove spice and a sweet kiss of orange blossom! With red clay for color and organic flax seed meal to gently exfoliate!'  I chose this scent thinking it would be something hubby might enjoy, instead of all the fruity, foodie, bakery scents I tend to order without asking his opinion.  And he does indeed like this scent.  He says he gets a hint of dill scent in it, but I don't.  My first thought upon smelling this is one of a wood shop, like the wood shavings and dust.  I think the cedar is the predominate note in here.  I'm not fond of this scent for soap, but as I said, hubby does enjoy it.

The soap itself is really nice.  The lather is fabulous!  In no time at all I had thick, luxurious lather that lasted my whole shower.  There was a slight reddish-brown tint to it, but it did not stain anything so I didn't worry about.  The flax seed meal gives a nice scrubby feel to the bar, not too harsh, just enough for a nice exfoliation.  This soap rinsed off easily and left my skin feeling soft and moisturized without any oily residue.  It doesn't rinse away leaving you feeling stripped clean like commercial soaps do, but instead you'll see the water beading on your skin . . . which is what you want because you know natural oils have been left behind to keep your skin moisturized.  The scent is strong and will remain on your skin for a long time.  I could still smell it on my clothes much later in the day at work.

This 4.5 oz. bar sells for $6.75 on the Naiad website.

Overall, I really like this soap but would choose a different scent next time.  There are also some whipped soap/scrubs in the Naiad shop that I am quite curious about, as well as lip balms and other products.  Naiad Soap Arts is based in San Diego, California.

Thank you, Erin, for letting me try your soap!

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